Does your mind love to crunch numbers to create viable investments?

Do you have a sharp eye that can pick the right mutual funds?

Do you have a finger on the pulse of the stock market?

If all of the above is true, then being a fund manager is in your blood. This is a very prestigious and well-paying position in the finance industry, and it takes a special skill set to perform the duties of this role. Fund managers work with ordinary people, investors and companies to create a high-earning portfolio. They understand how to cultivate mutual fund investments to create wealth. Most clients have specific financial goals and retirement plans. However, they don’t understand the intricate and complex nature of the investment market. A fund manager knows how to decode finance in a way a layperson simply cannot. Many perceive this line of work as a very glamorous profession, especially in the media. The reality is, it takes lots of hard work, training and perseverance to be a part of this exclusive industry. 

So if you are wondering how to get into funds as a profession, below are nine ways to get the career you want. 

What Does A Fund Manager Do?

Your professional qualification will teach you how to become a fund manager. Once you are certified, these below will be your job responsibilities.

  • Research and analyse the financial holdings and background of different companies 
  • Building a relationship with clients to understand their financial needs and investment goals
  • Recommend investment strategies and financial advice to clients to help them with better returns
  • Adapting portfolios to accommodate market changes, new industry developments and client’s changing requirements 
  • Come up with new ideas and insights for investments
  • Reviewing the investments periodically

How To Become A Fund Manager In 9 Steps

So you have decided to be a mutual funds professional. Good choice. Here below are some of the ways on how to get into funds as a career. 

How to become a funds manager step #1: Qualify in a professional course 

Fund management requires special skills, training and knowledge, which is only obtainable through an academic certification. The first step to becoming a fund manager is a finance course in investment services. Most students apply for an MBA in finance. This is perfect if you get into a top B-school or Tier 1 institution like IIM. If you don’t get through, no worries. The CFA course is the answer to those asking the question, ‘how to get into funds?’ This qualification is globally recognised as a leading finance credential by all the major finance companies, banks and mutual fund firms. The CFA syllabus teaches hardcore industry knowledge and core concepts. You learn firsthand from real-world examples and case studies.

How to become a funds manager step #2: Stay updated on all the latest industry news

A lot is going on in the investment industry. There could be changes in government policies get changed, prices rise and fall, the markets fluctuate, and companies go through mergers and buyouts. A savvy fund manager will be on top of all the newest finance developments. Employers and recruiters look for candidates on the cutting edge of knowledge. They know what is happening and can predict what developments are likely to occur. By subscribing to leading economic papers, financial websites and social media handles, you will be well-informed about the occurrences in your industry. Read well-known publications like The Economic Times, Mint, Bloomberg and the Economist.

You should also keep track of the stock market regularly. Mutual fund-centric sites like Money Control, Value Research and Funds India can help you stay on top of the latest financial information.

How to become a funds manager step #3: Look up networking opportunities

When asked, ‘how to become a fund manager,’ many professionals reply in one word — network. You need to have a presence in the industry and know your peers. You can follow other finance experts on social media and get them to follow you. LinkedIn also offers lots of possibilities to network. You can find other fund managers who work for big companies such as HDFC or Franklin Templeton. You can read their articles and posts to learn more about how to get into funds

You can also attend industry events, trade expos and seminars to meet and connect with other professionals. SEBI and CII organised many functions where fellow specialists get together. If there is a chance to meet with a bigwig or potential employer, don’t hesitate to take it. It is the perfect solution to figure out how to get into funds. 

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How to become a funds manager step #4: Carve your own niche 

As a fund manager, you stand out if you have a specialised area of expertise. There are many kinds of funds you can focus on, such as market cap funds, pure equity funds, new market funds and balanced funds. Remember, companies don’t want a jack of all trades. Some would prefer a specialist proficient in their chosen field of mutual funds. So try and master a specialisation. It can shorten the route that shows you how to get into funds. 

How to become a funds manager step #5: Sharpen your abilities 

Did you know you could polish your skills by playing simulated portfolio management games? They are available online on popular finance sites like Investopedia, Fitch Learning and Market Watch. They help you fully understand the basic concepts of mutual fund investments. You can learn about diversification principles, liquidity and asset allocation while having loads of fun. It is a great way to stay sharp for the real world.

How to become a funds manager step #6: Apply for an internship when studying for CFA

An intern or trainee position is a great way to learn the ropes in the mutual funds’ industry. You gain valuable exposure when working in equity research or mutual fund firms. You learn real-life skills and improve your knowledge of the markets. It reveals a preview into your career, so when you finish your certification, you know what to expect in the real world. Also, an internship plus a CFA qualification will make you a strong contender during the job interviews. Look for internships on recruitment websites, or email your resume to several companies. 

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How to become a funds manager step #7: Work on your soft skills

A funds manager does not work in isolation. You are in constant contact with other team members, supervisors and clients. You need people skills to be efficient at your job. Good communication and presentation skills can help you effectively convey your ideas to others. Try to improve your communication by observing others or watching videos of corporate presentations. The world’s best CEOs and CFOs know how to command a crowd or persuade people to their point of view. 

Imbibing similar skills can help you solve the question of how to get into funds

How to become a funds manager step #8: Learn Financial Modelling

Forecasting is a vital part of fund management. When investing, you have to choose stocks that have strong valuations. Financial modelling is an excellent tool to measure the accurate values of companies. The method uses business metrics, financial concepts and accounting techniques to predict a viable forecast. It is fast becoming one of the must-have requirements when applying to most of the leading firms. If you’re still unsure if financial modelling is how to get into funds, visit any recruitment site and note how high the demand is. 

How to become a funds manager step #9: Apply for entry-level analyst jobs

When you can fresh out of your CFA or MBA course, you cannot expect the role of funds manager to fall into your lap. That’s fine. The thing you should consider is how to get into funds. 

First, aim to become a mutual fund analyst. You need expertise and years of experience before you qualify for funds manager. As an analyst, you will receive the training and development to get promoted to a higher level. Your hard work and diligence will pay off soon. Before you know it, you will get your promotion. 

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In Conclusion 

There you have it. We unravelled the big mystery of how to become a funds manager. The above ten steps provide that hard work, commitment and dedication can go a long way in helping you achieve your dream career. Now you know the secrets that show you how to get into funds, what are you waiting for?

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