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CFA Classes In Pune

65% Pass Rate | 200hrs training for each level

A whopping 84% of our students advocate for joining Proschool’s CFA Classes in Pune. Our top-notch classroom setup in Shivajinagar, combined with our unwavering dedication to assist you in passing the CFA exams, forms the ideal match you’ve been searching for. Moreover, you’ll gain access to placement support immediately following the completion of CFA Level 1.

Our CFA Batches Start Every Month

Updated CFA

Placement opportunity after Level 1

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Updated CFA

Placement opportunity after Level 1

Get CFA Exam
Pass Commitment*

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About Proschool’s CFA Prep Classes In Pune

Starting your journey toward becoming a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) is a commitment that demands a well-structured study strategy and access to premier educational materials. Proschool’s specialized CFA training program in Pune is designed with precision, aligning with the latest updates in the curriculum and integrating vital resources such as financial modeling and Python coding. This ensures our students are fully equipped to meet the finance industry’s changing requirements.

Proschool offers its CFA candidates a suite of unique benefits, including:

  • Introductory Module (M0): Ideal for newcomers to finance or those deliberating the CFA pathway, our initial module lays the groundwork, helping candidates determine if this career trajectory suits their goals.
  • Personalized Study Schedules: Recognizing the individuality of each student, we provide a tailored 6-month study plan, complemented by an extra 3 months for revision, to foster a deep comprehension of the subject matter.
  • Direct Route to Career Opportunities: Achieving Level 1 certification opens up employment prospects, with our program offering guidance to students in finding jobs immediately after obtaining their certification.
  • Comprehensive Practice Approach: Our students receive extensive preparation through 5 mock exams and over 2000 practice questions, mirroring the actual exam conditions.
  • Ongoing Support: Students gain access to a vast collection of educational resources and round-the-clock assistance for queries from our expert faculty (just ask any of our students!).

This approach not only prepares our students academically but also strategically positions them for success in the dynamic field of finance.

Visit Our CFA Institute In Pune

Visit Our CFA Institute In Pune

Choose The CFA Course that suits You

Batches Start Every Month | 8+ Hours Of Live Faculty-Led Training Every Week | Available in Classroom, Online and Self-Study Modes

6 Reasons Why Proschool Has The Best CFA Classes In Pune

Exam Pass Commitment

Proschool offers unlimited classroom and doubt-solving sessions in case you fail CFA Exams

Get Classroom Advantage

Now, you can easily attend offline CFA classes in Pune. We are present at Shivajinagar, Pune

Apply to 100s of jobs curated by us

We are constantly searching for and verifying jobs that match skills learned by our students.

Resume building

Having a solid resume is essential to get noticed by hiring personnel. Our career services provide proper guidance to all students so that they can create solid resumes and cover letters.

Aptitude Test prep

Most candidates fail this round due to either lack of practice or awareness of the interview process. We help candidates overcome psychological and aptitude gaps before facing this round.

Interview skills

Personality fit and technical knowledge are the final tests. We help you work on communication and interview skills and guide you in showcasing your technical skills in an interview context.

Did you know, you might be eligible for the CFA Scholarships!

Have A Look At What Our Students Have To Say About Us!

I am preparing for CFA Level-1 through IMS Proschool. It has been a month now and Lalit Fulara has a simple and efficient way of teaching the topics. He has tons of examples ready with him and has a great sense of humor. I think he is the coolest teacher Ive ever had.

Sarvesh Udgirkar

The faculty is amazing! An absolute asset to IMS Proschool, one of the biggest reason sticking to IMS Proschool for my CFA coaching! Makes every class very interactive.

Vipul Goyal

Prachi Dahiya - CFA Level 1 Student At Proschool Pune

IMS Proschool is one of the best coaching institutes in Pune for CFA classes. They keep proper notes of each student’s progress. I would especially like to highlight Kavita Ma’am as she do her job assiduously and help out in every way possible.

Prachi Dahiya

Let’s Check If You Are Eligible For CFA!

According to the updated guidelines of The CFA Program,

  • Pre-final year students can appear for the CFA Level 1 exams. Meaning, if your graduation gets completed in 3 years, you can start preparing for the CFA Program in 1st year & sit for CFA Level 1 in 2nd year (pre-final year).
  • Final year students can appear for CFA Level 2 exams. That means, you can start preparing for Level 2 of the CFA Program in your 2nd year itself.
  • For attempting the CFA Level 3 exams, you must complete your graduation.

