Exciting Future of Big data Hadoop



In the world today, it seems Big Data is everywhere and that is more so because organizations nowadays collect and preserve whatever data they generate. The dire need to gather so much information is primarily driven by the fear of missing out on something important. So, you can imagine that there is a huge amount of data floating all around you and what it really matters is how we deal with it. This is where Big Data Analytics plays a pivotal role and as such, there is a bouquet of opportunities waiting to be grabbed by professionals who are skilled in Big Data Analytics. Now, Hadoop fits in the scheme of the plan of Big Data Analytics. So, this article will help you to understand what future prospects Big Data Hadoop brings for young developers in India. But before we start here is an interesting fact about Hadoop – “Hadoop” was the name of one of Doug Cutting’s sons’ toy elephant, which Doug used for his open source project since he felt that this name was easy to pronounce and to Google. So, the name “Hadoop” with the logo of a toy elephant.

WhY big data Hadoop

Hadoop is an open source software utility that uses a network of several computers to facilitate storage of massive amounts of data and its computation. If you want to develop a career in Big Data Analytics then honing the required skills for Hadoop can be a deciding factor for your career. If you are a fresh graduate, then buckle up and acquire the tag of a skilled Hadoop developer and sky will be your limit as there is a huge ocean of opportunities awaiting you. The sole reason for such widespread craze for Hadoop is the fact that there is almost no other substitute to Hadoop for handling such a large amount of data. It is predicted that the Indian Big Data Hadoop industry will grow almost five times in the analytics field in the coming few years.

Job scenario for a data analyst

As per a survey conducted by “The Hindu” couple of years back, the Indian IT industry itself is expected to face a shortage of around 0.20 Million data scientists by the end of 2018. The job scenario is further strengthened by another report by Gartner that predicted a significant demand for professionals with expertise in big data skills because the US, the Big Data market leader, is likely to experience a significant shortage of big data professionals by end of 2018. Obviously, all these factors augur well for Indian developers as it will open the floodgates of opportunities in Indian service-based companies. The probable growth of Big Data in India is also fuelled by the awareness of the Indian IT industry about the benefits enjoyed by the businesses due to information that emanates from a compilation of such unstructured data. Further, India is widely recognised as a hub for outsourcing such work owing to its operational prowess at low cost.

The job opportunities for Hadoop developers have witnessed exponential growth in the last couple of years because – you name any company or industry and you will see that they are using Big Data analytics to strengthen their market position. Organisations from different verticals such as retail, e-commerce, telecom, automobile etc. are adopting analytics to extend their competitive advantage over their competitors. However, contrary to the expected demand, the pool of data analytics professionals with adequate Hadoop expertise is quite low. So, it is important that the current IT professionals need to improve their Hadoop skills given the phenomenal demand. Also, learning the skills is likely to guarantee better job prospects along with a higher salary for both fresh graduates and experienced ones. Currently, almost every IT giant is using Big Data Hadoop to harness zettabytes of data and as such if you are a developer who is skilled in Hadoop, then you are the apple of eye for an IT company in India.

various profiles for big data Hadoop developers

Now, let us have a look at the different profiles available to Hadoop developers according to your expertise in Hadoop technology.

  • Hadoop Developer: As a Hadoop developer, you must be skilled in Database Interactive language, Java Programming Language and scripting languages. Your proficiency in these languages will help you to develop applications pertaining to Hadoop technology.
  • Hadoop Tester: As a Hadoop tester, you will be testing all the Hadoop applications to fix bugs and check whether the application is performing effectively or will need some improvements.
  • Hadoop Architect: As a Hadoop Architect, your responsibility will be overall development and deployment of Hadoop Applications that will include planning and designing of Big Data system architecture. In this role, you will serve as a project head.
  • Hadoop Administrator: As a Hadoop Administrator, your responsibility will include the installation and monitoring of Hadoop clusters. This role requires proficiency with cluster monitoring tools like Nagios, Ganglia etc. to add and remove nodes.
  • Data Scientist: As a Data Scientist, you will be using big data tools and several advanced statistical techniques to solve various business-related problems. Given the gravity of this profile, an organization’s future growth prospect mostly depend on the efficacy of its Data Scientists.

Expected compensation for big data Hadoop developers in India

Now, we come to the most exciting section for the article – compensation. Given the increasing demand for Hadoop developers in India, the salary for a trained professional can be quite lucrative with an average start-up at Rs.6-9 lac per annum (lpa), while a manager with 7-10 years of experience can draw anywhere close to Rs.15-20 lpa. In some cases, professionals having more than 15 years of experience end up attracting an annual salary of more than Rs.1 crore. Although the salary is expected to be healthy for Hadoop developer in India, but it should not be the sole driving factor and as an individual, you must enjoy programming itself.

The below graph shows the approximate salaries of Hadoop professionals that may vary according to their experience.


So, it can be concluded that there is a compelling need for skilled people with the ability to understand Big Data and who is able to think from the perspective of a business to come up with insights. This is the very reason that technology professionals with expertise in Hadoop are finding themselves in high demand as businesses look to harness the power of Big Data. Therefore, if you can hone your skills as a Hadoop developer and master the ocean of Big Data, then you are sure to become a vital asset to any organization, boosting their business and your own career.