Employment Opportunity In Kolkata For Entry-level Candidates For Financial Sector

Does your career prospect seem to be aligned with the financial sector? 

Are you looking forward to establishing yourself as an ACCA professional in the fastest-elevating sector? 

If your answer is yes to the aforementioned questions, Kolkata can be the ideal destination for you to crack the code. The prevalent growth of the financial sector of Kolkata in the past couple of years unlocked the doors to some lucrative ACCA jobs in Kolkata for skilled ACCA professionals.  

To simplify your job-hunting journey, we are here to inform you about the best opportunities for ACCA professionals the City of Joy has to offer. So, stick to the end to find out the best jobs in Kolkata you can apply for after completing your ACCA course. 

Why Should You Prioritize Kolkata Over Other Cities For An ACCA career? 

As the emerging finance sector of Kolkata managed to get the elevation to hit the moon, the city started becoming the first preference of ACCA candidates from career aspects. Experts affirm that a skyrocketing transformation of the finance sector of Kolkata will occur by 2030. 

The latest statistics prove the transformation process of Kolkata’s financial sector has already started, and that’s impacting the competitive job market of the city directly. With industry-leading banks and corporate fintech organizations having their branches opened in the city, the number of finance jobs in Kolkata is on its way to a massive expansion. 

The facts convey that Kolkata now has more finance career options to offer to ACCA professionals and candidates. While other metropolitans are struggling to inflate the job opportunities for finance professionals and ACCA professionals, the finance sector of Kolkata is welcoming an exhilarating number of finance professionals with lucrative and rewarding job opportunities. 

Kolkata is also blessed with the highest number of financial organizations per square foot at present, and that also portrays the immense expansion of the finance sector of Kolkata. 

Considering the diversification possibilities of Kolkata’s finance sector in the coming days, it can be said that it’s high time to enter the progressive spectrum of the sector. That will not only help you drive your career to a balanced and secure path but also swamp you with limitless growth possibilities at the same time. 

Kolkata Gives Chances to the Entry-Level ACCA Candidates to Bag Employment Opportunities in the Financial Sector

If you’re an entry-level ACCA candidate who’s trying his luck to set himself apart from others in the finance sector of Kolkata, we have good news for you. You don’t need to be a high-end professional to bag a stable and progressive job when you’re in Kolkata. 

The city is a hub of numerous financial organizations, fintech startups, banks, financial advisory companies, and many more. Most of the finance organizations in Kolkata aim to train their employees adeptly to bring out the best of their efforts. ACCA jobs in Kolkata come with tons of learning opportunities that enable you to learn and earn simultaneously. 

Candidates who have recently finished their ACCA courses can aim to get employed by the leading finance organizations that are operating in the finance sector of Kolkata. 

However, there’s no mandate that only ACCA candidates will be offered career scopes in the sector. A business administration graduate or an undergraduate can also work as a finance professional in the augmenting sector. Anyway, your chances of getting employed will become firmer if you have completed the ACCA course and you’re equipped with all the basic skill sets necessary for an ACCA job. 

Another impressive fact about the ACCA sector of Kolkata is that the operating companies and organizations of this sector offer overwhelming internship opportunities to entry-level ACCA candidates. These internship programs usually help evolve themselves into skilled professionals. That, in turn, helps entry-level candidates season themselves as per the industry standards. 

What Are the Average Salary Structures of Different ACCA Jobs in Kolkata? 

The present demand for ACCA professionals in the finance sector of Kolkata is greater than the previous year’s gross demand by approximately 12%. Obviously, that’s an exciting elevation and it signifies more job openings for entry-level ACCA professionals and experts. 

So, let’s check out the topmost ACCA jobs available in Kolkata to have a better idea about the career opportunities in Kolkata’s finance sector. 

