Business Analytics for the Non-Technical Professionals

When you hear ‘business analytics’, your mind automatically assumes you need a tech-savvy professional with a strong IT background. 

Nope. That is not true. Not even a little bit. If you have been wondering, can a non-technical person become a business analyst? Yes, anyone can.

Meet Devansh. He is a marketing manager who is experiencing a lull in his career. He needs a challenge to optimise his natural analytical skills. Devansh is great with numbers and research. Like others, he too thought that business analytics was out of his reach. Even though the field greatly interested him, he feared his lack of IT skills would hamper his chances. 

Luckily for Devansh, he soon realised he was a perfect candidate for a business analytics certification. He discovered that he had the right mindset and personality for this industry. More importantly, he now knows that business analytics is easy to learn

All it takes is some time, effort and dedication to learn the tools and techniques of the trade. Once he got certified, Devansh was well on his way to becoming a powerhouse professional in one of the hottest careers of the 21st century. 

Let’s Understand Business Analytics In Brief

First, let’s talk about the nature of business analytics. Only then we can truly understand why a non-technical person can become a business analyst

So what is analytics all about? When there is a problem with a business, a certified data professional is brought on board to help work out a viable solution using the existing facts, figures and statistics. A business analyst can isolate the problem, research the data and run an analysis from various perspectives. They can even make predictions based on their findings which helps the company make changes and tweaks to the operations. Sounds complicated? Well, it isn’t. Business analytics is easy to learn. A certification from a reputed institution can help you learn the core concepts, technical methods and data-gathering techniques. You can also sharpen your analytical and research skills when training for the course. Following this, you are ready to embark upon a new career in the data industry. 

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Here’s Why A Non-technical Person Can Become A Business Analyst.

The beauty of the business analytics course is you can apply for it whether you are a student or a professional. It is open to everyone. Individuals who are caught at a crossroads in their careers, or students who are uncertain about their future can opt for this program. It is even helpful if you are planning to pursue another career like digital marketing or finance. Every and any company on Earth can benefit from using analytics. 

Why anyone can join the business analytics program:

  • You only need to be 18 years old to join the course. 
  • You don’t need a coding or technical background.
  • The demand for business analysts is increasing, so more candidates are required.
  • A long-term or short-term course teaches you software languages, data-centric methods and business knowledge.
  • Most business analyst professionals rely on their soft skills — good communication, research skills, and analytical and reasoning abilities.

Need Someone To Guide You Through Your Analytics Journey?

6 Skills You Must learn If You Want To Make It Big In The Analytics Industry

As more data is generated and technology advances, business analytics plays an even greater role in the future of the corporate world. Business analyst professionals are required to help companies improve their performance and increase their profitability. To do this, they need a specific set of skills. They must be able to carry out the analysis with intelligence and proficiency. So what abilities form the basis of a business analyst’s expertise? Most of them are soft skills, a few are technical, and all of them can be developed when studying for the course. Under the right tutelage, business analytics is easy to learn. So let’s find out what is required of you. 

  1. Excellent communication

The job isn’t just the technical task of data collection. It is also about conveying your findings coherently and logically. You have to help your clients understand the data from a layperson’s point of view. You will also be required to work with different teams at various times. Whether you are negotiating with other professionals or making recommendations to clients, you will need a stellar set of communication skills. Anyone who can express themselves articulately and effectively is a non-technical person who can become a business analyst

  1. A proper understanding of maths and statistics

You need a working knowledge of maths and statistics to study data. If you are comfortable with number crunching and statistical analysis, you’ll find that business analytics is easy to learn. You don’t need a degree in maths or Shakuntala Devi’s prowess. But a strong foundation in numerical calculations and an affinity for working with numbers will help you be an exemplary professional. It is also one of the reasons a non-technical person can become a business analyst

  1. Domain expertise

Most professionals tend to lean into specific areas of expertise. They choose one specific domain, like banking, tech, retail, marketing or telecom, and make it their speciality. They use their knowledge and skills to delve into the problem and create solutions that are relevant to that domain. This type of professional is a non-technical person who can become a business analyst. All that is needed is to understand sector-centric metrics, domain-related business models and the unique issues within that area. 

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  1. Good people skills

How well do you work with other people? As a business analyst professional, you need to have the ability to gel well with others and be a strong team player. This career isn’t just about decoding data and analysing reports, although that is a big part of the job. You also need to build relationships with other people. You will be in constant contact with clients, supervisors, technical teams, upper management and others. If you can make a deep impression on them, it will be easier to convey your ideas and insights. With good people skills, a non-technical person can become a business analyst.

