In the world of big data, the analyst is king. If you have the ability to conduct a skillful extraction and processing of relevant data nuggets out of a large volume of unstructured information, you possess a highly lucrative talent. It leads to many opportunities in the corporate world. At the top of the list is data analytics consulting. It is a viable field of business analytics where consultants use their expertise and acumen to convert data findings into intelligent insights. Business analytics has now evolved into sophisticated and precise science that ensures companies can make data-driven decisions, which is what analytics consulting is all about. It is a service industry that helps companies manipulate data to create business strategies. You would also help organizations with cloud management services, predictive analysis, architecture and data science. 

Data Analytics Consulting services perform a functional role that combines business strategies with pure data science to create sustainable solutions that enhance business performance. 

Whether it is the telecom industry, pharmaceuticals, banking or consumer goods, more and more organizations within these industries are turning to data science consulting services to help them optimize their businesses. 

Advantages Of Data Analytics Consulting

You don’t have to be a Mensa-certified genius to know that every business can benefit from analyzing big data. It helps to gain a competitive edge and make long-term predictions. Many major corporations, such as Google and Amazon, have reached dizzying heights by applying business analytics effectively. An analytics consulting service can help in so many ways. 

  • Offer end-to-end solutions that include data collection, extraction, real-time data processing, business strategies, etc. 
  • Have the technical expertise to handle complicated data systems and cutting-edge technology
  • Use advanced models that use machine learning, cloud-based services and AI systems to offer in-depth business analysis 
  • Help with cost-saving measures by optimizing processes and streamlining operations 

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Why An Analytics Consultant Is Different From An Analytics Practitioner

Like other fields, data science consulting has its own hierarchical structure. A consultant is one step above an analytics practitioner. A high level of abilities, such as efficient communication, presentational skills and strong technical prowess, is needed to qualify for analytics consulting.

Most consultants are capable problem solvers and critical thinkers. 

Practitioners are professionals who possess the knowledge but lack the big-picture perspective and interpersonal skills. It takes experience and wisdom before you are proficient in data analytics consulting.

Analytics consultants can 

  • Create customised, innovative data models to address the client’s requirements and targets
  • Efficiently use the company’s existing database for analysis 
  • Find new opportunities or potential projects for the business
  • Use state-of-the-art software to improve performance and productivity 

5 Skills For Data Analytics Consulting

If you want to be an analytics consultant, you must possess the investigative and logical skills needed for the job. Here are some key competence areas that are a must-have for analytics consulting.

  1. Problem framing and structuring

When you are in the business of solving digital problems for clients, you need to produce results. One of the most effective ways to do this is to ask the right questions. In data analysis, problem framing is a prominent method used to understand the challenges faced and find the answers using the data available. It is step one for any data science consulting professional when addressing a business problem. It requires structured thinking on your part. You need to analyse the issue from all angles. Address the root cause of the problem. Brainstorm with your fellow team members. Predict any future obstacles and finally arrive at a practical solution. 

It is also beneficial to break down the major problem into smaller parts to arrive at answers quicker. This is called problem structuring, and it helps to simplify complex challenges. You develop a hypothesis and tackle each component of the bigger problem through data and analysis. This tactical approach is a scientific way to handle the entire process. It is one of the key reasons why big companies turn to data analytics consulting when facing business problems. 

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  1. Project management and collaboration 

As an analytics consulting specialist, you also serve as a project leader. You are in charge of a team, delegating various roles and functions to those best suited. Your job also involves ensuring a proper flow of communication and ideas. Lastly, are all team members stepping up and delivering their part of the project? You need to check for roadblocks that could affect the end results. When you are in data analytics consulting services, there could be more than one active project at a time. So you must stay on top of every task by multitasking and managing several teams. 

  1. Good presentation skills

If you are an analytics consulting professional, you will spend a lot of time with clients. You need to build a good working relationship with them and present yourself as a valuable and trustworthy partner. Your written and verbal communication must be on point when offering recommendations, reports or advice. Also, use clean, simple language instead of complicated jargon so clients can understand better. Companies expect a certain level of professionalism from data analytics consulting experts. So work on your presentation skills if you hope to wow your clients. 

  1. Big picture mindset

As a prominent professional in data science consulting services, you can’t lose sight of the end targets. Many times, data scientists get swept up in the nuances of the problem and fail to grasp the larger picture. You need to take a step back from the many details. Keep the overall, broader view within your line of vision. It is also helpful when you have to use forecasting abilities to make data-centric decisions. It is imperative to stay on the same page as your clients. For them, only the bottom line matters. So remember don’t focus on the main goal when you attempt to solve smaller issues. This is advice you’ll hear from many professionals in the analytics consulting field. 

  1. Technical expertise 

Even when you are a big hotshot in data analytics consulting services, you should never forget your roots. Technical knowledge is power in the data industry. Always stay on trend and be updated on the latest software systems and platforms. 

How To Get Into Data Analytics Consulting? 

Here are the main requirements needed to get into data science and analytics consulting

  • You need a bachelor’s degree in mathematics and statistics
  • Certification in data science or business analytics is preferred 
  • Knowledge of all big data tools such as Hadoop, Tableau, Hive, SAP, Oracle Business Intelligence, etc. 
  • A deep understanding of predictive and descriptive analytics 
  • Industry experience of over six years, preferably with domain specialisation 
  • A good mix of technical and soft skills helps to win clients 

Proschool’s PGCM In Data Analytics Course

The first step towards a prosperous career in data analytics consulting? Get a certification from a prestigious and renowned institution. IMS Proschool has one of India’s top ten data analytics courses and is often the preferred choice for students all over the country. The program teaches industry knowledge, key concepts, technical skills and the overall training need to excel in this field. Students learn first-hand from data science professionals and expert analysts. They receive personalized attention and mentoring from some of the best minds in analytics consulting. The faculty uses innovatively designed teaching methods and active learning techniques to help students master their craft. Your time with Proschool can fast-track your career and help you enter data analytics consulting services quicker. 

Course details

  • Proschool gives certifications in data science as well as business analytics 
  • The duration is around six months 
  • You need to be over 18 years to qualify for the program
  • The institutes offer weekend coaching classes in select cities
  • You can also opt for online sessions 
  • There are many learning resources available for you to study better 
  • You get a data science or analytics qualification as well as an NSDC certificate
  • The placement program helps students apply for jobs after completing the course
  • You also receive professional grooming to help you nail the job interviews
  • The training at Proschool will enable you to eventually enter the field of data analytics consulting 

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In Conclusion

Analytics consulting is one of the hottest professions in the world today. The demand for quality consultants is huge, and the opportunities are incredible. Global corporations such as Accenture, HP and Dell are a few of the many companies actively seeking data experts to help them achieve new heights in business. Once you have domain expertise, industry experience and a high calibre of people skills, the exciting world of data analytics consulting will open its doors for you.

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