What is NSE Academy & Why is its Certification So Prestigious?

‘A good education is the foundation for a better future.’ – Elizabeth Warren. 

A good education can indeed empower us to become future leaders and transform the world we are living in. Today, the education industry has become highly dynamic, and access to education has considerably improved, especially in India. There are countless platforms and institutions where students can enrol and educate themselves to work in numerous fields and sectors. 

However, graduating in a course alone is not sufficient to score a good job amidst the rising competition. You must be educated and trained with the right set of skills that are in demand for you to get a high-end job. That is where the role of NSE Academy comes into play. 

NSE Academy is one of the leading financial education platforms in India whose courses are structured with utmost attention to deliver the right kind of skills a candidate needs to become successful in their career. The success rate of candidates who have passed from NSE Academy is significantly high which makes NSE certification extremely valuable. 

What is NSE Academy? 

NSE Academy is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the National Stock Exchange of India Limited that was established in 2016 to promote financial literacy as a crucial life skill. It offers training and NSE certifications in Banking, Insurance Sector, and Financial Markets. 

The vision of NSE Academy is to empower human resources with quality education and pragmatic skills that they can leverage in the financial industry. 

Why is NSE Academy High in Demand?

The primary reason for the prominence of the NSE Academy is the fact that it is a subsidiary of the National Stock Exchange of India Limited. It makes it highly eligible to offer certifications related to capital markets education. 

The NSE certifications carry immense value and are recognised by every financial corporation. A course in investment banking done at NSE Academy provides candidates with a competitive edge, both in terms of industry-focused curriculum and the prestige associated with the academy. 

Why Should You Consider NSE Certification in Investment Banking?

NSE certifications are extremely valuable and can be highly profitable for your career prospects. Here are a few reasons for you to consider an investment banking course from NSE:

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  • High Earning Potential

An investment banking career can be highly lucrative. Investment bankers make money from multiple channels. One is their base salary from their organisation. 

Second, there are significant commissions that you can earn on successful deals that you do with your clients. In all, there is a lot of earning potential in the field, only if you are skilled enough to guide your clients in the right direction. 

  • Continued Development

Investment banking is a highly dynamic field. It is based on the markets, and market trends keep on changing with time. Hence, investment bankers always need to be on their toes to learn new skills and strategies to stay relevant in their field. This pushes the investment bankers to constantly learn and acquire knowledge which eventually helps in their personal development. 

  • Powerful Networking

One of the significant advantages of becoming an investment banker is that you get to stay in touch with a lot of high-profile people. This allows you to form relationships with people who can benefit you in your career. 

At later stages of your life, if you wish to change your career path or start an organisation of your own, support from the right people would be highly beneficial for your success.  

  • Working with the Pioneers

Investment banking is a highly proactive field. One has to stay active and eager to learn new things that would sharpen their intelligence and analytical capabilities. Hence, working in the investment banking sector, you would notice that everyone around you is a pioneer in some way or the other. 

Sharing a common space with such people will keep you motivated to hustle and grow in all your professional and personal aspirations. 

What Do You Learn in NSE Certification Investment Banking Course?

Investment banking is a vast industry that needs skills and knowledge of multiple paradigms. Some of the most crucial subjects that are offered in the NSE certification course are:

  1. Data Analysis

Data has become a buzzword over the past decade. And when it comes to investment banking, data plays a big role in deciding your success as an investment banker. 

Data analysis is a process of analysing the accumulated data from the capital market about companies and businesses so that you can generate useful insights and help your client invest in the right companies. 

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  1. Business Statistics

It is one of the applications of investment banking in which tools are leveraged to extract relevant information from marketing, finance, research and development, manpower planning, production, etc., for the purpose of decision making. 

Business statistics is a field where you will explore the operations of private and public enterprises using descriptive and inferential statistics. 

  1. Knowledge of IT Systems

Investment banking thrives on the flow, analysis & interpretation of information about different businesses. These interpretations become possible because of the robust IT systems that enable the bankers to operate and build profits for clients. 

Therefore, banking professionals who better understand utilising these tools surely benefit the most from it.  

  1. Financial Management

Comprehending the dynamics of finances required to run a business is a crucial aspect of investment banking. Knowing how finances work in a company, you can efficiently track which business has good financial management and where to put your money. 

  1. Industry Analysis 

Industry analysis is a vast subject that provides investors complete insight into any industry. It comprises information about the level of competition in the industry and the demand and supply situation of that particular industry. 

By analysing these parameters, you can identify how difficult it is for new companies to enter that industry. The analysis is based on all the internal and external factors that affect that business.

  1. Equity Modelling

Financial or equity modelling in investment banking consists of building data models that reflect a particular business’s current, historical, or projected value. This helps them analyse the business worth investing in. 

And if so, then how much would they invest in that business to make valuable profits. All these calculations are done based on acquired data gathered from extensive research about the company.  

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  1. Business Simulation

Technology plays a big part in all jobs today, and investment banking is no different. In investment banking, business simulation leverages tools to build a model that determines how to target variables that are affected by changing the input variables of the business. It processes the data to understand how the result of a decision will vary when different inputs are changed.   

Job Opportunities After Getting NSE Certified in Investment Banking

Getting NSE certifications in investment banking will ensure that you have the knowledge and expertise to join the real financial world and give your crucial input there. 

Here are some of the jobs you may land after completion of your investment banking course:

  • Investment Banking Associate
  • Equity Research Analyst
  • Financial Analyst
  • Research Associate
  • Credit Analyst
  • Relationship Manager
  • Corporate Finance
  • Fund Manager
  • Risk Manager
  • Specialist in Merger and Acquisitions
  • Wealth Manager
  • Portfolio Manager
  • Financial Advisor

Ready for Your Investment Banking Journey?

Investment banking certainly is an exciting sector with substantial economic gains. However, the challenges to getting inside a good organisation that can prosper your sustainable growth are many. 

So getting prepared by the NSE Academy itself is an opportunity that shouldn’t be missed. Enrol today to IMS ProSchool, which incorporates the NSE Academy, and provides NSE Certifications and PG in Investment Banking and Capital Markets. Get your seat today!