4 Basic yet Useful SEO Strategies for Better Rankings

There may be plentiful of useful SEO strategies you can learn and implement to improve your website rankings. They can be of very little use when you ignore the basics of SEO. Due to which, sometimes the results are not that satisfying.

You may go on to producing awesome website content and do everything from link building to backlinking. Although they are a bit too technical, without implying SEO fundamentals, your website would lack in getting desired results.

Certain tasks that fall on the technical side can be more difficult, but they are every bit as important as content development and link building. Still, they tend to be ignored until they cause a major problem.

Now let’s take a look at some of the smartest but most fundamental SEO tactics, which as implemented, certainly yield amazing results.

Meta Descriptions

When framed well, meta descriptions can have fantastic effects on the organic search results. Especially, the click-through rates are shot-up due to well readable meta descriptions. For that, it is advisable to keep renewing meta description content. As overtime, a perfect meta description written today may not be ideal in another six months.

Say for example, back in December 2017, Google had increased the maximum length of search results snippet to 320 characters from 160. Hence, those who failed to update their descriptions as per Google’s guidelines, have missed the opportunity to enhance their click-through rates.

To do: check your website’s meta description tag now! Review and modify the tag for all the important pages of your website. As much possible, frame engaging description of around 320 characters, containing targeted keywords for once or twice — but in a natural flow.

Responsive Design

Responsive Design may not be an important factor for desktops, but it sure is for other gadgets like mobiles and tablets. A website having an enriched responsive design contributes to a much better and positive user experience. Apart from easing mobile search experience, responsive design also helps in converting website visitors into customers.

To Do: Basic analysis of how mobile responsive are the important pages of your website. This can be done by implementing the Mobile Responsive Test by Google, as well manually check the website across various mobile devices.

Internal Linking

Before getting into how internal linking can affect SEO of a website, let’s understand what exactly it is.

Internal Linking is the process of linking internal pages of website such that one page points to the other within the same domain. Internal Linking mainly encourages healthy page navigation, making it easier to switch between different pages of a website.

So, whenever a content is added, updated, or removed from websites, the internal links happen to point to irrelevant destinations. This may cause noticeable issues for both search engines and website visitors.

To Do: It is recommendable to evaluate all the internal links of your website so that it does not point to missing pages. This would bring in a positive user experience as visitors would have a definite destination to navigate through. Ultimately, a positive user experience means better SEO and superior rankings thereby.

Website Speed

There are some websites that bear terrible download speeds, especially on mobile devices. They tend to take ages to appear on the screen of your mobile. The result? Well, you might as well want to abandon the website and never be back there!

As user experience plays a very significant role in search engine rankings, Google discards websites having poor download speeds. Websites tend to get slow when WordPress themes are integrated with pointlessly elongated plugins.

To Do: Website page can be optimized by reducing unnecessary HTTP calls, merging CSS and JavaScript files and utilizing content delivery networks wherever possible. A couple of experimentations are required to get the optimization right as some techniques can do more harm than good.

So the next time you’re doing some good SEO to your website, make sure you to use above most fundamental but useful online marketing strategies.