Here are the Top 10 ACCA Jobs; Kolkata has to Offer the Entry-Level Candidates

1 Account Manager/Executive Bachelor’s Degree in Sales, Communications, or related fieldAAT or ACCA CertificationExperience in CRM Software ₹2,05,677 to₹3,64,177
2 Assistant Accountant AAT or ACCA CertificationExperience in MS Office ₹2,10,483
3 Audit Executive Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting/FinanceMBA in Accounting or FinanceACCA/CA / CS / ICWA Certification ₹2,26,940
4 Banker B.ComMBAACCA ₹3,63,978
5 Budget Analyst Bachelor’s degree in accounting, finance, banking, public administration, statistics, political science, mathematics, or sociology.MBAACCA Certification ₹7,51,852
6 Cost accountant Bachelor’s degree in AccountingMBAACCA Certification ₹4,48,371
7 Chartered Accountant Commerce graduation or post-graduation with a minimum cut off of 55% from ICAINon-commerce graduation or post-graduation with a minimum cut off of 60% from ICAI ₹2,79,910
8 Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Bachelor’s Degree in FinanceMasters Degree in FinanceACCA Certification ₹7,69,409
9 Financial analyst BA, BS, or B.Com DegreeProficiency with spreadsheets, databases, and financial software applications.ACCA Certification ₹4,42,995
10 Tax consultant LLBLLM in Tax Law ₹2,49,622

Here are the Top 30 Financial Sector companies in Kolkata

  1. Government Treasury Department
  2. Government Provident Fund Commissioner
  3. Reserve Bank of India (RBI)
  4. Central Government Health Scheme (CGHS)
  5. Department of Finance
  6. Life Insurance Corporation of India (LIC)
  7. HDFC Bank Ltd. 
  8. ICICI Bank Ltd. 
  9. Gold Loans
  10. Standard Chartered Bank
  11. The Oriental Insurance Company Limited
  12. Financial Advisors
  13. Punjab National Bank (PNB)
  14. Central Bank of India (CBI)
  15. Chartered Accountants
  16. State Bank of India (SBI)
  17. Financial Services
  18. Financial Institutions
  19. Financial Consultants
  20. Fund Management Services
  21. Tata AIG Life Insurance Company Limited
  22. Income Tax Consultants
  23. Investment Consultants
  24. Insurance Agents & Consultants
  25. Life Insurance Agents & Companies
  26. Loan Against Property Dealers
  27. Microfinance Companies
  28. Mortgage Loans-HDFC Home Loan Company
  29. Mutual Fund Agents & Companies
  30. Real Estate Consultants & Developers

What Are The Best Perks Of The ACCA Jobs In Kolkata? 

Needless to specify again that the finance sector of Kolkata is remarkable in all aspects. Naturally, the career opportunities in the sector are equivalently breathtaking, and you are supposed to be aware of the stunning perks that ACCA jobs in Kolkata bring to you. 

  • Professional Flexibility and New Challenges 

You will never experience monotony as you start off your career as an ACCA professional in the finance sector of Kolkata. The available ACCA jobs in the city are flexible enough to help you challenge yourself in better ways. You’ll live up to a blend of challenges and flexibility to level up your skills in the finance domain. 

As an ACCA professional, you’re going to have the freedom to take up the projects that you want to indulge yourself in. At times, you will be assigned multiple projects simultaneously, and that will help brush up your management skills effectively. 

  • Competitive Remunerations 

When it comes to the job opportunities in the ACCA sector of Kolkata, compensations are more than satisfactory. Handsome remunerations and professional enthusiasm are reciprocal, and the ACCA recruiters of Kolkata emphasize that fact. So, financial hurdles won’t come your way if you’re starting your career as an ACCA professional in Kolkata. 

As you grow inside the industry, rewarding increments will shower upon you, and you’ll feel more motivated to challenge yourself and reach new heights. 

  • No Fear Of Missing Out 

If you’re confident about your skills and abilities, you will never run out of job opportunities in the finance sector of Kolkata. In the city, ACCA professionals are always in high demand, and that’s definitely a reassuring factor for you as a beginner. 

Wrapping Up 

If you’ve set your eyes on ACCA jobs in Kolkata, the sky’s the limit for you. The opportunities for never-ending growth make the financial sector of Kolkata extremely appealing and lucrative. Once you step into the sector, you’ll automatically learn how to sustain yourself in the highly competitive career spectrum.

In short, your journey toward becoming an ACCA professional begins with the thought of pursuing the ACCA course. IMS Proschool has some professionally curated ACCA course modules to help thousands of ACCA aspirants land into their dream sectors, and you can make the most of your skills when you opt for this course. The customized course modules of IMS Proschool will help you fly high and set your growth limits higher always. 

Hopefully, this blog has motivated and encouraged you enough to set your steps toward becoming a reputable ACCA professional in the finance sector of Kolkata. So, we strongly suggest you do whatever it takes to establish a separate identity for yourself in the finance sector of Kolkata, and we wish all the very best to you!