What's The Best Study Material To Study For CPA Exams

CPA is the most sought-after credential in the accounting industry. However, like every other aspirational and high-paying designation, it comes with its challenges. The exam difficulty is a major challenge. 

In 2022, the cumulative pass rate of CPA was only between 40-60%. To ace such a tough exam, having the right CPA study material is the key. 

Whether you’re an aspiring CPA planning to start your preparation or have some experience under your belt, this blog will give you some crucial insights on CPA study material. 

How Does CPA Study Material Help?

CPA study material plays a crucial role in guiding aspiring accountants through the challenging CPA exam journey. The study material offers structured learning and practice resources to enhance understanding. 

Here are a few benefits of CPA study material:

  • Detailed & Comprehensive

From financial accounting and reporting to audit and taxation, study materials cover all exam sections, ensuring a well-rounded preparation.

  • Adaptive Learning

Some materials, like Becker or Bisk CPA Review, incorporate adaptive learning technologies, tailoring study plans based on individual progress and focusing on areas that need improvement.

  • Updated Content

CPA study materials are regularly updated to reflect the latest amendments and industry practices. 

  • Structured Learning

Reference materials provide a systematic breakdown of difficult topics into simple concepts, helping candidates build a strong foundation. 

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9 Best Study Material for CPA in 2024

  1. CPA Exam for Dummies

As the name suggests, this book is quite easy to read and gives a comprehensive overview of the CPA exam. Even if you’re an aspiring CPA, reading this book will be a much-needed introspection you can do as it is beginner-friendly. It also gives you a fair idea about the exam structure and scoring pattern. It has numerous practice questions and task-based simulations. 

Key Highlights of the Book

  • 4000 CPA questions to help you ace the exam
  • 164 CPA exam simulations equivalent to the difficulty level of the actual exam
  • A separate section on “CPA Exam 101” provides the tips and tricks to crack the exam.
  1. CPA Exam Secrets Study Guide

The 285-page book explains the concept of each section in a detailed way. You can revise the whole CPA exam syllabus in one go with this book. The authors of this book are not just subject matter experts but possess all the tricks and techniques to crack the exam themselves. 

Key Highlights of the Book

  • Unlike the detailed guides on CPA, this book is clear and concise, it serves as your go-to reading material. 
  • The language is simple and devoid of academic jargons. 
  • Detailed summary of each concept in all four subjects. 

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  1. McGraw Hill Education 2,000 Review Questions for CPA Exam

If you are thorough with the CPA structure, marking scheme, exam pattern and curriculum, you can use this book for rigorous practice. This book can be used as a supplementary book along with other reference material. The book has a set of 2000 review questions and answers, but according to some reviews, the answers are wrong, so you may need to other books for answers. 

Key Highlights of the Book

  • While few answers are wrong, others are very well explained and help you understand the concepts clearly. 
  • All 2000 questions are in proper sequence. Practicing becomes easier.
  • Questions are at par with the difficulty level of the actual CPA exam. 
  1. The Complete CPA Reference

The 700-page book contains all checklists, solutions and fundamentals of accounting. This book is not just used by aspiring CPAs but even by people who have cleared the CPA exam. CPAs use this book to enhance their knowledge of accounting. This is by far the best book for accounting. 

Key Highlights of the book

  • This book teaches you key accounting concepts like IFRS, GAAP, accounting standards codification, auditing, taxation, and risk assessment in detail. 
  • The format of this whole book is in the form of questions and answers which makes it readable and easy to understand. 
  1. How to Pass CPA Exam: On the First Try

This is the best strategy book on the CPA exam. The techniques and strategies mentioned in this 42-page book have helped many students clear the exam. The author is a CPA himself and shared his exam experience along with his tips in this book. 

Key Highlights of the book

  • The author Kary Shumway applied the same tactics and strategy to clear the exam in the first attempt.
  • The book is quite short and can be ready in 2-3 hours but offers thought-provoking insights and experience on CPA exams. 

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  1. Bisk CPA Review

Bisk CPA Review is a four-volume set book. The price is a bit hefty but it covers almost all topics and practice set questions. The book also lists weekly plans and schedules that a student can follow leading up to the CPA exam. 

Key Highlights of the book

  • This reference book for the CPA exam covers all the amendments that have happened so far. It provides the most up-to-date content ensuring that students are well-equipped for the actual exam. 
  • The book also comes with a diagnostic test which helps students to determine their preparation for the actual exam. 
  1. You Can Pass the CPA Exam – Get Motivated

As the name suggests, this CPA exam book also offers life-skill tips to cope with CPA exam stress. The study guide teaches the students to prepare well, feel confident about themselves, and bring in the lost motivation. 

Highlights of this book

  • There are four deliverables in this book. A 60-minute audio program on how to prepare for the exam, questions for the CPA exam, strategies to stay motivated during the exam, and a section on how to divide this enormous material into chunks of easy-to-understand sections.
  1. Becker Study Material

Becker is the most trusted study material for CPA. It provides dynamic lectures, practice questions, and simulations, aligning with the latest exam format and content changes. The engaging lectures and notes feel like you’re in a classroom, making learning much more enjoyable. 

Highlights of this study material

What sets Becker apart is its adaptability—it tailors your study plan based on how you’re progressing. It’s like having a personalized coach, guiding you to focus where you need it most.

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  1. Wiley CPA Excel Exam Review 2021 Study Guide

This study material is a set of eight volumes, four are Willey CPA test guides and the other four are Willey CPA test practice set questions. From basic concepts to questions and bite-sized lessons, it covers everything you need to crack your exam. 

You can even get free access to Willey’s website using discounts and coupons. subscribe to 

Highlights of this CPA study material

  • Over 3000 pages of material that can be used as textbooks
  • 2000+ MCQs, 170+ simulations, and 600+ bite-sized lessons in these books. 
  • All the four subjects are covered separately. 

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At Proschool, we provide the best-in-class CPA study material to our students. From classroom notes and recorded lectures to mock tests and simulations, our study material is also inspired by Becker. 


How long does it take to prepare for the CPA exam?

The preparation highly varies from candidate to candidate. However, 300-400 hours is the desired preparation time per attempt. 

Is CPA tougher than CA?

The difficulty level of CPA vs CA is subjective and depends on individual strengths. CPA is recognized globally, emphasizing US GAAP, while CA is widely accepted internationally, focusing on IFRS. 

Who is eligible for CPA?

You need 120 accounting credits to be eligible for the US CPA exam. If we align this with the Indian education system, you need to complete graduation along with 1 year of post-graduation.