Changing career when you are on the other side of 30 can seem to be a daunting task. But sometimes things reach a saturation point and exploring second career opportunities is the only way out.

Midlife crisis in professional sphere is quite common, yet disturbing. There is an urge to explore newer avenues but the fear of the uncertain holds you back. In this fast paced world where things are constantly evolving, you seem to have reached a dead-end. Your current role doesn’t excite you anymore and you are clueless where to go next.

But you know for sure that you want to reach somewhere. While many of you are adventurous enough to try completely new profiles, there are some who do not wish to deviate much from their domains. The good news is, there is an option for everyone. You can use your transferable skills and carve a new career for yourself without a baggage.

Here are 5 career opportunities best suited for midlife career change:

(1) Data Scientist

Yes, it is possible to start a career in Data Science without a formal background in engineering and statistics. Data Science is a multi-disciplinary branch and many start-ups recruit Data Scientists based on their skill set, domain expertise and willingness to learn.

For many IT professionals who wish to transition into Data Science, prior knowledge of data warehousing, database design or programming languages like Python and SQL are definitely added advantages. For those who are from different fields such as Finance, Marketing or Project Management, you need to pick up specific skills for Data Science which includes SAS, Python, R, Hadoop etc.

There are many training curriculum as well as online resources for beginners. Another way is to do with an internship in a big firm or start designing data driven solutions in your current organisation.

(2) Social Media Manager

Almost everyone is exposed to Social Media in some or the other way. While for some, it’s all about browsing news feeds, some are really a pro at interacting with people, posting comments and sharing interesting stuff over the social media.

They know what it takes to make a video or post viral, and garner eyeballs. Now, they can also get paid for doing so. With almost every company having a digital presence, there is a huge demand for Social Media Managers or Social Media experts.

These are people who can build their brand online and make their digital marketing efforts more interactive. There are no academic qualifications or experience required for it. However, it requires smartness in handling interactions over social media, comfort level with all social media platforms and wittiness in creating interesting posts.

(3) Market Consultant

Every mid-level professional has years of experience in a certain field, which is naturally his area of expertise. There may be some ancillary industries which require a domain expert for advisory/consulting role. These are profiles which you as a mid-level professional can easily transition into.

For Eg: Someone who is a Senior Manager in furnishing industry can become a seasoned Consultant in a Furniture Market research firm. Similarly, if you have years of experience as a real estate professional, you can transition into a senior role as a consultant/ advisor in a real estate market research firm.

(4) Educational Trainer

With years of experience in a particular field, you definitely have a body of knowledge that is hands-on, industry-focussed and tactical. There are technical skills that you have acquired over the years. While you are at one end of the spectrum, there are thousand others at the other end who wish to know as much as you do.

So, why not impart and share the knowledge? Today’s youth, whether fresh graduates or professionals, need to learn a lot of skills to excel at their job, because of which they join training institutes. These institutes are perpetually looking for trainers who have rich industry knowledge and diverse skill sets.

There is quite a lucrative opportunity if you have an inclination towards teaching. Professional trainers are highly sought after and well-paid by renowned institutes.

(5) Financial Planner

To be a financial advisor or planner, you do not need a formal degree in finance. You could be from any domain and can take this up as a second career or a side hustle. If you want to make a difference in the lives of people by helping them to plan their finances really well and if you have led a financially-disciplined life so far, this career is for you.

While you can enhance your knowledge by resources available across the internet or through books, a steady career requires credibility. This credibility can be lent by being a Certified Financial Planner (CFP). The certification is globally recognised and the only eligibility criterion is a Bachelor’s degree in any field.

You can start off in this field without a certification but as you gain some experience it is best to go for CFP for long-term prospects.

Take calculated risks and explore greener pastures

While career opportunities are many, you need to learn the skills required to excel at your new career. So step out of your comfort zone, take courses and get a mentor. Prepare yourself for the risks that the new career might bring with it and do not quit at the first signs of trouble. On a more practical note, also plan your finances well-ahead so that you can honour all your commitments in time. So let go off your fear, ego and get ready to be a learner once again.