As a fresher hoping to break into the finance industry, you need a powerful resume to help you cut through the clutter of other applicants. It is not an easy task to get a recruiter to notice you when they are spoilt for choice. There is always another candidate with more experience, qualifications or skills. If you want to battle the competition to get that coveted entry-level job, arm yourself with better credentials. A financial modelling certification can open up many opportunities within the finance sector. It is one of the most relevant tools in the field. Financial statements are the backbone of the industry. They are used extensively across the finance world, especially by banks, investment services, corporate finance departments, credit agencies and equity research firms.

Your proficiency in this skill can help you land one of the many financial modelling jobs listed regularly on recruitment sites. You can start at an entry-level position in financial analysis and work your way up to some of the exciting job profiles listed below. If you want to become a mover and shaker in your profession, a financial modelling career can help you rise up the ranks quickly. 

Benefits Of A Financial Modelling Career 

Financial modelling is an efficient decision-making method that uses spreadsheet software to list, record and analysis a company’s financial progress. It helps the organisation keep track of all transactions and expenses. It also enables you to make accurate estimations and measure business performance. 

Here are a few more reasons there is a huge demand for financial modelling jobs in the industry. 

  • Gives a deep understanding of the business in an easy-to-understand numerical format 
  • Offers insights into the different factors that affect the business 
  • Provide clarity about the cash inflow and outflow
  • Helps to eliminate risk and identify potential weaknesses 
  • Useful to create authentic company valuations and assessments 
  • Makes projections about potential growth 
  • Creates accurate budgets and precise forecasts

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6 Financial Modelling Jobs For Freshers

Now that you understand the importance of this essential skill, let’s explore the various job profiles that go hand in hand with your financial modelling career.

  1. Junior research analyst/Research associate executive

Your financial modelling career is well suited for the post of the research analyst. You are expected to help collect financial data, assess the information and offer your findings. Your research plays a big part in shaping financial products and services. You ensure the company make the right calls and improve its productivity. 

How does financial modelling help? 

  • You can use financial models to store and organise the research 
  • The models help to sieve relevant information from quantitative data 
  • The financial models are used to make evaluations and access the financial situation of the company 
  • Clients, supervisors and company heads don’t have time to read extensive research. A financial model aids in editing and structuring the data efficiently
  • The models are used to make recommendations and predictions for the future 
  • You can also use them to conduct industry-based research to monitor other competitors 
  • Financial modelling offers the perfect platform to write your research reports 

Companies hiring freshers for financial modelling jobs: 

  • JP Morgan 
  • Cognizant Technologies 
  • Amba Research 
  • Aranca 
  • Morning Star 
  • Integreon 
  • Irevna 

Salary expectations: 

  • The income bracket for freshers is Rs 2 to Rs 4 lakhs a year 
  1. Mergers and acquisition associate

This is a good entry-level position for your financial modelling career. As a fresher, it is your job to help your department heads to acquire all the necessary details and facts during the potential merger. You have to process the newly-acquired data and ensure all details are accurate. 

How does financial modelling help?

  • You can use the models to conduct financial research on companies 
  • Financial modelling can also help you create a SWOT analysis, business valuations and competition-based research 
  • You can build models that enable clients to understand the types of corporate mergers and acquisitions available to them 
  • You are able to create a project feasibility report using financial modelling 

Companies hiring freshers for financial modelling jobs: 

  • Ernst & Young
  • S&P Global 
  • Axium Consulting Group
  • Deloitte 
  • PwC

Salary expectations:

  • Freshers can take home an annual salary ranging between Rs 2.5 lakhs to Rs 5 lakhs 
  1. Investment banking associate

When starting out in the investment services industry, your primary job is to work on support tasks. You are responsible for client satisfaction by ensuring all their needs and wants are met. You also play a part in helping them achieve their investment goals. 

It is one of the best financial modelling jobs for freshers and can help you become an investment expert in the future. 

How does financial modelling help?

