CFP Program Details (Subjects & Exam Format)

Certified Financial Program is the highest qualified professional course in financial planning. With rising awareness among investors about various investment options, increasing volatility, opening of foreign markets, CFPs are witnessing a rise in demand.

If you’re keen on pursuing a course in financial planning, following are the details of the program:

• The subjects are split into 6 modules:
o Module I – Introduction to Financial Planning
o Module II – Risk Analysis & Insurance Planning
o Module III – Retirement Planning & Employee Benefits
o Module IV – Investment Planning
o Module V – Tax Planning & Estate Planning
o Module VI – Advanced Financial Planning

Exam format:
• The exams are conducted using computers and not pen and paper
• Regular Program:
o Exams 1-4
• Each exam is 2 hours each
• Each exam focuses on one of the modules from Module II to V and additionally also has 20% of the questions from Module I. Example: Exam 1 will have 80% questions from Module II and 20% from Module I; Exam 2 will have 80% questions from Module II and 20% from Module I and so on
• All multiple choice questions where you have to choose one out of four, no penalty
o Exam 5
• 4 hour long exam
• Based on Modules I to VI
• Case based multiple choice questions, no penalty
• Challenge Status Program:
o Same as exam 5 above

Registration body
The CFP Board

Fees (Do confirm with the FPSB website for the latest fee):
• Regular Program:
o Registration fees: Rs. 11,236
o Exams 1- 4: Rs. 2,247.2 per exam per attempt
o Exam 5: Rs. 5,618 per attempt
o After clearing, CFPCM Certification Fees: Rs. 5,618 (to be renewed annually)
o The above fees are for the Self-study mode without study material. Additional amount may need to be paid to procure study     material and in case of applying through an Education partner
• Challenge Status Program:
o Registration, Admin and processing fees (FPSB) is Rs. 19,101 or if using Education Partner then Registration, Admin and processing fees is Rs. 16,854
o Study Material: Rs. 4,500

Exam dates:
• The exams can be scheduled based on the candidate’s convenience subject to availability
• Exams are conducted every day except Sunday

Materials to bring to exam:
• Admission ticket
• Calculator
• Smartphones or smart watches are not allowed