6 reasons why ACCA with B.com is the best choice for your graduation

Why ACCA with Bcom is your best choice after 12th commerce

You must have heard this old saying — ‘Why put off till tomorrow what you can do today?’ 

These wise words also serve as excellent career advice if you are a commerce student. For those of you determined to pursue accounting as your future profession, don’t wait till graduation. In a world filled with severe competition and hard-to-get jobs, you can get an edge over your peers and give your career a head start right now. 

There are many choices available for undergraduates to do alongside their commerce degree. Some career options after 12th commerce are more popular than others. Such as:

  • ACCA (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants)

Become a globally recognized accountant who can work for a variety of MNCs, banks and financial firms

  • Digital Marketing

This program teaches you how to use online media and channels for advertising and marketing brands and products 

  • Chartered Accountant (CA)

A rigorous course that prepares you to work in various Indian financial firms as an accountant

  • Actuary 

You can learn how to use statistics and maths to analyze risks in the insurance industry 

The ACCA is one of the most acclaimed accounting programs that provide you with the education and technical prowess you need to become an accomplished professional. The ACCA program helps you process numbers efficiently, communicate effectively and learn essential accounting skills. So don’t wait till you receive your degree to start planning your future. Do it right after your 12th year. An ACCA with Bcom joint certification will make you one of the hottest accountants in the industry, even though you may be one of the youngest. 

What’s so great about the ACCA?

Back in 1904, eight accountants in the UK recognised the need for a uniform body of professionals who followed a set of universal standards across the globe. The ACCA was born, and it revolutionised the traditional world of accounting. By 1909, the institute achieved another first. It became one of the few organisations that taught female students who wanted to become accountants. 

Since then, the association has evolved and grown into a global phenomenon. There are over 219,000 members and 537,000 students spread across 180 countries… and counting. Once certified, you join a league of members coveted by companies worldwide. An ACCA stamp on the resume opens up many doors in the corporate world. 

What makes the course so special? Here are a few reasons. 

  • The syllabus has been curated by some of the sharpest minds in the accounting 
  • Since its inception, the curriculum has been constantly updated to reflect the latest industry developments 
  • The course teaches valuable life skills to help students face challenges in their career
  • Leading MNCs, banks and financial firms have worked in close collaboration with the ACCA institute and recognise the high calibre of excellence in each student
  • The program is practical, so while it teaches basic and advanced theoretical concepts, the focus is on application
  • The course has been designed to help 12th-year students, graduates and working professionals to forge a successful career

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Facts about the ACCA course

  • To qualify for the course after 12th commerce, you need a score of 65 per cent in English and Maths and 50 per cent in the remaining subjects
  • If you fall short of the marks requirement, you can take the ACCA foundation in accountancy course to be eligible for the main program
  • While the course duration depends on the student, on average, it takes 2 to 3 years to clear the program 
  • There are 13 subjects across three levels: Applied Knowledge, Applied Skills and Strategic Professional
  • The first four papers are multiple choice and can be taken any time during the year (so you can plan according to your college schedule)
  • You are allowed to take up to 4 exams every cycle
  • After passing the exams, you will need 3 years of relevant experience to qualify as a member

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6 reasons why it makes sense to do the ACCA with Bcom

You can apply for the ACCA course at any junction of your academic or working career, so why is it better to do it after 12th commerce?

1. The ACCA course supplements your degree

The thought of juggling two courses can be overwhelming. 

“How will I cope with two sets of exams?” “Two different syllabuses?” “Will I have enough time for both?”

Students often ask these questions before they take the ACCA course along with their commerce degree. Many fear that doing two programs together will pull them in two different directions, causing a lot of mental pressure. 

Rest easy as the ACCA course fits in nicely with your Bcom subjects. There are even a few overlaps, so you don’t have to study twice as hard. You can wrap your ACCA course around your college schedule. With the right preparation and planning, you will pass with flying colours in both examinations and with minimal stress. 

2. The ACCA calendar is very flexible 

The ACCA exams work around your college timetable. You can take the first four papers on demand anytime. So you can prepare accordingly. The rest of the exams happen in four sessions spread across the year, and you can take between one and four papers per sitting. The institute has carefully designed this exam structure so students don’t have to choose between the ACCA course and their college degree. You can work out a schedule that suits your time and doesn’t cause you any stress. 

3. You are ready for employment once you graduate

When your friends apply for professional courses, you’ll be heading for your job interview. That’s the real advantage of doing the ACCA with your degree. It is time-efficient. If you work hard and organise yourself well, you can begin your job hunt immediately after graduation. It doesn’t hurt to get a head start on life, does it?

4. Your resume is strong during job hunting

Here are a few questions candidates are asked during interviews:

“How are your organisational skills?”

“Can you work well under pressure?”

“How good are you at multi-tasking?”

You have proof of your proficiency in all these areas in your resume. You’ve shown you can take on challenges, carry out multiple functions and have the necessary skills to be a resourceful employee. You might be the youngest candidate they interview, but you will also be the most impressive. 

5. You don’t waste any time climbing the corporate ladder 

The ACCA course prepares you for global companies so you can work in fast-paced environments and blend in easily with global corporate culture. Your certification also enables you to move to different organisations in different countries. You learn tips and techniques of accounting as a young adult, but you have the skills and wisdom of a seasoned professional. 

6. You get all the incredible benefits of being part of the ACCA community 

The ACCA institute doesn’t care about age. They offer equal opportunities for everyone. You can take advantage of the ACCA career board, where premium job listings go up first. You can be part of a network of acclaimed professionals who support and drive each other. You can learn new concepts and the latest ideas as you will have access to the online recourses exclusively available to the ACCA fellowship. So even though you’ve just begun your career, you have a lifetime of experience and knowledge at your fingertips. 

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The IMS Proschool ACCA program

Proschool takes the ACCA course to the next level with its innovative GPA (Global Professional Accountancy) course. The Global Professional Accountant certification is a one-of-a-kind, intelligent curriculum that teaches the ACCA course subjects with additional essential skills. The program makes you proficient in accounting, auditing and taxation. Students who do the GPA end up in middle and upper managerial roles in Indian and international companies. If you want to be a rockstar in the accounting industry after graduation, the GPA course will help you achieve your goal. 

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Features of the GPA program

  • You can receive your ACCA certification in 1.5 to 2 years
  • Learn financial modeling as part of your syllabus
  • The course focuses on experiential learning, so the students understand and grasp the concepts better
  • The active learning mode helps you to apply your knowledge practically
  • Undergraduates can apply for two variants: GPA comprehensive and GPA 
  • You get access to educational resources that develop your skills
  • Mock tests, intensive subject training and Kaplan study texts are all part of the course
  • Quality placement assistance that offers professional grooming, so you land the job of your dreams 
  • You can get a job with major companies such as Infosys, PWC, Ernst & Young, Citibank and Apple, to name a few

In conclusion 

The trouble with being a young adult is that nobody takes you seriously. But as a 20-year-old with two professional qualifications, no one will be able to ignore you. If you want employers, industry experts and senior management to sit up and take notice, apply for the ACCA with Bcom. It is one of the best professional courses after 12th commerce that will help you in your accounting career.

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