10 Business Analytics Courses - Online & Offline Free & Paid

Have you ever wondered how companies make smart decisions, predict trends, and stay ahead of the competition in the industry? Well, they strategically leverage data, and this is where the role of business analytics becomes significant.

In a world filled with data, understanding and interpreting it is key. This blog is here to capture your interest in the world of business analytics and shed light on its importance in today’s highly competitive landscape. As businesses strive to make informed decisions, there is a rising demand for skilled professionals in the field of business analytics.

Wondering how you can learn the skills of business analytics?

Well choosing the right course in this subject is of paramount importance to succeed in this growing industry. This is precisely why we have taken the task to guide you through the multitude of choices in business analytics courses and provide you with the knowledge of how to learn business analytics and discover them from the best learning resource for business analytics.

So whether you’re a novice or an experienced professional looking to upskill, we’ve got you covered with courses that cater to various preferences and budgets.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Business Analytics Course

So once you plan to select a business analytics course several crucial factors should be considered so that you have a well-rounded and effective learning experience. 

Here’s a breakdown of some key factors to keep in mind:

  • Course Content:

    • Relevance: Make sure that the course content aligns with your career goals and covers important topics in business analytics, such as data analysis, statistical modeling, and data visualization.
    • Depth of Coverage: Assess whether the course goes deep enough into the subject matter to provide a thorough understanding of analytics concepts and techniques.
  • Accreditation:

    • Recognized Accreditation: Choose a course offered by an accredited institution or one with a reputable accreditation body. Accreditation adds credibility to your qualifications and is recognized by employers. 
    • You can check out the Business Analytics course offered by a prestigious institution such as IMS Proschool as they feature an exceptional faculty and a meticulously designed curriculum to boost your understanding of the subject and make you industry-ready in the field.
  • Instructor Expertise:

    • Industry Experience: Look for courses taught by instructors with practical experience in the field. Instructors with industry knowledge can provide real-life insights and examples.
    • Teaching Reputation: Research the instructors’ reputation for effective teaching and their ability to communicate complex concepts in a way that is easy to understand.
  • Flexibility:

    • Learning Format: Consider the format of the course – whether it’s in-person, online, or a combination of both. Choose a format that aligns with your schedule and preferred learning style.
    • Pacing Options: Check if the course offers flexible pacing to accommodate different learning speeds and time commitments.
  • Cost:

    • Value for Money: Assess the overall value of the course to its cost. Consider factors such as the quality of instruction, resources provided, and potential for skill development.
    • Financial Aid: Explore whether there are any financial aid options, scholarships, or installment plans available to make the course more accessible.
  • Job Placement Assistance:

    • Career Services: Investigate whether the course provides job placement assistance, career counseling, or networking opportunities. This support can significantly enhance your post-graduation prospects.
  • Alignment with Career Goals:

    • Specializations: If you have a specific area of interest within business analytics, choose a course that offers specializations or elective modules in that area.
    • Industry Focus: Consider courses that align with the industry or sector you aspire to work in, as different industries may have varying analytics requirements.

Therefore, remember that choosing the right business analytics course lies in a thoughtful consideration of these factors so make sure that whatever course you’re planning to choose not only meets your educational needs but also aligns with your career goals and preferred learning preferences.

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Online Business Analytics Courses: Top 5 Picks

  1. IMS Proschool

IMS Proschool has been recognized as the leading institute in India by Analytics India Magazine. The institute provides joint certification from IMS Proschool and NSDC, along with the option to receive certification from NSE Academy. Each student is paired with a mentor to assist in achieving their individual “success” objectives. Whether it is support for learning, job-related assistance, or help with assessments, IMS Proschool’s mentors are there to guide you.

    • Course name: Business Analytics course by IMS Proschool
    • Curriculum:
      • Enrolling in this course offers the advantage of learning how to effectively use Python, R, SQL, and Tableau. 
      • IMS Proschool caters to diverse learning preferences by offering classroom, online, and direct learning options, with ‘Fastrack,’ ‘weekday,’ and ‘weekend’ schedules to accommodate students, beginners, and working professionals.
      • The business analytics course is available in four distinct categories, each with its own designated time duration: Business Analytics, Business Analytics with Python, Financial Analytics (FA), and an explanation of how the PG Pathway works.
      • They even offer 8+ hours of expert training on the subject each week which further makes them the best in town.
    • Fees: Check with the institute
    • Duration: 3 months/4 months/6 months
  1. Coursera

This course is meticulously designed to empower professionals, entrepreneurs, and aspiring analysts with the knowledge and tools needed to make data-driven decisions in today’s dynamic business landscape.

    • Course name: Business Analytics Specialization
    • Curriculum:
      • The course covers Understanding the role of analytics in business strategy.
      • It includes an overview of key analytics tools and techniques followed by case studies to show successful business analytics implementations in the industry.
    • Fees: INR 6,577
    • Duration: 1 Month

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  1. Udemy

Udemy is a website where you can learn lots of different things on the internet. You can use a computer or your phone to learn about things like making websites, machine learning, and analyzing data. Some classes cost money, but there are also free ones. The classes are really good and taught by experts who know a lot about what they’re teaching. People often take these classes to get better at their job, learn something new, or make their resume look better. 

