How the CFA course offers a competitive advantage over other finance careers

Investment bankers are a unique breed of finance professionals. They are mavericks when it comes to monetizing the stock market. They know the intricacies of trading, how to create new capital and manage investment portfolios. It takes a certain calibre of competence to become the creme de la creme of finance. Investment bankers are highly savvy individuals. They are sharp as a tack, with an eye for detail, a vision for wealth creation and a pulse on the stock market. They use their expertise to explore multiple funding possibilities before making the right financial decision.

How do they become this masterful? It all boils down to the training and qualification. Most successful investment bankers have completed the Certified Financial Analyst program. The CFA course sets the benchmark for the global standard in financial advisory services. It is your ticket to join a powerhouse industry with a competitive edge. The program offers a thoroughly comprehensive syllabus that covers all finance-specific knowledge along with real-world applications. Over 70 years, this program has spread across 165 countries while showing no signs of slowing down. 

Today, some of the world’s best portfolio managers, equity research analysts, risk consultants and CFOs have a CFA qualification. They excel in their profession because the certification prepares them for the complex, cut-throat world of investing services. It also provides a variety of privileges that help further their careers. 

#1 You are a part of a network of investment professionals 

Never underestimate the importance of networking, especially in finance. Knowing the right people at the right time can do wonders for your career. It will speed up your professional trajectory, as you are exposed to more opportunities than your peers. 

How do you make these valuable connections? If you’re a CFA charter holder, you are a part of an elite group of individuals across the world who make up the highly renowned association. You get the inside scoop first hand. You have access to all the latest trends and events within the industry. You may even receive intel about a job opportunity before everyone else does. It’s an enviable position to be in, don’t you think?

#2 You get exclusive access to the CFA career centre

There are thousands of job listings on the career section on the official CFA website, at any given point. The listings are not just for jobs in India but also around the world. Head over to the site right now for a quick peek. You’ll discover openings from interns to upper management. Investment fund analysts, portfolio managers, equity research associates, relationship managers… are just some of the job profiles listed. Global corporations such as Standard Chartered Bank, Goldman Sachs, HSBC and JP Morgan Chase and Co often hire from within the CFA community. As a member of the coveted charter, you hear about these jobs first. 

#3 You get to upgrade your resume and interview skills

You can never be too prepared for the interview process. When it comes to getting into a major finance company, you need all the help you can get. The careers section on the official website is a productive resource for any potential job hunter. They offer advice on crafting a resume that gets you a spot on the shortlist. They offer tips on your interview skills to make a lasting impression on your recruiter. The help given isn’t generic. It is by established people within the industry for people trying to get in. They also have many other resources that help you with your negotiation skills, stress management and communication skills.

#4 You get the latest industry news at your fingertips

The official website also grants you access to the latest videos, news articles, webinars and other resources. They don’t miss out on much here. If there is a new development within the finance industry, a breaking news story or a discussion about the latest technology in the financial sector, you can catch it here. 

#5 You have the potential to get the higher-paying jobs 

CFA professionals are more likely to earn larger salaries than their counterparts who haven’t done the program. The certificate is widely recognised in the investment industry and can enhance your money-making prospects. Freshers can earn around 6 lakhs per annum, while experienced professionals can get annual salaries ranging from 14 to 30 lakhs. It all depends on which company you join and the location. It also varies according to which level of the CPA you’ve completed. Let’s say you cleared CFA Level 3, then got into an A-list company in a metro city, you could land a potential package of around 10 lakhs a year.

#6 Your CFA certification opens up several job profiles

Once you know your strengths and abilities, you can figure out the profile for which you are best suited. There are many options within the arena of investment advisory services. You could take up the mantle of portfolio manager, where your primary job would be to create and manage investments for private clients. Another option could be a research analyst, a role that requires you to collect and analyse financial information so people can make better investments. You could be an investment consultant, advising individuals and companies on how to increase their personal wealth or raise capital respectively. Other potential designations include asset management, risk management and financial planning. You are also most likely to reach top-level positions like chief investment officer or chief financial officer. 

#7 Global corporations want you onboard 

It’s not unusual for a CFA professional to get headhunted by some of the dominant players in the financial market. HSBC, the big 4 firms, Citigroup and JP Morgan Chase are a few of the prominent companies who tend to hire certified candidates. The CFA course is widely considered one of the best in financial advisory services. You get an automatic advantage over other applicants who lack similar qualifications. 

#8 Boost your migration opportunities 

Since the charter has a presence in several international destinations, it can help you successfully migrate. You can do this without taking another course suited to that country’s requirements. Companies in the UAE, Hong Kong, Australia, Singapore and the USA hire employees certified in the CFA program. Your globally accepted qualification will make the whole process smoother.

#9 The course has a practical curriculum

Your education is based on real-world applications. So when you start working, the learning curve isn’t steep. Most employers gravitate towards CFA-trained candidates for this exact reason. Your investment-centric knowledge and finance skills will make it easier for you to adapt to a new work environment.

#10 The CFA course gives you an edge in the finance world

This course has been established as one of the finest, training students to evolve into tomorrow’s leading investment advisors and finance leaders. All the major financial organisations know it. Over 165 countries know it. This is the ideal program for any budding investment banking professional. While the course has three levels, you are employable even if you complete CFA Level 1 or CFA Level 2.


India is poised at the precipice of becoming the next big investment hub. As the economy grows, the need for financial advisory services increases. If you want to be a part of the future of finance, it helps to have a CFA certification listed on your resume. 

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