Countries where ACCA holders have the signing authority

Countries where ACCA holders have signing authority

541,000 students.

240,000 members.

180 countries. 

The numbers speak for themselves. The ACCA is a globally renowned certification that is unparalleled in its reach and reputation. It is the ideal program for students hoping to evolve into global accountants. In today’s corporate climate, borders are rapidly shrinking as companies open offices all over the world. Your ACCA qualification is your passport to an international career. If you are looking for job opportunities abroad as a skilled accountant, then this is the course for you. It is the benchmark for accounting excellence in several countries and offers qualified professionals signing authority in several nations. What does this mean? Your certification empowers you to create binding agreements and documents on par with nationally recognized chartered accountants. It increases your chances of migration, as it offers your resume instant recognition during the application process. The possibility of getting the job you want is higher.

Why is the ACCA universally popular? 

As an ACCA holder, doors open up for you. You become an elite member of a highly regarded association. By why? The ACCA course follows an international format, making it an accepted standard across a number of global corporations. Companies find it easier to transfer employees across countries in their foreign offices since no additional training is required. They can also tap into a worldwide pool of talent. 

Also, ACCA-certified employees come with a high level of credibility. They have the knowledge, the insights and the expertise to perform to the satisfaction of their employers. 

The nature of this program is to mould every student into a proficient accountant through intensive training. It makes you a very coveted hire. There’s more:

  • You develop many interpersonal and technical skills
  • You are constantly up-to-date on all the latest developments and protocols within the accounting industry
  • You are a part of the ACCA membership fraternity and have access to their many cutting-edge resources 
  • You get headhunted by some of the world’s largest financial firms
  • The ACCA qualification is well respected and even preferred across the world 

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The ACCA course details 

The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants is the fastest-growing international accountancy institution. Lakhs of students around the globe have gotten jobs with MNCs, global banks and top financial companies. The syllabus is a well-rounded and detailed study of the accounting industry, offering a cohesive set of ACCA subjects that help the students master their certification. 

  • It’s a perfect course for 12th-year undergraduates, graduates and working professionals 
  • There are 3 levels and 13 exams in total
  • The first four papers are taken anytime during the year
  • The remaining exams are held four times a year, and you can take up to four papers in one session
  • The program is recognised worldwide and enables ACCA holders with signing authority in several countries

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Countries where ACCA has signing authority 

The common criticism of the ACCA certificate is that it’s not a valid accounting credential as you don’t get any legal authority. However, the institute has tied up with several national accounting boards in many countries, allowing certified accountants to have signatory rights.

1. The United Kingdom

The ACCA institute was founded here in 1904. Since then, it has grown to become one of the most prominent accounting credentials in the country. If you want to work here as an accountant, you need an ACCA UK practising certificate and audit qualification to secure the authorisation to sign audits. It is a great place to move for career opportunities as top companies in the UK such as IBM, Barclays Bank, Bank of England and the big 4 firms employ ACCA-qualified accountants.

2. Australia and New Zealand

The ACCA is quite a popular designation in these two countries and is practised by many accounting professionals within several industries. The ACCA course has tied up with Chartered Accountants ANZ and CPA Australia. This union gives the certificate holders signing rights. You can even register with the Tax Practitioners Board to work as a public practice accountant in Australia.

3. The UAE

There are many career opportunities in the UAE for ACCA-certified accountants. In fact, the ACCA board has entered into a partnership with the AAA — the local accountancy organisation to work together in the industry. If you are planning to migrate to this country, you need to apply for membership with the AAA. They will give you the credibility to practice accountancy and have signing authority for your firm. 

4. Canada 

If it’s your dream to work in Toronto or Vancouver, the ACCA qualification is your ticket to these incredible Canadian cities. The ACCA has tied up with CPA Canada, allowing ACCA members to practice as public accountants with signing authority. The accountants can find suitable job opportunities in countries such as Citco, KPMG, BDO, State Street and Deloitte. 

5. Malaysia 

The ACCA course has signed a mutual recognition agreement with the official Malaysian board, known as the Malaysian Institute of Certified Public Accountants (MICPA). You can apply for your MICPA certification, following which you will be allowed to practice as a certified public accountant in the country. 

There are many more similar countries that allow ACCA-certified candidates to work in various capacities, such as:

  • Germany 
  • Switzerland
  • South Africa 
  • Zimbabwe
  • Turkey 

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The Proschool ACCA course

One of India’s leading institutions, IMS Proschool, has launched the Global Professional Accountant program to help you become an internationally accepted professional. Proschool is one of the few educational organisations that realise the need to go beyond the standard ACCA subjects and expand the curriculum to include several defining skills that can help you attain a successful career in any ACCA-recognised country. Here’s how:

  • Proschool gives Exam Pass Commitment, which means that if you are not able to pass any ACCA exam, Proschool will help you with extra classes and doubt-solving sessions for free.
  • A strong team of experienced faculty members who use ingenious teaching methods to help students grasp the concepts
  • Receive two certifications from the National Skills Development Corporation (NSDC) and Proschool 
  • Additional skills taught include financial modeling, which is a highly useful tool in the financial industry
  • You can choose to do the GPA program for undergraduates or graduates 
  • Become a future-ready accountant within a span of 1.5 to 3 years


The ACCA qualification opens up so many doors for you across the world. There are opportunities to work in different accounting fields or as a signatory authority in plenty of countries. Your potential employers include Fortune 500 companies and the big 4. There are so many benefits to the ACCA course, as you’ll soon discover. This program ensures you enjoy a thriving, lucrative career, whether in India or abroad. 

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