ACCA with Bcom - 6 reasons why it is the best choice in 2024

Meghana and Manjusha were close friends and batchmates who finished their XII Commerce together. They both decided to pursue B.Com; however, Manjusha took up ACCA as well along with her graduation. 

Three years down the line, Manjusha is employed by an MNC and drawing a handsome initial salary with prospects of an exciting career ahead. On the other hand, Meghana is regretfully realizing that when it comes to the job market, a traditional university degree will not suffice to succeed in the digital-first, new-era economy…

ACCA with B.Com: Time to Think Beyond Graduation

According to studies conducted by research bureaus, 30% of Indian students are from the Commerce stream. Every candidate passing out of college aspires to land a lucrative job and carve out a rewarding career.  However, the job market is tough and competitive. Moreover, new-era jobs demand distinct skills and abilities.

Traditional, degree-based university education (such as B.Com.) will not make the cut in this scenario. To sustain and succeed in today’s volatile job market, a professional qualification is inevitable. 

Now give more teeth to your CV; strengthen your resume by pursuing ACCA along with your B.Com. Give a boost to your career and be an industry-ready finance pro!

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Doing ACCA with B.Com. : The Six Cardinal Reasons

  1. Similarity in the syllabuses 

The first 9 subjects of the ACCA course will be fairly similar to your college syllabus. So very often the topics will overlap and you don’t have to study twice as hard to finish both courses. If you complete your accountancy papers first, then the papers will only need revision as preparation. So turns out, you don’t have to do that much extra studying.

  1. Benefit of exam flexibility

Since ACCA exams are held 4 times a year, you get sufficient time to prepare as per your convenience, thereby increasing your chances of getting through. Moreover, the passing percentage of ACCA averages around 60%, which is undoubtedly higher as compared to CA.

  1. Complete it alongside graduation

As a 12th pass out candidate, it is possible for you to study for the ACCA course and your commerce degree simultaneously.

During their graduation, most commerce students will be thinking about what to study next. Not you. You can start handing out your resumes to financial companies straight away. You can even be the first to get hired in your batch. By the time your peers catch up with you, you are already an experienced professional with an ACCA certification and an industry professional with a nice monthly pay.

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  1. Career acceleration

The ACCA course prepares you for global companies so you can work in fast-paced environments and blend in easily with global corporate culture. Your certification also enables you to move to different organizations in different countries. You learn tips and techniques of accounting as a young adult, but you have the skills and wisdom of a seasoned professional.

  1. Starting salary better than B.Com

According to a survey conducted by PayScale, executives working at top Fortune 500 companies can expect an average ACCA salary in India for freshers of Rs 5 lakhs – Rs 20 lakhs per annum, while entry-level employees can earn Rs 3 lakhs – Rs 10 lakhs per annum. However, these figures vary depending on the sector and location in which you are employed.

Contrast this with the average B.Com. salary in India, which is ₹ 275,000 per year and the Entry-level position, which is ₹ 220,000 per year

  1. Develop significant skills along with graduation

Though you get to learn the basics of accounting and finance in your B.Com course,  enrolling for ACCA will inculcate in you a lot of qualities that will help you succeed as a finance pro in future. These include technical skills, ethics & professionalism, innovation, judgment and decision making, networking & communication, and critical thinking, among others.

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ACCA with B.Com. : Busting the Common Myths…

If you are having doubts about whether you will be able to manage ACCA with B.Com., you are not alone! Most students have anxiety and apprehension in this matter. Read on to know how ACCA with B.Com. can work out just fine. 

Will I be able to manage both courses concurrently?

Yes, indeed.  You can wrap your ACCA course around your college schedule. With the right preparation and planning, you will pass with flying colours in both examinations and with minimal stress. 

Will my career stretch in two different directions?

No way! Since both the courses are broadly aligned with accounting and finance, you simply don’t have to worry about your career being compromised. 

Will the two syllabuses create confusion and complexity in my learnings?

Certainly not, because the ACCA course fits in nicely with your B.Com. subjects. There are even a few overlaps, so you don’t have to study twice as hard. 

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Give Wings to Your ACCA Aspirations with Proschool

The ACCA course from IMS Proschool is a comprehensive program designed for students aspiring to pursue ACCA. It has a triple advantage: A strong focus on ACCA pass rate; additional skills like financial modeling to get you job-ready; and reliable placement assistance. 

So, not only do you get quality learning content and qualified faculty from the industry, but you also get an additional Financial Modeling certification, access to Job Portal and placement/internship assistance

Other compelling reasons why you should begin your ACCA journey with Proschool include:

  1. 12000+ trained in Accounting and Finance
  2. They could save on registration fees and training costs
  3. Proschool helps in getting exemptions
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  6. ACCA Demo Class Available
  7. Extensive Pool Of Questions – Students solve 600+ questions for each of the ACCA subjects which helps them ace the exams easily.
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B.Com is Good; But ACCA with B.Com is Great!

B.Com. has been the staple of Commerce education for several decades now. It is indeed the stepping stone for building a career in accounting, finance, and business management.

However, just doing B.Com. will not suffice. The accounting landscape is rapidly evolving and businesses in the 21st century demand a new set of skills and abilities. 

Doing ACCA with B.Com. will make you an industry-ready finance professional who is valued and sought after for their knowledge and skills.

The year 2023 is drawing to a close and we all are eager to welcome 2024. Make it one of your new year resolutions to commence your ACCA along with B.Com.