Benefits of tally

It wouldn’t be an overstatement to say that Tally has changed accounting over its head…

Tally offers a fast and effective way to manage complex accounting and financial  processes. It enables users to track and manage all their accounts, sales, debts, and every other aspect of the business. Indeed, Tally is a proud Indian brand that has found worldwide acceptance.  

The fact that most businesses in India and across the globe prefer Tally ERP 9 for their accounting and business management needs is a testament to the software’s immense popularity. Over the last 35 years since its first release, Tally has captured over 80% of the market share in India and is used in more than 140 countries. 

9 Benefits of Tally that Make it the Accounting Taskmaster

  • User-friendly System

Simplicity and flexibility are the two key aspects that put Tally in a class of its own.  The software is easier to learn and quite simple to use – it features an intuitive graphical user interface (GUI) where navigation becomes a breeze. Even a person with basic accounting knowhow can operate it efficiently. 

Mentioned below are the key user-friendly aspects that make Tally one of the most preferred accounting software solutions for businesses across the world:

  1. Several shortcut/function keys that minimize effort
  2. Better multitasking ability
  3. Superior reporting capabilities
  4. More scope for customization 
  5. Simplified printing
  6. Interactive dashboards for analyzing business performance
  7. Powerful online Help system
  • Hassle-free Data Transfer

It is a well known fact that the data transfer process poses several risks, such as incompatibility of data formats with the new system, loss of data, security breaches, downtime and business disruption, etc. 

However, with Tally, it’s a different story altogether; transfer of data in Tally is a hassle-free and quick task. Whether it’s migration of business data from TallyPrime releases (such as TallyPrime 2.1 or earlier), Tally.ERP 9 releases, or Tally releases to TallyPrime Release 3.0 or later, all transactions, along with company features, masters, security settings, and so on, will be carried forward seamlessly. 

  • Robust and Reliable Platform

Business data is confidential. Accounting data, especially, is sensitive in nature and can be misused or accidentally leaked due to human negligence. Organizations are therefore highly concerned about  maintaining integrity of their data at all times.

Tally allows system administrators to create multiple levels of security and customize user rights depending on their role and responsibilities. It provides a comprehensive information security framework that secures user data by authenticating, authorizing, encrypting, and maintaining its integrity.

  • Cost-efficient Solution

When it comes to pricing, Tally has the upper hand. While users have to shell out 1,800 USD for QuickBooks, which is the closest competitor of Tally, users of Tally can purchase it at 1,500 USD, making it more cost-effective. Furthermore, tally supports an unlimited number of users and has to be renewed annually.

Brush up your basic accounting knowledge and learn the practical aspects of Tally in just 4 months. 

  • Accelerated Data Access

Instant availability of business data, such as reports or proposals, is crucial for informed and faster decision making. With its in-built real-time report generation facility Tally users can see the financial and operational status of the business at any time, thereby fostering better decision making. All you need is a device and a high-speed Internet connection for downloading and sharing data to clients, employees, and business partners.

  • Greater Accuracy

Maintaining accounts manually increases the chances of errors in calculations. On the other hand, Tally enables error-free data entry. Also, it facilitates generation of accurate accounting reports and statements, accurate GST filing, among many other tasks, which  are crucial for achieving better productivity in the organization’s accounting and finance function.  

  • Superior Financial Control 

When it comes to monitoring the financial health of a company, Tally wins hands down. It lets users keep track of every transaction on a day-to-day basis,  helps with budgeting and forecasting,  provides insightful reports just within a few clicks, and makes it easier to monitor the company’s financial performance on a regular basis. 

  • Remote Access Convenience

Tally’s in-built remote access feature enables Tally users to connect securely from a remote location. This functionality is useful when a company’s salespersons and employees need to access the system when visiting client offices or even when they have consent to work from home.

Moving forward a step ahead,  Tally has come up with an innovation called Tally Virtual Access. This advanced feature is especially useful for clients who want to access Tally data from the Cloud and virtual environments. 

Another approach is using a cloud-based solution  TallyAnywhere, which bridges the gap between users’ accounting needs and the flexibility of remote work.

Another – and the latest – remote access feature is the Tally on Mobile Application. Using this feature, users can access Tally data on the go without a laptop or PC. Moreover, a splendid graphical user interface allows easy and secure access to offline data as well. 

  • Multilingual Support

When it comes to business, language is no bar! At least, that is the philosophy behind the system design of Tally – specifically,  Tally ERP 9.