    • Course name: Fundamentals of Business Analytics 
    • Curriculum
      • In this course, you’ll find a variety of learning materials to help you grasp the foundations of business analysis at just INR 499.
      •  With 6 hours of on-demand video, assignments, 6 informative articles, and 2 downloadable resources, you can conveniently access the content on both mobile devices and TV. 
      • The course covers essential skills such as understanding how to gather requirements from stakeholders and various sources, analyzing, diagramming, and modeling requirements. 
      • You’ll learn effective ways to present requirements and gain acceptance, as well as how to manage requirements assets even after the project is finished
    • Fees: INR 499
    • Duration: 6-7 hrs
  1. edX

This platform offers a range of courses focused on specific subjects, enabling you to apply the knowledge and skills you acquire to make a meaningful impact at your job and advance in your career.

    • Course name: Business Analytics for Data-Driven Decision Making, Business and Data Analysis Skills etc
    • Curriculum:
      • In this course, you’ll be able to learn the essential analytical technologies and methods such as predictive modeling and machine learning, and understand their significance in managerial decision-making.
      •  You will also learn how to efficiently oversee analytical processes and utilize their outcomes to make well-informed, evidence-based decisions. 
      • The courses cover how organizations can leverage analytics as a foundation for generating value.
    • Fees: INR 34,000
    • Duration: 9 months
  1. UpGrad

UpGrad’s Business Analytics course is designed specifically to meet the needs of working professionals as it offers a comprehensive learning experience with certification. It is recognized as one of India’s top platforms as it includes programs that ensure a high-quality education that aligns with industry standards and expectations.

    • Course name: Business Analytics course by Upgrad
    • Curriculum
      • With a curriculum spanning over 300 hours, students get to engage in hands-on learning through 8+ case studies and assignments. 
      • The program provides flexibility with an option to choose from three practical Capstone Projects, allowing individuals to apply their acquired knowledge in real-world scenarios. 
      • A unique Crash Course feature is also available to assist participants in swiftly learning machine learning concepts. 
    • Fees: Check with the institute
    • Duration: 12 months- more

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Offline Business Analytics Courses: Top 5 Picks

  1. IIM Calcutta Executive Programme on Business Analytics (EPBA)

The Advanced Programme in Data Sciences (APDS) from IIM Calcutta is more than just equations and algorithms. It gives deep insights and a strategic understanding of data in the business and management world. People in the program learn advanced skills to turn data into useful business information. They can then use this information to make recommendations and predictions that help their organization reach its goals.

    • Course name: IIM Calcutta Executive Programme on Business Analytics (EPBA)
    • Curriculum:
      • You will learn how to turn data into useful information using Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Data Interpretation, and Visualization.
      • Students will discover and get good at using software tools like Tableau, Python, R, SPSS Modeler, Oracle SQL, @Risk, Arena, Hadoop, and more and will get deeper into numbers with subjects like Econometrics, Stochastic Processes, and Simulation.
      • Become skilled in various Data Analysis techniques, along with understanding Database Warehousing, Big Data Storage, and Analytics.
      • You will be able to improve your ability to handle data for different purposes, like in atmospheric science, government, utilities, and agriculture.
    • Fees: INR 4,80,000 + GST
    • Duration: 1 year
  1. Indian School of Business

The Indian School of Business (ISB) offers the Advanced Management Programme in Business Analytics (AMPBA) which is specifically formulated for business professionals aiming to enhance their skills in business analytics and data science. The program prioritizes hands-on and rigorous learning, aiming to find the ideal balance between traditional classroom teaching and technology-aided education.

    • Course name: Advanced Management Programme in Business Analytics 
    • Curriculum
      • The program is thoughtfully scheduled to optimize learning while minimizing interference with professional commitments. 
      • AMPBA stands as a career-enriching experience, delivering thorough theoretical and practical training in data management, programming, statistics, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and their application in business contexts.
    • Fees: Check with the institute
    • Duration: Check with the institute
  1. IIM Skills

IIM SKILLS stands out as a leading force in the ed-tech industry. It excels in providing top-notch programs in writing, marketing, finance, competitive exam training, and analytics. The Content Writing Master Course was its first offering, followed by expansions into marketing, finance, analytics, and competitive exams to cater to learners in various fields.

If you’re looking for an optimal learning experience, IIM SKILLS is the right choice.

    • Course name: Data Analytics course by IIM Skills
    • Curriculum
      • You will learn data Analysis using Pivot Tables – use of row and column shelves, values, and filters
      • Difference between data layering and cross-tabulation, summary reports, advantages and limitations
    • Fees: Check with the institute
    • Duration: 6 months

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  1. ExcelR Business Analyst Course Training

ExcelR not only provides certification but also involves participants in real-time projects focused on Data Analytics using R and Python. Their training ensures that participants not only gain certification but also the practical skills necessary for success in their careers as Data Analysts, with performance metrics validating the excellence of our services.

