14 Ideas For Driving Traffic To Your Website

The need for website traffic is one of the most fundamental challenges which is very common with the businesses. Most of the marketers or a businessman want, are more customers to buy their products and services and more traffic on their website.

This article is an effort to give business owners a series of straight-to-the-point, actionable advice for receiving traffic to your website or blog. It will take time but surely help you do wonders in the future.

1. Get More on Social Media

If you want to increase the traffic on your website, the best way is to start using social media more often. It is not sufficient to create a content and wait for people to find it out rather get on to the various social media platforms and start promoting your content.

a) Start a Facebook Group – Start a group and add your target audience, where members of the group can get the answers to their questions and to get support.

b) Include Facebook Links– Make it a habit to add links back to your site, in the photos and also in your comments.

c) Start with YouTube–YouTube drives maximum traffic on the sites compared to other social media platforms.

d) Build Relations through Facebook and LinkedIn– Get added to different industrial groups on Facebook and LinkedIn and relevant information and guidance to build relationships and drive traffic to your site.

e) Instagram Stories– Post Instagram stories with valuable and interesting information about your business or a blog put your website links into it, which grabs lots of attention leading to driving the traffic on your website.

2. Long-Tail Keywords

It is not possible to focus on each and every keyword of the page, it is better to make sure that your posts include all the appropriate words and phrases associated with your topic. Long-tail keywords consider the majority of web searches, which means you will be missing out if you won’t be targeting them as a part of your SEO and paid search.

3. Create Powerful Headlines

 Headlines are one of the most essential elements of your content. Master the art of headline writing, as without a convincing headline even the most impeccable blog will go unread. Make sure your headlines excite the interest and distinctly explain the benefit to your readers.

4. CategorizeYour Content

If you have not already created your content into an appropriate category, now this the time. Categories make it easier for readers to find appropriate content and a great practice for SEO.

5. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Optimizing your content for search engines is still a relevant and important practice. SEO helps to boost up your organic traffic, for which you have to start taking care of little things like; whether you are creating internal links to your content, meta description, including image alt text and more.

6. Invite Guest Bloggers

To increase the traffic on your website, another best way is to invite guest bloggers to write on your own site. Guest bloggers tend to share and link it to their guest article, which could bring new readers to your site.

7. Become a Guest Blogger

If you get this opportunity to post a blog on a popular site, have the most of it, as that could help you in boosting the blog traffic to your website. The most important thing is to keep your content original otherwise Google might penalize it.

8. Mention Influential Bloggers

This is something a new way to grab the attention of the audiences to your site. Don’t forget to mention the influential bloggers, when you write a newsworthy post and make sure that influencers are related to your field.

9. Create a Posting Calendar

It has been proven, that original and high-quality posts, if posted minimum thrice a day can help you to increase the blog traffic which I can say with my personal experience too. I would suggest you try it out and commit to seeing it through. Maintain a posting calendar to track your postings, and see what all posts to be posted and how many times it got posted.

10. Add Related Posts

You can add old posts again and also see if you have any new post which you can link to. This is fabulous for your readers, as they are provided with even more knowledge about a topic they’re engaged in, and is also great for improving your blog’s traffic since you’ll double the number of people clicking around your site.

11. Advertise

Advertising will help you to reach out to the maximum audiences, which will attract more visitors to your site and yes will help in building your brand. It is up to you, how you adjust your paid strategies to suit your goals, that goes from whether you want more traffic or you are looking to increase conversions.

12. Content Marketing

Content marketing is a magic formula to drive more visitors to your site. For this reason, adjust the words and format of your content to make it as interesting as possible to various readers. Distribute shorter, news-based blog posts with long-form content it is better to include video, infographics, links for maximum impact.

13. Reply to Blog Comments

It gets really important for you to reply thoughtfully to all comments on your blog. This helps you out to make connections with the commenters and driving them back to your site.

14. Quora

Quora is the Q&A platform where anyone can post a question and get answers from experts in the community. When you think about it, Quora is the perfect platform for you to post a blog related to your field and also try to answer the questions of the people there with your expertise. Quora got the great potential to drive more traffic to your blogs.

Well, that is just about today’s post.