The user interface for the software is available in Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati, Bengali, Kannada, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Hinglish (colloquial English) and Punjabi, and in Bahasa Melayu and Bahasa Indonesia languages.

Thus Tally gives users excellent flexibility of language in inputting, viewing, and printing data. to enter data in one language and have it transliterated into different languages. Users can generate invoices, purchase orders or delivery notes in different languages after entering data for the same in a different language. 

Think Tally, Think Accounts Associate

Program Overview

As a frontrunner of commerce training in India, IMS Proschool commands trust and confidence in the minds of students and parents. Keeping up with this cherished tradition, Proschool now presents the Accounts Associate Program.

It is an industry-focused, job-oriented certification course characterized by flexibility and convenience. In this program, students can learn entry level accounting techniques and can qualify for the Tally Essentials 1 and Tally Essentials 3 certification. 

Course Highlights

  • Course duration: 3-month weekday program
  • External certifications: Tally Essentials 1 and 3
  • Placements:  Curated job opportunities in CA firms and MSMEs
  • Course fee:  30 k classroom / 24 k online
  • Available Offline In : Mumbai, Delhi, Pune

Syllabus Snapshot


Learning Objective

Financial Accounting       

and Tally basics

Business organization, Financial accounting, Tally setup and administration
Transaction handling in Tally Daily transaction handling, Bank reconciliation, Statements of accounts
Tax transactions in Tally Indirect tax concepts, TDS and other direct taxes, Daily transaction handling, Filings

Teaching Modes

  • 3 weekday classes per week in classroom format
  • 2 weekend classes in online format.
  • Taught by qualified and practicing Financial Planners

Why Register for Tally Training at Proschool?  

  • Flexible and convenient batches 
  • Industry experts as tutors
  • Comprehensive placement support
  • Assistance in resume preparation 
  • Guidance on attending interviews


Q1. What are the benefits of Tally?

A1. Here are some of the most talked about benefits of Tally –

  1. User-Friendly System: Tally’s intuitive interface and simplicity make it accessible to those with basic accounting knowledge.
  2. Hassle-Free Data Transfer: It minimizes risks associated with data transfer, like loss and security breaches.
  3. Robust and Reliable: Provides a secure platform with multiple levels of security, safeguarding sensitive accounting data.
  4. Cost-Efficient: More affordable compared to competitors, without compromising quality.
  5. Accelerated Data Access: Enables quick, real-time access to reports for informed decision-making.
  6. Greater Accuracy: Reduces errors in accounting processes, leading to accurate reporting and GST filing.
  7. Superior Financial Control: Offers effective tools for monitoring a company’s financial health.
  8. Remote Access and Flexibility: Features like Tally Virtual Access and Tally on Mobile Application offer convenience.
  9. Multilingual Support: Breaks down language barriers in business accounting.

Q2. What is the main purpose of Tally?

A2. The core purpose of Tally is to manage complex accounting and financial processes effectively. It allows users to track and manage accounts, sales, debts, and various other business aspects. Tally aims to simplify and streamline accounting tasks, making them more efficient and less prone to errors. This includes everything from basic transaction recording to complex financial reporting and analysis.

Q3. Can Tally get you a job?

A3. Yes, Tally skills can significantly enhance job prospects. Its widespread use in businesses makes it a valuable skill for roles in accounting and finance. Furthermore, proficiency in Tally can also lead to competitive salaries. For instance, in India, Tally experts can expect starting salaries ranging from INR 3-5 lakhs per annum, with potential for growth as experience increases. Globally, these figures can vary, but the demand for Tally skills often translates into attractive compensation packages.

Q4.Which course is best for Tally?

The Accounts Associate Program offered by IMS Proschool seems to be a comprehensive choice. It is an industry-focused, job-oriented certification course. The program covers entry-level accounting techniques and prepares students for Tally Essentials 1 and 3 certifications. Its flexibility, along with curated job opportunities, makes it an excellent option for those looking to build a career in accounting and finance using Tally.

Q5. Is Tally course useful for CA students?

Absolutely. For CA students, learning Tally is highly beneficial. Tally covers a wide range of accounting and financial management skills that are crucial for chartered accountancy. It provides practical experience in managing financial transactions, preparing financial statements, and understanding tax transactions. This practical knowledge complements the theoretical study in CA courses, making students more well-rounded and job-ready