The finance world is rapidly growing. There is a tremendous demand for jobs in the finance sector. However, one thing that is a common denominator in all these open positions is that the HR department is looking for skilled people who know what they do and have proof of their skills.


Mostly that proof is in the form of certifications and qualifications like CFA, CA or ACCA. All these are prestigious qualifications in the finance world and have global demand. And they all prove your expertise in different fields within the finance sector.


ACCA qualification is the most respected one in the international accountancy body. But just because it’s good, does not mean it will be the right choice for you. Here’s a list of people who can go for ACCA qualifications to gain knowledge and boost their careers.

Who Should Do An ACCA?

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Anyone Who Likes Maths/Accounting

ACCA is a qualification specifically for accountants. Since it offers two different programs for undergraduates and graduates, anyone who likes maths or accounting can go for it. It improves your accounting skills while also adding business values and ethics.


Accounting includes bookkeeping and taxes, both of which need sharp knowledge and a strong interest in mathematics. It is okay if you don’t have them, as the course is developed in a way to sharpen your skills. But if you already like maths and accounting, then it will be far easier for you to get the ACCA qualification.

Anyone With A Strong Accounting Degree Like B.Com Or M.Com

If you are facing a roadblock after getting an accounting degree, then an ACCA qualification can clear it for you. Setting a career just on a B.Com or M.Com degree is possible, but with very limited scope in the future.


ACCA qualification with either of those degrees will help you get an advantage over your fellow accountants, and will also help you get better job opportunities, better pay and faster growth. This qualification also opens a door for global opportunities and high-calibre jobs in MNCs.


The reason why you need ACCA qualification over an accounting degree is that ACCA covers a wide range of topics along with accounting. There are business and technology, corporate law, finance management, ethics and many more topics. The knowledge of these subjects is what MNCs look for in candidates for those higher positions.

Those Who Want A Global Career In Accounting

One of the major reasons why ACCA is so important is its global recognition. Many MNCs prefer to hire candidates with ACCA qualifications. ACCA has set a standard in the accounting world with their vast and all-inclusive syllabus.


So if you are in search of a career that gives you the option to work in a country and company of your choice, then ACCA is the right choice. It is a respected and desired qualification in more than 180 countries. Some companies even hire candidates who have ACCA qualifications for higher positions.

Those Looking To Add More Skills/Qualifications On Their Resume

One glance at the qualification section of your resume is all it takes for the hiring committee to make up their minds about you. While you can add a long list of soft and technical skills, you also need to back that up with certification and valid qualifications.


ACCA is one of the qualifications that will help you gain multiple soft skills like business ethics, active listening and problem-solving. The qualification also acts as proof of the knowledge and skills you have. As it is highly respected in the accounting world, every company wants to hire ACCA-qualified candidates.

If You Want To Gain More In-Depth Knowledge In This Domain

ACCA’s syllabus is impressive, with multiple essential business subjects like financial management, strategic business reporting, corporate and business laws, etc. If you are not satisfied with your B.Com degree and want to learn more in the accounting field only, then ACCA is for you.


ACCA has different programs for undergraduate and graduate students, so you can still take the course while pursuing your degree. It will enhance your knowledge and also help you secure a better job once you graduate.

Why Should You Do ACCA

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Global Demand

The ACCA Qualification is recognised on a global scale. After passing the exam, you can work anywhere on the globe. The World Bank, the United Nations and many other significant international organisations largely recognise the ACCA. The accountancy body also maintains close ties with foreign accounting bodies and other educational institutions.

Higher Professional Status

Accountancy experts who can comprehend the organisation’s financial requirements and who can assess and provide business solutions are sought after by organisations. The ACCA Qualification is made to give its participants the information and abilities needed for identifying and assessing business solutions. As a result, ACCA members are in higher demand, which enhances their employment prospects.

High Demand

Organisations have an increasing need for ACCA experts since they are trained to assess current business practices and develop effective solutions to enhance them. Your work opportunities will undoubtedly improve if you include credentials like ACCA on your CV.


The ACCA Qualification is a very comprehensive qualification. It helps you to master the technical and management skills that are required of a chartered accountant. Its syllabus covers fields such as taxation, professional and ethical issues, auditing, law, business studies, financial reporting, financial management, and management accounting. The ACCA qualification is designed to provide a wide range of competencies and skills to students.


This qualification is designed to ensure that the members get all the competencies and skills needed to work in a wide variety of organisations and in a wide variety of work roles.


Knowledge Enhancement

All ACCA members must always work to advance their professional careers. By doing this, it is made sure that the knowledge and abilities of the ACCA member remain current. To keep their knowledge and abilities current, they must continue their education. This guarantees that ACCA members can function in extremely dynamic and quickly changing circumstances.

Flexible For Everyone

Every year, between June and December, the ACCA exam is taken. You have ten years from the time of registration to take the exam. You can skip the exam and retake it if you don’t want to pass them all at once. Additionally, the coaching sessions are optional. Consequently, the ACCA qualification is adaptable for both students and workers.

The Best Option To Pursue ACCA

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Getting the ACCA qualification is not easy. You need a lot of proper preparation and need to follow a schedule. You need a program that is specifically curated to help you pass the ACCA exams.


IMS Proschool’s Global Professional Accountant Program is specially designed to prepare you for getting the ACCA certification. The program also helps you gain practical and soft skills as well.


The program also has 100% placement support that can help you land jobs of high calibre. You also get a dedicated job portal and mentorship throughout.


ACCA is, without a doubt, one of the best certifications to take for making a career in accounting. But you need to remember that it is not for everyone, and not everyone can pass the exam.


Along with proper preparation, you also need interest in the field and will to learn. If you are someone who fits into one of the above-mentioned categories, then you should definitely go for ACCA certification. And if you are still confused, you can book a consultation call with IMS Proschool to get a better understanding.


Why do people choose ACCA?

You may learn about global accounting and auditing standards with ACCA. You become qualified as an ACCA member, and it is simple to look for work abroad. Any country that accepts these accounting standards will allow you to work there.

Can an average student pursue ACCA?

While obtaining an ACCA certification is challenging, it has enormous prestige and is highly sought after. It is totally up to you how you want to approach it. Many students also take this test after receiving their bachelor’s degree in order to have a few additional foundation papers waived.

Can I do ACCA without maths?

No, as long as you took accountancy in your 12th grade, you do not need to take maths to pursue an ACCA.


You must have a minimum of 65% in Accounts or Mathematics and English, as well as 50% in all other disciplines, in order to qualify, and you must be at least 18 years old.

What is the Difficulty level of each paper?

The ACCA exam is not especially challenging. In actuality, the ACCA is simpler to pass than other professional finance and accounting programmes like the CA and CFA. Of course, it is more difficult than the exams pupils are used to taking in high school and college.