What would you say is any accountant’s or finance expert’s biggest strength?

It is the ability to create logic and order out of a vast ocean of complex and chaotic numbers. To be able to organize, allocate and analyse the figures to form an accurate and authentic representation of the company and its employees. 

Finance and accounting professionals who have trained in financial modelling courses in Mumbai have the upper hand when it comes to being recruited and promoted. Any company worth its salt knows the value and importance of financial modelling. In some cases, the skill is listed as a ‘must-have’ in recruitment ads. 

Financial models have proven invaluable in today’s corporate climate. They help to keep the organisation, employees and shareholders well-informed about the company’s performance. They keep track of the various streams of revenue and expenses. They are also a potent source of past and present data that can be used in a number of ways. 

Specific financial models can also help make smarter decisions about future business plans. If you are in agreement and ready to learn this incredibly lucrative skill, keep reading to find some of the best financial modelling classes in Mumbai.

Advantages Of Learning Financial Modelling

Financial modelling uses spreadsheet software systems like MS Excel to organise and analyse financial data. The most common types of models are balance sheets, income statements and cash flow statements. However, many more models are available to serve specific needs. In fact, there are plenty of benefits to learning financial modelling. Here are some of them:

  • Financial modelling helps you create a clear understanding of business operations 
  • It highlights areas of productivity and profitability
  • The method can create a credible valuation of a company during an M&A process
  • It is an essential tool for allocating budgets within the company
  • You can use it to make predictions based on current financial data
  • Financial modelling helps eliminate visible risk factors 
  • It can be used to create business strategies 

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Things To Consider Before Enrolling In Any Financial Modeling Classes

Here below are some factors to consider before you apply for the course 

  1. Online or classroom? Which is better for you?

While online sessions offer flexibility and save time, there are more merits to sitting in a live classroom when attending financial modelling classes in Mumbai. You can get personalized attention from the professor, clear your doubts in real-time and work with other students to learn better. Having said that, if you are unable to find a coaching center near you, then attending online lectures is your best bet for getting a certification. 

  1. What is the reputation of the institute?

Every day, you’ll find new coaching institutes setting up shop, whether it’s online or offline. It can be challenging to choose from the many financial modelling courses in Mumbai that are available today. It helps to look into the background of the academy. 

Do they have a good course completion rate? 

Have the alumni gotten well-paying jobs in reputed companies? 

Do they have industry experts on their faculty? 

How do ex-students rate this school?

Once you get your answers to all these questions, you’ll know which is the right place for you. 


  1. What kind of teaching methods are used?

You don’t want to pay good money for an expensive coaching class, only to sleep through every monotonous lecture. You need to look for a school that employs practical, innovative and fun ways to help you study. 

How efficient are the lessons? 

Do the teachers engage the students? 

Are the sessions highly interactive? 

You don’t want to apply to an institution and end up bunking the class. Make sure you investigate the teaching methods before registering for any financial modelling courses in Mumbai.

  1. Is there any additional support?

While classroom or online lectures are important, you also need some help when you’re not attending classes. Does the academy offer study prep materials? Practice papers? Mock tests? These resources will help you prepare for your certification. Some financial modelling classes in Mumbai also have an in-house placement team responsible for prepping each student for entry-level jobs.

4 top financial modelling classes in Mumbai

  1. IMS Proschool 

A coaching institution that is well renowned for its quality education and comprehensive resources, Proschool is the preferred choice for many finance students. The academy was one of the first to start financial modelling courses in Mumbai. Today, students can choose between two variants — Financial Modelling Plus (a three-month program) and FM Advanced (for five months). The experienced and trained staff are highly skilled in active learning methods. They help their students to apply their knowledge instead of memorizing it. There is a strong emphasis on skill development and core concepts, ensuring every individual has the necessary training to become a financial modelling specialist. 

Course highlights: 

  • Proschool offers three centres for financial modelling classes in Mumbai — Thane, Andheri and Navi Mumbai 
  • Proschool focuses on practical approach, hence their Financial Modeling Course is 60% hands-on.
  • Students get to create financial models across industries 
  • You receive a financial Modelling qualification from Proschool and an additional certificate from NSE
  • They offer special placement services to help Financial Modelling certificate holders get recruited 
  • Students are groomed by the faculty to enhance their interview presentation and resume writing skills
  • Proschool alumni work with top companies such as Accenture, Deloitte, JP Morgan and Citigroup
  • Alternatively, you can also take the course online
  1. EduPristine

To fulfill the increasing demand for financial professionals, EduPristine is another established institution that offers financial modelling courses in Mumbai. They teach the fundamentals and advanced functions of MS Excel and help students build models independently. 

Course highlights:

  • They offer general classroom training, which is a 14-day session 
  • They have specialized corporate training customized for companies 
  • You can learn online or attend the coaching center in Andheri 
  • The course is in collaboration with BSE Institute 
  • They also provide online videos and study material 
  1. Udemy 

As a digital learning marketplace, Udemy offers multiple online courses for students, including financial modelling classes in Mumbai. The academy has a specialised program — Beginner to Pro In Excel — that covers the various techniques and methods used in spreadsheet software. The course includes recorded sessions, downloadable resources and a certification of completion at the end of the program. 

Course highlights: 

  • They have a collection of textbooks and study materials you can separately buy on their website 
  • There are many prerecorded lectures and assignments tasks available 
  • You can download the content on your mobile or television 

Imarticus Learning 

Here is another option for financial modelling courses in Mumbai. The ‘Financial Analysis Prodegree’ program is offered by Imarticus in collaboration with KPMG, India. This course covers financial modelling, accountancy and equity research as part of the syllabus. 

Course highlights: 

  • The program is 180 hours long, covering all the relevant subjects across three semesters
  • Students learn through industry-centric projects 
  • They have centres across India, with one in Andheri East, Mumbai 

Professionals who need financial modelling courses in Mumbai

  1. Chartered accountants 

This course can help CA professionals who are looking to enter the field of investment banking, project finance or equity research.

  1. Equity research analysts 

If you apply to any financial modelling classes in Mumbai, you can learn to create research reports, company valuation and make predictions about future growth.

  1. MBA finance professionals 

Financial modelling courses in Mumbai can help MBAs apply their knowledge and finance concepts in a practical manner. This skill is especially useful for professionals looking to enter corporate finance, credit research or investment banking.

  1. Credit analysts 

You can use this valuable software to collect and analyse financial history, debts, risk factors and other points of consideration.

  1. Investment bankers

When assessing company valuations or preparing reports for mergers and acquisitions, your expertise in financial modelling can come in handy.

  1. Project finance 

Financial modelling classes in Mumbai will help you learn how to create project finance models, project evaluations, reports and revenue predictions. 

In conclusion 

The finance industry is bursting with opportunity, and you need every tool in your arsenal to take advantage of all the exciting prospects available. Choose one of the financial modelling courses in Mumbai to help you learn the skills that will enhance your resume and make recruiters take notice. 

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