There are over 5 billion internet users in the world today. 

Out of that massive number, over 650 million of those people online live in India. 

And believe it or not, that number is expected to rise even further. Experts predict that by 2025, over 900 million people will be logging online. 

It is a very exciting time to be in the digital marketing sphere. You have access to millions of customers right at your fingertips. The technology to reach the right target audience has become more sophisticated and cutting-edge. And today, the world over, companies have websites, social media handles and an online presence. These organizations recognize the value of using digital marketing plans to boost their business and spread awareness about their brand. They can use big data to create digital strategies and tactics to improve their productivity and profitability. 

So if you are an aspiring professional in this thriving industry, it is the perfect time and place to make an impact. All you need is the right education and strategic prowess to make a significant mark in the industry. If you’re just starting, here are 7 powerful digital marketing strategies to optimize and maximize digital branding.

Why Are Digital Marketing Strategies So Important Today?

  • It is more cost-effective than traditional marketing 
  • You can directly reach your target consumer 
  • Data metrics help you streamline and refine your marketing tactics 
  • There are multiple channels that are very effective 
  • Digital marketing strategies are quantifiable, so you can measure the clicks, views and shares 
  • Smaller brands can compete with industry titans and level the playing field

7 Action-packed Digital Marketing Strategies

Here are some tried-and-tested methods to boost organic traffic, improve sales and help companies carve a sizeable niche in their respective markets online. 

  1. Use SEO keyword results tools

When someone types a few words in a search engine, it opens up a whole universe of options. Yet, the individual will only refer to the top ten searches or the first page. So, if you want your business to be listed in a premium space and clicked upon, you need the right balance of keywords. It is one of the best digital marketing strategies that serve as a link between the consumer and the organization’s products or services. SEO keywords can be a single word or a multi-worded phrase. They help to direct traffic toward your website and reach your target audience quicker. A highly recommended keyword tool is Ahrefs. This keyword explorer helps you with multiple suggestions across ten search engines. They also offer tools such as keyword difficulty scores and advanced SEO metrics to enhance your digital marketing plan

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  1. Figure out your top domain name

One of the most underrated digital marketing strategies is using the top domain name to your advantage. The top domain is the last part of your website address that comes after the second dot. When creating a company website, you want to ensure it is unique yet optimized, whether you choose a ccTLD (country code top-level domain) or go with a niche gTLD (generic top-level domain)

Every country has a two-letter country code top-level domain (ccTLD) that denotes the geographical area. So website addresses in India end in ‘.in’, whereas sites in the United Kingdom use ‘.uk’. This helps the search engine figure out where your business is based. A gTLD is a generic top-level domain that can be customized to attract your target customers. It can be a word about your organization. For instance, ‘.yoga’ can be used for a health brand, and ‘.tech’ is a good TLD for a software company. Top-level domains also help digital marketing strategies with geo-targeting. They make it easier for advertisers to target location-specific ads to consumers.

  1. Be on local listings for search directories

Did you know that google registers over 8.5 billion searches a day? That is 99,000 searches a second! If you want the company name or website to pop up in some of the relevant searches, you need an effective digital marketing plan. Invest in local search listings by using locally relevant keywords. This will help drive regional traffic toward your sites and give you a clear advantage. Ensure the business or brand is listed on search engine maps, review sites, and local directories so your customer can easily find it. 

  1. Website speed optimization

Low speed on websites can be bad for business. There are many practices that ensure the website is optimal. 

First up, fix the reasons for the poor speed levels. Do you have an unoptimized browser, too many ads, a cheap web host or heavy images? Figure out the cause. You can use systems like small set tools, Google page speed insights and GTmetrix to evaluate the website. Improving website speed can really help your digital marketing plan.

  1. Create similar content in multiple languages 

In India, businesses serve multilingual consumers. One language is not enough to reach all of your audience. You need to implement digital marketing strategies that help to cast a wider net for customers. You can take the same content and translate it into various languages on various URLs while ensuring they are in different domains. You can use redirects to ensure visitors reach the appropriate version of the website. This will improve your reach and help you seamlessly execute your digital marketing plan

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  1. Create a mobile SEO version of the website 

All companies are now creating phone-friendly versions of their websites to appeal to a larger and younger audience. These apps are optimised with the AMP (accelerated mobile pages) tool to create a fast and engaging experience for the end users. You can also use structured data and a flexible design to enhance the small-screen version. The mobile usability report is a helpful feature that helps you gauge just how mobile-friendly your app really is. These are just some steps you can take for your digital marketing strategies

  1. Building broken links

The key to a successful digital marketing plan is to ensure your content reaches your entire audience. Sometimes, consumers end up with dead or broken links. Instead of your content, they have ‘page not found’ or ‘bad request’ flashing on their screens. There are many reasons this can happen. Maybe your links were moved or altered. Or, you don’t have redirect tools in place. Either way, Broken links can influence your google search results. If left unchecked, this could affect the customer’s experience and lead to a loss of business. Tools like the SEOptimer report or Google Search Console can help locate broken links across hundreds of pages or posts. If you create a lot of content as part of your digital marking strategies, check for dead links once or twice a month. Once located, you can fix the problem easily through redirects. 

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  • The course uses platforms such as Google Analytics, LinkTree and Facebook Ads
  • You can choose between attending coaching centers or taking online classes
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  • The course is specifically engineered to help you master digital marketing strategies

In Conclusion 

A digital marketing plan has many incredible possibilities compared to traditional marketing. Through emails, social media, websites and other online channels, you get access to a wider reach of people, while making local connections at the same time. There are so many cost-effective and innovative techniques available to create cutting-edge digital marketing strategies. All you need to get started is a certification and a strong commitment to learning. 

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