  1. Emotional intelligence

If you have a high EQ, you’ll find that business analytics is easy to learn. An emphatic personality can understand the sentimental analysis of data better. A professional with emotional intelligence is also able to work in high-stress situations and make good decisions under pressure. Many business analytics professionals who have moved into leadership roles possess greater levels of emotional intelligence. They are also proof that a non-technical person can become a business analyst

  1. Strong analytical thinking

This is one of the most important skills you need to succeed in business analytics. You need a sharp, critical eye and a logical mind to truly decode and understand data. 

Professionals in this field have to pour over a large amount of data. They also need to generate valuable business insights from their findings and present them to the company. A person with an organically analytical mind will find that business analytics is easy to learn

Why Not Learn All These Skills Easily and Embark on a Rewarding Career as a Business Analyst?

How Much Would You Earn As A Business Analyst?

Now that’s the Big Question. According to Ambition Box, the average salary of a Business Analyst is around 6.5 LPA, that too if you are placed in a well established company. At IMS Proschool we have 800+ companies hiring for various analytics roles and some of these companies are ready to offer an annual salary upto INR 12 LPA. We have brands such as Tech Mahindra, Catalyst, EY, Crisil, Godrej, HDFC Ergo and many more actively hiring students at various job roles.

Business Analyst Salary in India

Source: Ambitionbox

How IMS Proschool Makes You Pro In Business Analytics Even If You Are From Non-Technical Background

Let’s come back to the main question on everyone’s mind — Can a non-technical person become a business analyst? IMS Proschool is a one-stop destination for all non-technical individuals wanting to enter the field of analytics. All you need is the willingness to learn. In fact, majority of the students enrolling in our analytics courses are from commerce/non-technical background. Our efficient and experienced staff of experts at Proschool will do the rest. We are well known for offering unique teaching methods, multi-media learning resources and real-world training. Proschool is also known to use cutting-edge developments and tech platforms from the industry. Every student who studies which this esteemed institute emerges a proficient and capable industry professional. 

Why Proschool?

  • The syllabus for the business analytics course contains important concepts and methods that are prevalent in the field. 
  • Subjects taught include Excel, Statistics, Tableau, PowerBI, SQL, Python, Machine Learning.
  • You can also choose financial analytics if you are interested in finance
  • There are 10+ coaching centres in major Indian cities available. Or else, you can opt for online learning sessions.
  • The course also provides an NSDC certificate on completion.
  • There is placement assistance provided to all students along with recruitment grooming and etiquette. 

In conclusion

So can a non-technical person become a business analyst? Well, now you know it is possible! Business analytics is a field that requires acumen, analytical thinking and good communication skills. Of course, technical skills are also a necessity. Learning the latest coding language and software systems is important. However, business analytics is easy to learn and a reputed course will teach you all the tools you need to get ahead.

Remember, business analytics is all about solving problems with clear and sustainable solutions. If that is your area of expertise, you are sure to carve a niche for yourself. 

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  • Can a non-technical person become a business analyst?

    Yes, absolutely! Business analytics is a field open to individuals from non-technical backgrounds as well. With the right mindset, dedication, and willingness to learn, anyone can become a successful business analyst.

  • Do I need coding or technical skills to become a business analyst?

    No, you don’t need coding or technical skills to become a business analyst. While technical skills can be helpful, many business analyst professionals rely on their soft skills, such as communication, research, analytical thinking, and reasoning abilities.

  • How much can I earn as a business analyst?

    According to Ambition Box, the average salary of a business analyst in India is around 6.5 LPA (lakhs per annum). However, IMS Proschool offers placement assistance and has partnerships with over 800 companies, some of which are ready to offer salaries up to INR 12 LPA.

  • Does IMS Proschool provide placement assistance?

    Yes, IMS Proschool provides placement assistance to all students. They offer recruitment grooming and etiquette training, and they have partnerships with numerous renowned companies, increasing your chances of securing a rewarding job in the analytics industry.

  • Is there flexibility in learning options at IMS Proschool?

    Yes, IMS Proschool offers flexibility in learning options. They have 10+ coaching centers in major Indian cities, and they also provide online learning sessions, allowing you to choose the mode of learning that suits you best.

  • How can I find out more about business analytics and IMS Proschool?

    To find out more about business analytics and IMS Proschool, you can download their Business Analytics Brochure. It contains detailed information about the course, curriculum, learning resources, placement assistance, and more.