Welcome to the exciting world of corporate finance. Here you will find like-minded professionals with a passion for business and an affinity with numbers. Corporate finance is fast emerging as an exciting field in the financial industry. It is a challenging and interesting profession that offers immense growth potential. 

So what is corporate finance? It is a significant part of the corporate structure that deals with the various financial transactions and decisions a company faces. 

You are in a position to use your expertise and acumen to help an organization optimize its financial resources. If a job in corporate finance appeals to you, read about it below. 


What do corporate finance professionals do?

Corporations need qualified personnel to handle the funding, daily transactions and other accounting needs. A corporate finance executive ensures all financial cogs are running smoothly so the company can operate like a well-oiled machine.

Here are some of the responsibilities: 

  • Making important financial decisions
  • Recording transactions 
  • Investing in assets 
  • Using financial modeling to create funding for new ventures 
  • Applying for or approving loans 
  • Collecting information and creating financial statements 
  • Planning investment strategies 
  • Maximizing profitability and minimizing costs 


Without a qualified corporate finance team in place, companies struggle to manage their finances. Recruiters often look for candidates who have specialized certifications for specific finance job profiles. Applicants with the following qualifications are often preferred:

  • Financial modeling 
  • CFA
  • CFP


Corporate finance job profiles 


  1. Corporate financial analyst 

All organizations rely on these professionals as they play an essential role in the finances. Corporate finance analysts can directly impact the performance, profitability and productivity of the company.

They also:

  • Help with business decisions 
  • Collate and analyze financial data 
  • Offer recommendations based on the analyzed findings 
  • Write financial reports and statements
  • Compare historical company information with current trends


Educational Qualification: CFA, CFP


Salary: Starts at Rs 3 – Rs 4 lakhs a year, while experienced seniors can earn over 12 lakhs annually


Companies currently hiring: KPMG, Deutsche Bank, TreVista, Deloitte, Infosys 


  1. Cost analyst 

The company needs a finance professional to keep a watchful eye on the expenditures. Since expenses are a regular occurrence, a cost analyst is hired to monitor every expense. 

They also:

  • Analyze the data on expenses to offer cost-cutting suggestions 
  • Make recommendations to optimize budgets 
  • Give cost estimations for projects 
  • Minimize the wastage of funds 
  • Create reports to present to upper management 


Educational Qualification: CFA, CPF, Financial modeling 


Salary: Starts at Rs 3 lakhs a year, while established professionals can earn over Rs 16 lakhs per annum


Companies currently hiring: Tata Group, Airtel, Barclays, Puma Energy 


  1. Investment banking analyst

If you are interested in raising capital for your company or playing a significant role in a merger or acquisition, then this is the perfect role for you. Investment banking analysts help corporations with funding, research and future projections. 


They also: 

  • Generate funds by selling equity or debt issue 
  • Conduct due diligence during mergers and acquisitions 
  • Analyze market trends to make predictions for the future 
  • Use financial modeling to analyse investments and financial data 
  • Look for new business opportunities 
  • Create models for valuation during the M&A process


Educational Qualification: CFA, PGCM IBCM, CFP 


Salary: Starts at Rs 2 to Rs 4 lakhs, while seasoned analysts can earn over Rs 25 lakhs a year 


Companies currently hiring: Accenture, Capital One, Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan Chase, Deloitte 


  1. Corporate finance manager 

A finance manager is responsible for various financial operations. Small companies hire managers to oversee the entire financial department, whereas large corporations prefer to hire managers for specific roles. 

They also: 


Check accuracy in financial statements 

Assist in the company’s decision-making process 

Allocate funds for budgets

Identify risk factors 

Make profit predictions and help manage credit 


Educational qualification: CFA, PGCM IBCM, CFP, financial modelling 


Salary: Starts at Rs 5 to Rs 6 lakhs, while experienced managers can earn over Rs 30 lakhs a year 


Companies currently hiring: Proctor and Gamble, Ankur Capital, PWC, Commonwealth Bank 


How Proschool give you an edge in corporate finance 


IMS Proschool is a nationally renowned coaching institute that takes pride in creating well-designed teaching resources for professional finance courses. They help students build a rock-solid foundation in fundamental concepts and skill development. The school also offers an enriched learning experience using practical and innovative applications. They have a specialized and experienced faculty that has mentored over 25,000 students across India to date. The classes are flexible and offer students the option of either physically attending classroom sessions or doing the course through virtual classes. They provide coaching in a variety of certifications. Most notably, the CFA, CFP, PGCM IBCM and financial modeling are all required to get a job in corporate finance


The CFA program 

The CFA course is ideal for students interested in investment banking, equity research portfolio management and corporate finance. The chartered financial analyst program is very respected in the industry and opens up a wealth of opportunities for certificate holders. The syllabus contains 3 levels and 10 subjects, including topics such as financial statement analysis, economics and portfolio management. 


PGCM in Investment Banking and Capital Markets 

The postgraduate in certificate management has been created to offer prospective students a well-rounded and concise education to get them ready for the job market. As an added incentive, the IBCM course preps you to take on other finance certifications. The curriculum overlaps with CFA level 1. So if you apply for the financial analyst program, you are ready for the first exam. It also counts as year one for the postgraduate diploma if you register within five years after completing the PGCM program. 


The CFP Course 

The certified financial planner (CFP) course is a brilliant initiative for students hoping for a rewarding career in finance. The qualification offers a lot of scope in the finance sector, with opportunities in the advisory capacity. You can work in corporate finance, insurance, wealth management or insurance.


Financial modeling 

In today’s world, financial modeling is considered a prerequisite skill among leading banks, MNCs, the big 4 and even upcoming start-ups. Almost all businesses require spreadsheet systems to operate productively. The course teaches students how to build a number of models for specific purposes such as revenue projection, financial statements and M&A projects. As a corporate finance professional, you will use the FM method to create valuations of the company’s projects, estimate the financial status and enable funding for various ventures. 


The many advantages of learning with Proschool:

  • The institute only hires established industry professionals with a passion for teaching 
  • The professors encourage students to think outside the box and approach learning in a creative manner
  • You can also access recorded sessions while attending online classes
  • There are many study resources available such as mock exams, practice papers and prep books 
  • Most courses at the institution offer multiple certifications — Proschool, NSE Academy, AIMA and NSDC 
  • The success rate is quite high as the students are adequately trained and tutored 
  • Students who have completed their courses from IMS Proschool, get placed in brands like Pepsico, Morningstar, Morgan Stanley Capital International, Saxo Group, Axis Bank etc.


In Conclusion 

If you have been dreaming of a job in corporate finance, that goal is now well within your reach. Many acclaimed courses such as CFA, PGCM IBCM and financial modeling prepare and train you to take on the lucrative finance job profiles you are actively seeking. Once qualified, you can access the innumerable opportunities up for grabs once you enter the industry. 

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