How to Get Google Analytics Certification? Is It Really Worth It?

How to Get Google Analytics Certification? Is It Really Worth It?

Google Analytics, launched in November 2005 by Google, is a web analytics service that tracks and reports website traffic. The tool provides statistics that help you to understand the customers visiting your website in a much better, systematic and structured way. Google Analytics gives access to a massive amount of data. Any person who can read it efficiently can tell you how a visitor is interacting with the website, what is working, what is not and much more.

To be able to read the analytics data effectively, Google offers a certification course.

How to get Google Analytics Certification?

  1. Sign up on Google Partners
  2. Study the course material provided by Google and available on the internet for free
  3. Take the GAIQ – Google Analytics Individual Qualification exam

It is a time bound exam of 90 minutes, and you cannot pause or take a break in between. There is no negative marking for the incorrect answer, and the passing score in the exam is 80%. If you fail to meet the cut-off, you need to wait for seven days to retake the exam.

Once you have passed the exam, you will get a certificate issued by Google which will be valid for one eighteen months from the date of issue. So, to be called yourself certified after that, you need to retake the exam.

Is it really worth it?

The certificate is definitely worth and has the following benefits:

Advanced Competency

The certification ensures that you are skilled to get the most out of Google Analytics. The video tutorials and other course materials educate you from the basics to advanced features of the tool like creating a customized dashboard and best practices with analytics intellect. You may have used a web analytics tool in the past, but the GAIQ program gives you a structured path to master the analytics suite by Google.

Resume Builder

It is known that getting a certification on a Google product is not that easy to achieve. Passing the exam means the person has done intense interaction with Google Analytics and its components. Or at the least, the person has the knowledge to set up a website’s web analytics properly for the marketing team to get the statistics they need. Since being a Google Analytics certified cannot be faked, having that on a resume gives you a leg up in your job search or promotion in your current job.

Competency Check

Knowing how to use a tool through simply reading some tutorials or watching a video and truly understanding it are two different things. The course materials and tutorials provided by Google are just for preparing for the test. It’s the test that ensures that you have actually learned and understood the tool. Passing the exam and earning a certificate makes you confident with Google Analytics when applying to jobs.

Company Benefits

When a company hires a Google Analytics Certified candidate, it helps them to become certified as a Google Analytics Certified Partner. And to continue to enjoy the status, it should have at least one GA certified employee. As a partner, they get a lot of benefits like access to specialized technical support from Google, product information and exclusive conferences which is not accessible otherwise. The company can get officially listed with Google that helps in driving potential business. Also, the status of being a certified partner also depends on the feedback from the customers to Google. Companies would want an accredited individual in the team to help them do just that.

Other Analytics Tools

Once you are capable of reading data from Google Analytics, it becomes easy to understand any other analytics software package that your company decides to use. It gives you an edge against your co-workers, who haven’t achieved the understanding, and makes it easy for you to use the tool seamlessly.

Earning a certificate for Google Analytics is one of the best things for any digital marketer. Be it digital content management, search engine optimization, search engine marketer or social media marketer; it acts as a strong foundation when it comes to learning the nitty-gritty of digital marketing. Want to know about companies related to analytics,please click here: Top 10 data analytics companies to start career