Meet The CFA Faculty Teaching In Pune

Sameer Gunjal

CEO Ennavat Research Investment
and Capital (Hedge Fund)



Manish Sachdev

CFA L1 Trainer|Technical Analysis Trainer|
Futures and Options Strategies Trainer

CFA Certifications

You become a CFA® charterholder after you successfully clear the CFA® Program level 3 exam and complete four years of relevant work experience.

CFA Institute 

In 1947, the institute was set up to offer world-class financial education to investment professionals. Since then, the organisation has spread across the globe, offering high-quality training to students in over 165 countries. The chartered financial analyst designation is recognised within the investment domain as a powerhouse certification. The course covers a variety of industry-specific subjects such as corporate finance, economics and financial analysis. There is also a high emphasis on ethics and professional standards. CFA Institute has come a long way in its mission to set an unmatched standard of financial excellence.

Certificate from IMS Proschool

Students will also receive a completion certificate from IMS Proschool on completing respective papers.

Checkout Our CFA Institute In Pune

Here’s how our Pune Center looks like. We suggest you to visit our center and talk to our academic counselors

Checkout Our CFA Institute In Pune

Here’s how our Pune Center looks like. We suggest you to visit our center and talk to our academic counselors

Fees For The CFA Program In Pune

Fees for the CFA Course is divided into 2 main parts – Exam Fees and Training Fees. Below Re the details of the CFA Exam Fees

  • Early Registration Fee – $940
  • Standard Registration Fee – $1,250
  • One-Time Enrollment Fee – $350
  • Rescheduling Fee – $250

To Know About Training Fees & EMI Options In Pune

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If you’re eyeing the best spot for CFA coaching in Pune, Proschool should definitely be on your radar.

Picture this: over 200 hours where you’re soaking up knowledge from folks who’ve actually earned their CFA charter. Plus, they customize the study plan just for you, and they don’t skimp on the practice materials either. Pretty neat, right?

Additionally, just in case you don’t pass a Level in CFA Exam, you’ll be allowed to sit for additional classes and doubt solving sessions, that too at no extra cost! Isn’t it amazing, you concentrate on studying, while we make sure that your journey towards become a CFA Charter is smooth and supported every step of the way.

The fees for CFA classes in Pune can vary depending on the institution and the range of services offered. On an average, the CFA Coaching Fees In Pune ranges from INR 20,000 to INR 75,000 depending on batch availability, mode of learning, study material cost etc.

The salary for individuals who have passed CFA Level 1 in Pune can vary widely depending on the role, industry, and company size. Generally, entry-level positions for CFA Level 1 holders in Pune can range from INR 4 lakh to INR 8 lakh per annum.

It’s important to note that passing CFA Level 1 can significantly enhance career prospects and may lead to higher salary opportunities as one progresses towards completing all three levels of the CFA program.

So, why is everyone buzzing about Proschool for CFA coaching in Pune? Let us break it down for you:

  • We’ve got this curriculum that’s as fresh as your morning coffee, updated with the latest from the CFA Institute, and spiced up with Financial Modeling and Python.
  • The teachers? Imagine learning from the Gandalfs of finance, CFA charter-holders who’ve been there, done that.
  • We tailor-make your study plan, focusing on all 10 subjects with extra time for revision, because one size doesn’t fit all.
  • Didn’t ace the exam on your first go? No worries. Proschool’s got your back with unlimited classes and doubt-clearing sessions until you do.
  • And it’s not just about passing exams. We help you get your foot in the door with job placements after Level 1.
  • Plus, we’ve got this M0 module that lets you dip your toes in the water before diving in.

Choosing Proschool is like picking the VIP pass in the world of CFA coaching in Pune. We’re all about giving you the tools, knowledge, and support to not just pass the exam but kickstart a thriving career in finance.

Level I of the CFA® Program exam is held in two sessions of 135 minutes each. It consists of 180 multiple-choice questions, and you also get optional breaks in between.

To sit for the Level I of the CFA® Program exam in Pune, you’ll need a bachelor’s degree or at least be in the last year of any three-year degree program. You can also apply for this exam if you have 4,000 hours of relevant work experience. You’ll also need an international travel passport before you enroll in the CFA® Program to take the exams.

To register for the CFA® level 1 class in Pune, candidates must pay an enrolment fee of USD 350 once. After that, level 1 registration is USD 900 for those students who apply within the early registration deadlines. After that, you’ll have to pay USD 1200.

Yes, if you register for the offline CFA® level 1 classes in Pune, you can access all the study material on their online learning portal.

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