A multitude of individuals have undergone specialized training in Data Analytics at MNCs throughout India and beyond, with a distinctive focus on transitioning from training to job placement. The adept instructors at ExcelR guide learners through understanding concepts, completing tasks, and engaging in real-world projects. 

    • Course name: Business Analytics course by ExcelR
    • Curriculum
    • The course covers Excel (Basic & Advanced), MySQL, Power BI, Tableau, R Programming Fundamentals, Python Programming Fundamentals, and SAS.
    • Successful completion of the program, accompanied by scoring 60% or above in the online examination administered by the college, qualifies students to graduate from the course and obtain certification.
    • Fees: 49,999
    • Duration: Check with the institute
  1. IMS Proschool

IMS Proschool’s Business Analytics Course is recognized among the Top Analytics Institutes in India as it provides students with the expertise to excel as analysts and make informed decisions using data in the business realm. Some of their noteworthy achievements include having trained over 6000 students, offering a pathway to a PGCM (AICTE approved), providing access to a portal with 100+ job opportunities, and implementing a distinctive Active Learning methodology for the students.

    • Course name: Business Analytics course by IMS Proschool
    • Curriculum:  
      • Their program offers a mix of in-person and online classes, along with practical training, and covers essential subjects like statistical analysis, data mining, machine learning, and data visualization
      • The course not only facilitates the acquisition of professional development but also includes a revision guide and a diverse question bank for an effective preparation process.
      • IMS Proschool ensures flexibility with new batches starting every month and offers over 8 hours of faculty-led training per week. 
      • Their program focuses on preparing individuals with the skills and strategies necessary to proficiently identify, analyze, and overcome challenges in Data Analytics. Starting from the basics, the business analytics course accommodates those without coding knowledge or those who consider themselves non-tech-savvy. 
      • Moreover, the course opens up abundant job opportunities for students with access to 800+ core analytics positions at any time. Even a dedicated placement team is available to support and guide students in making a significant impact in the analytics field.
    • Fees: Check with the institute
    • Duration:  3 months/4 months/6 months

Testimonials and Reviews: Insights from Learners

Acknowledging the crucial role that testimonials play in shaping our opinions let’s explore and read some testimonials in this section of the blog. 

Wondering how reading these testimonials will help you?

Well, we’ll examine the firsthand experiences of students who have completed the business analytics courses from the above-discussed institutes as their insights and feedback will provide valuable perspectives and offer a clearer picture of the impact and benefits these courses have had on their learning journey.

Let’s start from the best, shall we?

  • According to Priyanka Rajput from IMS Proschool, “I had a fantastic learning experience at IMS ProSchool. The highly knowledgeable instructors bring valuable industry experience from well-known corporate backgrounds. The course provided practical insights into Business Analytics through live case studies, enhancing my understanding of the subject.That sounds so fulfilling!Well, Yogesh Wadkar who also took the Business Analytics course from IMS Proschool said “I just finished the Proschool Business Analytics course, and I have to express that it went beyond what I anticipated. The course was organized in a way that covered a wide range of tools and techniques utilized in the field of business analytics, offering a thorough understanding.”
  • As per Shivam Wadhwa, a Senior Data Scientist at Gana dot com in Noida, the course structure was excellent. Weekly assessments and timely feedback were notable aspects. The faculty’s extensive industry experience is a strong point. I highly recommend IIM SKILLS for online data analytics courses.
  • Moving next Chaitanya A. expresses that learning goes beyond just improving job skills; it contains much more. Coursera enables him to pursue learning without any boundaries.

Certainly, from the above examples, it’s evident that the institutions highlighted in this blog are poised to significantly contribute to your knowledge and ensure a rewarding learning experience for you in the field of Business Analytics. With their proven track records, dedicated faculty, and comprehensive course structures, these institutions are well-equipped to add substantial value to your educational journey.

Conclusion: Finding Your Path in Business Analytics

As we come towards the end of this blog we’ve clearly emphasized the wealth of options available for students ranging from online courses to degree programs to study the field of business analytics. 

In contrast to established degrees such as Master in Business Administration and Master in Management, Business Analytics is a relatively recent field that hasn’t garnered widespread attention. Nonetheless, it has emerged as a useful instrument with various applications in the business world, creating substantial job opportunities for professionals in this domain who are rewarded handsomely for their contributions.

For those who wish to take on a business analytics course, the blog suggested a premium institute called IMS Prochool which is highly praised for its outstanding faculty and well-crafted courses and the institute stands out as a testament to quality education, as evidenced by positive testimonials.

In essence, the blog encourages readers to approach their learning journey strategically. By assessing personal preferences, matching choices with career goals, and considering financial factors, individuals can make informed decisions. 

So make sure to choose the best!