  • You can create models that help you evaluate the markets for potential opportunities
  • Use it to analyse and compare competitive products 
  • A financial model can also create a compelling pitch-book presentation to show clients
  • You can use modelling to record qualitative and quantitative research for investment purposes 
  • It is a great tool to help in business planning and financial analysis 

Companies hiring freshers for financial modelling jobs: 

  • Morgan Stanley 
  • Wipro BPS 
  • Bank of America 
  • Edelweiss 
  • Credit Suisse 
  • SBI Capital Markets 

Salary expectations:

  • You have a chance to earn a yearly income starting at Rs 2 to Rs 6 lakhs a year

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  1. Equity research associate

Your job is to research the markets and offer a detailed analysis report to your supervisors. They, in turn, can use this data to make the right investments for the clients. You should have a deep understanding of the stock market, and make recommendations based on your research. Equity research associates often benefit from also having a financial modelling career.

How does financial modelling help?

  • You can use financial modelling to write research reports 
  • It can also help you create valuations and discounted cash flow models 
  • Financial modelling is used to create a detailed financial analysis 
  • You can also build a model for financial forecasting 

Companies hiring freshers for financial modelling jobs: 

  • Capgemini Consulting
  • JP Morgan
  • Cognizant Technologies 
  • Goldman Sachs
  • Credit Suisse

Salary expectations:

  • Your salary ranges from Rs 2 lakhs to 6 lakhs per annum 
  1. Financial analysis and planning – Junior Manager 

A manager of financial analysis and planning is in charge of creating forecasts and budgets for the company. As a junior manager, your job will be to support your senior and help to manage the budgets and plan for long-term goals. This job lines up well with your financial modelling career.

How does financial modelling help?

  • You can use the models to create budgets 
  • Financial modelling can help you forecast the company’s performance 
  • You can form recommendations that help the company’s growth

Companies hiring freshers for financial modelling jobs:

  • Hewlett Packard
  • IDBI Life Insurance 
  • Accenture
  • Genpact
  • Idea International 

Salary expectations: 

  • You can earn between Rs 7 lakhs to Rs 10 lakhs a year when you have a financial analysis and financial modelling career
  1. Junior Executive – Debt Syndication 

Your job is to help clients generate capital through loans from various banks and financial institutions. You will help your supervisor create strategies and presentations to acquire clients for debt syndication. It is a job profile that will really suit your financial modelling career. 

How does financial modelling help?

  • You will be required to carry out due diligence by analysing balance sheets and corporate documents 
  • You can use financial modelling to create proposals and presentations 
  • You can use models to present statements to banks and financial firms 

Companies hiring freshers for financial modelling jobs:

  • TATA Capital
  • Blend Financial Services 
  • Resurgent India
  • KK Capital Services
  • Vivro Financial Services 

Salary expectations:

  • Freshers who are looking for financial modelling jobs in debt syndication can earn Rs 3 to Rs 5 lakhs a year

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Salaries for financial modelling jobs according to experience 


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Proschool was one of the first institutions to recognise the value of financial modelling. The coaching school launched a highly regarded financial modelling course in two variants — Financial modelling Plus (3 months) and Financial Modelling Advanced (five months). Both options offer students a comprehensive learning experience that uses interactive and practical methods. The highly trained staff are industry experts focused on skill development and knowledge application. Proschool also has a placement program that helps students with financial modelling jobs for freshers across the finance industry.

Here are some more highlights: 

  • Proschool offers online and offline classes so you can register at your convenience 
  • You receive certifications from NSE and Proschool 
  • Students also acquire training that helps them enhance their interview and resume writing skills 
  • Proschool has helped many certificate holders land jobs with leading firms such as Deloitte, Accenture and Citigroup
  • This institute is the perfect launchpad for your financial modelling career

In Conclusion 

The finance industry can be very intimidating if you do not have the right skills and education to back you up. Employers won’t have the time or inclination to train new recruits. It is best to load up on the significant certifications before you enter the job market. If you have a financial modelling qualification along with a CFA, CIMA or MBA. you are a strong candidate. Within the category of financial modelling jobs for freshers, you can choose from a wide range of job profiles. With the right educational background, you will be able to stand out among the competition and negotiate a killer salary.

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