The short answer is Yes. If you wish to pursue a global career, a CFA will be an added feather in your cap. Several countries prize the CFA®  designation. Countries like the UAE, Hong Kong, and other South East Asian Countries value the designation considerably. The U.S., needless to say, being the home country of the program, values the  CFA®  designation greatly. Australia is another country that provides great opportunities for its members.

Once you become a Charter holder, you have access to the international career network of the CFA Institute and can actively find yourself a suitable job in another country.

If you are already working in a global firm, the CFA Charter can also act as a springboard for you to get global postings within your firm.

So how can you go about it?

  •  Complete and clear all exams and work towards the 48 months work experience criteria. Then apply for a CFA® charter.
  • Once you are a Charter holder, access the CFA Institute website career resource “JobLine” to track and apply for jobs abroad.
  • Alternatively, network with your local CFA Chapter members and look for postings abroad.
  • Subscribe to newsletters and job alerts published by job portals in other countries (e.g: for Australia/NZ or for UAE jobs).
  • Network and publicize your charter on LinkedIn and other career networking websites.
  • Don’t fail to mention the  Charter in your resume and use it as a keyword to get the right hits in regular job portals other than Job Line.
  • If you are already working in a global firm, you can negotiate for a global posting after qualifying
  • Even if you do not have a  Charter, if you have at least cleared the exams, you should mention that on your resume as well.

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