Does investment banking still offer booming career opportunities?

There was a time when people stuffed their money into mattresses. Then banks came along and offered them a better place to park their cash. Soon, a bunch of bright financial minds went one step further. They figured out a way to take that money, make it work hard and multiply in value. The investment banking industry was born and the world never looked back. Suddenly, you could increase your personal wealth, raise funds or sell parts of your company. However, the investment business has seen its fair share of highs and lows, which has led to people questioning its efficacy. Is this industry past its prime? Is investment banking still a relevant way of achieving financial goals quicker? Or should we all go back to stuffing our mattresses? 

Here is the truth. The investment industry will never go out of business. Today, most of the corporate world runs on investments. While hard-working individuals are seeking out money managers to help their net worth grow. Everyone wants a slice of the money pie that is up for grabs. However, caution is advised. The layman is unable to figure out the complexities of the stock market. Investment advisors can decipher the facts and figures and convert them into a wealth multiplying mechanism. Most investment managers and analysts are trained CFA professionals with a knack for creating monetary value. No wonder then, there is a huge demand for them.

It is a highly relevant part of the finance sector 

Investment banking is still a very coveted job profile. Most Indian parents are only too happy to give this profession their stamp of approval. There is a lot of buzz and hype surrounding this industry. More and more people have realised its potential for economic growth. India is on the cusp of huge developmental expansion. The world is looking straight here for investment possibilities. Banks, multi-national companies, NGOs and even families are looking for high-quality investment professionals to partner with. Even during the pandemic, investment banking has continued to thrive. It is a proven financial system that has stood the test of time. 

It is a quick way to climb up the financial corporate ladder

Is your future in finance? Do you dream of rising to the higher levels of management within financial firms or investment banks? Well, here is a shortcut. All right, it doesn’t exactly shorten your journey to the top, but it does pave an easier road to getting there. How? As an investment advisor, you work closely with large companies or high net worth individuals. You advise corporations on how to raise funds, minimise risks and make smart financial decisions. You play an instrumental role in generating profits. You have an insider’s perspective of the stock market. You help companies raise capital, acquire or merge with other firms and establish a healthy bottom line. If this kind of intense financial experience will help you move up the corporate ladder swiftly. If you play your cards well, your investment advisory career can help you catapult to becoming a senior vice president or financial managing director in a major company. 

The earning potential is high

Investment managers don’t just make money for other people, they rake in quite a tidy sum for themselves as well. In fact, investment banking is considered one of the highest-paid jobs in the world for salaried people. Companies need qualified, savvy people to help them raise funds and reach their financial goals. This kind of premium advice is not cheap. When you bring in investment opportunities for your clients to create additional wealth, you are handsomely rewarded in return. Whether you are on a retainer or receive a salary, the number will only rise higher as you gain more experience. Professionals with little experience earn around 7 lakhs a year, while mid-level managers take home around 20 lakhs annually. When you are in the big league, you can earn anywhere from 30 lakhs to over a crore every year. It boils down to your level of expertise and reputation in the market. Location matters a lot too. Big cities will pay more as they will have more important clients. Those who have done the CFA course, also stand to earn higher. If you are good at what you do and if you enjoy a high success rate, then the money will follow.

Technology has transformed the investment industry

Are you thinking that investment services are not going to be able to keep up with the changing times? Think again. Investment banking 2.0 is here. Along with the rest of the world, the investment industry is going digital too. Financial services companies are merging with the latest technological advances to create more efficient ways of doing business. Investments apps and online platforms are also doing their part to get the younger generation of investors interested. 

Here is another interesting detail. Software companies and tech giants also rely on investment banking to raise capital or generate investments. This symbiotic relationship between the two sectors shows that investment advisory services will always be relevant. Either by adapting to new technology or helping developing industries get their funding. There will always be a need for financial planners, advisory managers, research analysts and investment professionals. You can take that to the bank. 

There will never be a shortage of clients 

More organisations, families and individuals need investment professionals today than before. The number will only increase further. As more companies come into existence or attempt to merge or acquire with other firms, they will need reliable finance advisory managers to help them along the way. The average person cannot do the work of an investment banker with a CFA qualification. They need someone who has done the research, analysed the risks and created a viable plan to meet their money goals. Everyone in the world is looking at the investment banking industry as a means to make more money while safeguarding their interests. 

Can lead to better opportunities too

You don’t have to work exclusively in this field to reap the benefits. A few years of investment banking can give you connections, networking options and enough clout for you to move on to a corporate job or start your own company.

In this business, you build close relationships with high-profile clients and you interact with high-end companies. This can help you move on to new avenues. Your time in investment banking can be a stepping stone to other lucrative ventures. 

In conclusion

If you think you have what it takes to be an investment manager, go for it. There is immense growth and opportunity here for high-quality professionals. If you are qualified in this field with a CFA certification, there is no stopping you. Investment banking is the backbone of the economy. It has helped generate a second or third income for many people. It has helped to grow companies, increase cash flow and create high levels of prosperity. If this is your chosen career, you can be sure it will be a very rewarding one.

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