A chartered financial analyst is referred to as CFA. The CFA Institute awards the charter, a professional certification, to financial and investment professionals who have finished its program of study, aced all three levels of tests, and complied with other standards set by profession. The “CFA charter” and the title of “CFA charterholder” are given to the chosen applicant.


The CFA® Program can be finished, and all three levels of the exam are passed typically in two to five years. There are almost 170,000 CFA charterholders worldwide, according to the CFA® Institute.


The CFA® Program is for everyone from an industry expert to a fresh graduate. But still, is CFA the right choice for you? Here’s how you can decide if you should pursue the CFA® Program or not.

Who Should Do The CFA® Program

Anyone Interested In A Career In Finance

The CFA® Program’s course material is very thorough, extensive, and constantly updated. It is good for industry professionals as well as fresh graduates. This one single program covers a wide range of topics in the finance sector, from investment to portfolio management, financial modelling, and a lot of others as well.


So anyone who knows they want to do something in finance but is not sure exactly what they can do for the CFA®. With the CFA®, candidates can take on multiple roles and even switch jobs easily due to the wide range of financial topics covered in the program.

Those Looking To Work For Major Investment Firms

CFA is not just any certificate. This qualification is a highly respected one in the finance sector. While it provides a strong foundation for all the students in the finance sector, passing the exam is equally difficult. All the major investment firms know how qualified CFA candidates are and what they can bring to the firm.


More often they hire only CFA candidates for high-paying positions in the firms due to their vast knowledge base. Having a CFA qualification in your resume increases the chances of getting hired at a major investment firm.

Need Greater Job Stability And Better Job Prospects

The CFA charter is a fantastic addition to your resume to strengthen your background in finance. But let’s be clear about this: nothing on your resume “gets you a job.” And sure, the CFA charter falls under this as well.


Nothing you can write down is a guaranteed way to get a job. The hiring process involves several stages. Your resume and networking abilities land you an interview, and the job is yours after the interview. You must take care of every stage to get the job you want because interview skills cannot be replaced by CV padding.

Need A Cost Effective Globally Recognized Certificate

Both CFA and MBA hold high value in the finance sector. But MBA is both time-consuming and expensive. There are a lot of students who cannot afford to pursue an MBA. For all those, CFA is a great opportunity. The program provides a foundation in the finance world and has great study material as well.


The program is cheaper and less time-consuming than MBA. CFA, in no way, is better or worse than MBA. Both of these are different and hold their own importance in the world. However, for people looking to enter the investment and finance world, CFA provides a cost-effective way to gain a globally recognized certificate.

Want To Gain In-Depth Practical Knowledge In Finance

One of the strongest pillars of CFA’s reputation and high worth is its material. While the program covers almost all the financial concepts, there are no corners cut just to be all-inclusive. All the topics are discussed in detail and given their due importance.


The curriculum is also designed in a way that will enhance both technical and soft skills among the candidates. If your main goal is to gain practical knowledge of the finance world, then this program is for you.


Benefits Of Enrolling In IMS Proschool’s CFA® Program

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While there are multiple benefits of doing the CFA® Program, it is not easy to pass their tests. You need to prepare really well to crack the exam. IMS Proschool has a study module that will help you prepare for the exam. The faculty help students with a 9 month study plan (6 months to cover the syllabus  & 3 months for revision) which helps them retain knowledge and pass the exams with ease.


They also take 2000+ Practise Questions & 5 mock tests to help you measure your preparation and know which part needs more preparation. The students also get 1 on 1 mentorship from the mentors, who themselves are all CFA charterholders. 


Their focus on skill development and providing students with the best study material and guidance is why they are one of the best institutes for the CFA Program. They also have years of experience and a proven track record.


If you are also looking for anything from the above-mentioned options, then CFA might be the right choice for you. It provides you with a globally accepted and respected certification. It also provides a strong foundation for your finance career and a chance to secure better job opportunities.

In case you are still struggling to decide, you can also take a demo class at IMS Proschool or have a counselling session.