Must Know - 7 Actionable Digital Marketing Strategies in India

In Digital Marketing, a digital marketer is much like an orchestra maestro who conducts with precision and immaculate coordination which ends with a standing ovation if you have pleased the audience. Much like a symphony, many instruments in digital marketing campaign has its roots in paid and organic tools.

Between the two, valuable converting organic traffic usually sounds like music to digital marketer’s ears. Search engine or organic traffic generation strategies finds a top spot on the charts for digital marketing experts who have limited advertising budget with an ROI based target.

So, let’s begin with 7 actionable digital marketing strategies that you can implement with your internal team or your outsourced agency to reach tangible results

1. Unmistakable Keyword Research– Don’t just go with your gut feeling, use SEO keyword results tools. I recommended Ahrefs Keywords Explorer to run the international keyword search volume and keyword difficulty for target keywords. Brainstorm core keywords your clients might search for in the appropriate language and simply choose your target country to see results for that location. Since the Indian sub-continent is a multilingual country which makes it important to conduct multilingual keyword research. It is important that we not only study the keywords used in different languages for which English versions may have high search volumes but also use both the properly accented variant and a variant with no accents.

2. Get a country code (cc) top domain name: ccTLDs are the top level domains for countries and you can create a different version of your site for each targeted domain. Example: It is with the intent to index for easy geotargeting purposes. This allows you to maintain separation between each version of the site and improves for SEO. gTLD Sub-domains are an easier scheme to set up using generic top-level domains. You can use the Country targeting tool in Search Console to indicate to Google that your site is targeted at a specific country.

3. Local listing in search directories: From the 3 billion searches Google handles daily have a local keyword attached and the additional keyword adds a clear intent. Investing in local search now will establish a formidable and sustainable competitive advantage in driving converting organic traffic.

  • Search Engine Maps(Google, Bing and Yahoo): List yourself Google Business Listing, to begin with, and it will ensure your customers know where you are. It will drive up your rankings almost instantly.
  • Product Review sites: On a page, optimization must be complimented outbound links and recommendation from other review sites that would recommend you. Some of the expert and buyer review sites you can list and manage are CNet Reviews, TestFreaksMouthShut, ConsumerReports, Wired Reviews.
  • Corporate review sites: A USA based company Glassdoor for corporate & employee reviews that greatly affect recommendation, reviews and online image.
  • Industry, Niche Search Directories: Zomato is a fine example you should list yourself on if you are in the restaurant.  Urbanclap & Urbanpro, both offering listings for business with vertical specialisation.
  • Local Directories: Listing on widely used Just dial also helps in generating valuable links that delivery high credibility.

4. Site speed: You can segregate server location by sub-domain for the fastest response times for each version of the site.  The reason for poor speeds are

  • Unoptimized browser, app and plugins
  • Cheap web host
  • Complicated word press themes
  • Too many ads
  • Heavy images
  • Widgets
  • Dense code
  • Embedded media

Some of the tools you are used to assessing your website or specific pages are Smallseotools, Page insights & GTmetrix.

5. Duplicate content for Multilingual SEO: While serving multilingual consumers in India and serving similar or the exact same content but available on different URLs which is generally not a problem as long as the content is for different users in different domains. There is no need to “hide” the duplicates by disallowing crawling in a text file or by using a “noindex” robots meta tag. However, if you’re providing the same content to the same users on different URLs (for instance, if both and shown Indian language content for users in India), pick a preferred version and redirect (or use the rel=canonical link element) appropriately. Also, follow the guidelines on rel-alternate-hreflang to make sure that the correct language or regional URL is served to searchers.

6. Mobile SEO: With a consistent movement of traffic from desktop to mobile you need to optimise for mobile. Employing strategies like AMP, structured data and creating a responsive design goes a long way in winning the battle. You need to also test your website for its mobile-friendliness by using various tools like Mobile Usability Report& Mobile friendly test 

7. Broken link building: The key to a successful digital marketing campaign is making sure your content is reaching your interested audience through the universe of content on the internet and one of the ways is found broken links on the site that you are interested in getting a backlink from and share your finding with the website. You can then make an offer to help them with creating content for that page in return for a backlink to your website. To find keywords you want to list for use the following search operators that will bring give you a result page with a list of URLs that you can then check for them being broken or not.

  1. “keyword” +”helpful resource”
  2. Keyword + INURL:LINKS

Offer to replace the content to find a meaningful piece of content that will help you and your linking website.  Apply these to your digital marketing strategy and you will have organic traffic numbers change over the course of the months.