Commercial Banks are the backbone of the financial industry, and they act as a supporting vehicle that furnishes capital for businesses to grow. Moreover, the Regional Manager of the bank, has a very important role to play. Apart from leading his team towards achieving client satisfaction and developing the business of the bank, the manager has to liaison with his employees, clients, head managers and look after the overall working of the branch. Let’s explore the key skills which a manager in a commercial bank needs to possess.

Key skills for an entry-level role would be:

  1. Analytical mind
    This job needs you to wrap your head around numbers and do a lot of number crunching everyday. Plus, you also need to possess accounting skills.
  2. Knowledge of banking products, markets and relevant regulations
    You do not need to be a genius in finance to get through a Relationship Manager role. However, you must definitely have a good working knowledge of the banking products on offer, basic banking regulations, a bit about taxation as well as financial markets.
  3. Sales and negotiation skills
    This is a significant skill that banks look for while hiring an RM. While people can be trained about the banking products, sales skills are a little more innate in nature and will be tested in more detail during interviews. He should possess thorough knowledge of the banking products, and also advise which product is apt for the customer, according to his needs.
  4. Strong communication & presentation skills
    In this role, your primary job is to go out and meet clients, constantly interact with them and see through any transactions they may want to make. So interpersonal skills and presentation skills are very important. You also need to be able to crisply explain complex products in a lucid manner to clients who may not understand financial jargon. Clients come from different walks of life, hence it is quite necessary for them to develop skill sets that can manage various clients.
  5. Ability to Work Under Pressure
    You should have the ability to work under pressure, since working hours in commercial banks can extend due to immediate matters which require attention, client’s requirements, etc. Also, while the requirement might differ every time, there are needs

How to get in:

  • Most RMs are MBAs in either finance or marketing
  • Most banks offer internships to first year MBA students for these kind of roles, and then offer a full time position to those showing promise