IMS Proschool Reviews and Testimonies Reveal a Happy Reality

In today’s world, any person with a computer and an internet connection has access to information from any part of the world. However, this digital explosion of information brings with it its own share of problems. With so much data swirling in cyberspace, there is a problem of plenty, and then there is the bigger problem of choosing the right ones from the plenty. 

Today, in the education and skilling sectors, so many institutions and platforms offer a multitude of courses and programs that separating the wheat from the chaff is confusing for most. This is where IMS Proschool reviews and testimonials can help. 

Why are IMS Proschool Reviews and Testimonials Important? 

For starters. India’s Edtech sector is booming. With a very high percentage of young population, demand for quality education is increasing day by day. India’s Edtech sector is set to reach US$ 4 billion by 2025. This is a staggering increase considering the fact that the figure for 2020 was only US$ 750 million.


What this means is that all educational institutions are in a rat race to grab their share of the pie. This being the situation, smart advertising and marketing can sometimes tilt the scales in favor of those who might not walk the talk. However, hearing it from the horse’s mouth is the best way to assess the worth of an institution or course. 

This is where IMS Proschool stands out from the rest because each word of approval from our students is a testimony to our high standards. More than 25.000 students have trained under our professional courses, and 10,000 plus have been trained for BFSI companies. The flexibility of location and time, excellent handpicked faculty, strong mentorship, range of certifications, and high ACCA passing rate make us the go-to destination for upskilling and professional certification. The end result is that IMS Proschool reviews are filled only with positive and happy stories of our students

A Few Examples of What our Students Have to say

A Supportive Faculty Helps Build Confidence

“If you are looking for a course in Data Science then look no further than Proschool’s PG Diploma in Data Science. Highly recommended program!”

– Jyoti Dixit, Associate Software Developer, Accenture

A good faculty doesn’t mean just a team of knowledgeable educators or subject matter experts. Agreed that the above are very vital, the ability of the faculty to assess a student, and understand his or her exact needs is as important. The faculty must be able to support the student at all levels of his/her journey.

Mentoring is as much a part of teaching as knowledge imparting. This is why IMS Proschool has a high ACCA passing rate because students who enroll for our GPA program are assisted at every step of the way with timely tips and support. This helps students to clear their exams with confidence. What our ACCA student Shubham Aggarwal says truly reflects that. 

“Classes from IMS Proschool for ACCA F8 exam enriched my technical and fundamental skills. All concepts and doubts cleared in a timely manner. Faculties are very much supportive and ready to help at the ground level to make sure that students feel comfortable and confident before writing an exam. I have learnt all the tricks and shortcuts to solve the problems effectively.”

  • Shubham Agarwal, ACCA Student

Practice Before Play

Oftentimes, bright students who are able to complete programs or clear certification exams easily, end up struggling when faced with real life work scenarios. Without practical training and hands-on experience, the brightest can stumble during execution. IMS Proschool fully understands this. Many IMS Proschool reviews laud the practicality we impart in our upskilling programs and certification courses. Be it our Business Analytics course or our Postgraduate Program in Investment Banking and Capital Marketing, we strongly believe that practice comes before play. 

Proschool’s Business Analytics course gave me invaluable hands-on experience that I can apply in my day-to-day business scenarios.”

  • Soumya Pal, Marketing Manager, India Rating and Research Pvt. Ltd.

“The PGP in Investment Banking and Capital Markets helped me clear Level I of the CFA® Program. The program also imparted practical skills required for financial modeling. Special thanks to Proschool’s Placement Team for the support in getting me my dream job.”

  • Deepak Motwani, Financial Analyst, TresVista Analytics LLP

Confidence and Success go Hand in Hand

Even with all the necessary skills and knowledge, one might not achieve success in professional life unless he or she is equipped with a little extra. What separates the best among equals is the confidence they can carry with them to their work. No matter how much one excels at studies or training, the ability to carry out his or her ideas is also dependent on the confidence they possess. Confidence and self-belief determine the level of success they can achieve. IMS Proschool provides this cutting edge to our students.  

Building positive psychological traits in students is never overlooked, and every attempt is made to ensure that they carry ample confidence with them at the end of our programs. This is demonstrated in our high ACCA passing rate as well as good rates of success in other exams. Look at what our All-India 5TH ranker in the CIMA F2 Advanced Financial Reporting exam has to say. 

“I have been studying with IMS Proschool since last year and have attended two programs simultaneously, CIMA and Financial Modelling. The experience for me has been top notch and the faculty has always been very helpful and considerate. The learning method used by the faculty here is more of practical nature which actually helps in linking the concept with real life cases and situations. This further helps in retaining all the knowledge for a longer period of time. The faculty members are always available for support and guidance in not just course related queries but for career related queries as well. This support was evident in both CIMA & Financial modeling training. I was able to Score All India 5th rank in F2 Advanced Financial Reporting, which is a subject in CIMA Advanced Diploma Level and major credit goes to the faculty and the teaching style, which made me extremely confident and comfortable with the course.”

  • Akshat, CIMA and Financial Modeling Student

Targeted Placements is Key

The thought of joining any other institute for Financial Modeling did not even pop up. Being an IIM postgraduate, there were very few jobs that matched my expectations but Proschool’s Placement Team did a stellar job.”

  • Piyush Kheradikar, Credit Assessment Analyst, ICRA Limited

Undergoing training programs and clearing exams are like knowing how to drive a car and getting a driving license. But, if you don’t have a car to drive, your certification and DL are just worth the price of paper and ink. Similarly, once you acquire the necessary qualifications for a job or career, you’re all at sea if you don’t know where to look for opportunities or value yourself in the job market. IMS Proschool has a dedicated placements team that will not only assist you in finding the best careers for you, but also help you with assessing yourself vis-à-vis the market. 

Though everyone who completes a program with IMS Proschool is industry ready and employable right away, our placement assistance is an important value-add to their overall IMS Proschool experience. This is why, like Piyush, many others, too, have had very successful starts to their careers, and growth in their respective fields. Our testimonials are witnesses to the fact every student of ours is a success story.