What is Investment Banking?

The banking operation which has gained a lot of attention today is Investment Banking. It is an essential service through which individuals as well as organizations raise capital and also get consultation benefits on investments. For new firms who are willing to go public, the investment bankers serve as a medium between security issuers and investors.
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A huge arena of services are associated with the field of investment banking including proprietary trading, mergers and acquisitions advisory, lending money to companies to purchase assets and settle acquisitions, new issues or IPOs and many such tasks.

Since long, the job of an investment banker has been considered crucial as they are the ones behind large financial transactions and important financial decisions in large organizations, corporations and governments. An investment banker should have thorough knowledge about investing and also understands the feasibility of large projects.

Why an Investment Banking Course?

As we have already discussed above, an investment banker plays an important role in important financial decisions in large companies  and ensures that they reap the highest profits. This is the reason why there is huge demand for investment banking experts in the market. Here are some reasons why you should do an Investment Banking course –

High Profile Jobs

Investment Banking courses prepare a candidate for the managerial and administrative profiles. These profiles include Virtual Investment Banking Assistant, Investor Relations Associate, Equity Analyst, Investment Consultant, Analyst and Investment Writer.

Wide Scope

Investment Banking isa very dynamic course and offers a wide scope in the career opportunities. Once you have completed the course, you can switch from private organizations to Government Ministry i.e. Department of Finance whenever you want.

High Payscale

Individuals who are well trained and possess good technical skills can easily earn a lucrative amount from this job.

High Profile Job

You will become a part of some of the best companies as the top recruiters for Investment banking includes JP Morgan, HSBC Bank, Amazon, Robert Half and many more such high profile companies.
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IBCM is sharply focused on Investment Finance. The program integrated the theoretical knowledge along with practical skills like Financial Modeling. You build proficiency in excel and tableau making you job ready. The program is curated by investment industry experts which includes investment bankers and analysts, keeping in mind the needs of the industry.
MBA & PGDM terms are used interchangeably. For all practical purposes they mean the same thing and industry treats them as the same. Even IIM (A) awards PGDM for its flagship program.
On successful completion of this program, you will earn PGCM by AIMA. This certification allows you to get one year exemption when you register for AIMA’s PGDM program. you will need to complete the course requirements for the second year to earn your PGDM which is equivalent to an MBA.
The PGCM certificate awarded by AIMA is approved by AICTE. This makes the program valid as a 16th year of formal education which is sometimes a requirement for studying in global universities. Earning your PGDM will allow you to pursue a PhD program if you so desire.
It is available in both online and classroom mode
No, the investment industry has no such preferences. If you complete the PGCM program, and have the requisite skills then a non-finance candidate has equal opportunities
The program prepares you to get into Investment banking operations, Research, Financial advisory roles. The exact role depends on the performance and interests of the candidate.
If you like following the markets, taking investment decisions, researching business models then this program is for you.