The world of big data analytics is constantly evolving at a rapid speed. If you blink, you may miss another new advancement. As a data scientist or business analyst, part of your job is to stay ahead of the curve. You need to upgrade your skills and be proficient in cutting-edge data-centric technology. 

When you go out for job interviews, you have to be sure you have the skills and certifications the recruiters are looking for. While your education and experience are highly valued assets on your resume, a candidate, who is constantly learning new skills, will always be preferred. 

The data analyst industry is currently one of the hottest professions today. More and more candidates are entering the field and making their mark. Competition is high, and the demand for excellence is even greater. A SAS base certification can help you navigate the job minefield successfully. It is a very essential skill set that is sought after by top recruiters everywhere. Keep reading to find out why. 

What Is SAS Base Certification?

Did you know that over 118 countries use SAS for advanced data analysis? It’s true. Statistical Analysis Software is one of the most popular programming languages in the world today. It is used in a wide range of functions across various data-centric areas, such as business intelligence, data management and predictive analytics. The software offers command-driven tools, statistical analysis and data visualisation to help you find solutions to tricky problems. SAS base programming is a highly efficient and reliable method, making it a perfect fit for high-level data analytics. 

Benefits Of Getting A SAS Base Certification 

As more and more companies are opting for SAS base programming, it is becoming increasingly clear that a SAS certification can be very beneficial to your data analytics career. Here are some of the amazing advantages you get with this extraordinary credential.

  1. It proves your high level of expertise 

Do you want to show potential recruiters or even your current supervisors that you have the knowledge and skills to excel in advanced data analytics? An accredited SAS base certification is the way to do it. This qualification can open up many opportunities in the industry. If you’re a fresher, it helps you get your foot in the door. While experienced professionals can land that much-coveted promotion. This certificate proves your mastery of SAS, from the fundamentals to expert techniques. It puts you in a strong position over your peers and helps you rise in your career a lot quicker. There may be other candidates with more experience or education, but with a SAS certification, you stand a better chance of getting hired. 

  1. You are recognised as an expert in the industry

A SAS base certification gets you a listing in the official SAS Global Certified Professional Directory. This means your credentials are set in stone. No one can take this achievement from you. When your name holds a place in this registry, it establishes you as a proficient SAS specialist. Any potential employers can access this directory to directly verify your certification before offering you a job position. Some individuals may pretend to know SAS during the interview rounds, but without a SAS certification and directory listing, they have no leg to stand on. Employers want credibility.

  1. Your SAS base certification is globally acknowledged 

If you have plans to migrate in the future, then it might help you to know that your SAS certification is recognised in over 120 countries. Within these countries, you’ll find that your credentials are held in great esteem by leading companies, academic institutions and fellow professionals. It gives a huge boost to your resume when job hunting, and you don’t need to re-apply for the certification. 

  1. You can learn as you earn

Do you want to increase your chances of getting a raise or promotion without leaving your job? Get a SAS base certification. You can study on your own time as there is no need to take time out or quit your job. The curriculum is highly focused on real-life applications and role-based learning. It complements your current job and doesn’t interfere with your existing schedule. Who can ask for anything more? 

  1. Teaches you the basics of data mining

For those who are still newcomers in data analytics, a SAS certification can really help you overcome the learning curve. The syllabus teaches you vital concepts like database queries, data manipulation, creating reports and importing/exporting raw data files. The knowledge of SAS base programming fills up any gaps in your technical education and helps you develop your competence. 

  1. You get an official digital badge 

This is a valid badge that proves you have received your SAS base certification. It can be used in a number of places. You can attach it to your resume, put it on your LinkedIn page or even attach it to your emails. This is a stamp of honour that announces your proficiency to the entire professional industry. 

  1. Your SAS base certification will never expire 

While there are various levels of SAS certifications, from the basics to advanced, once you receive your credential, it is lifelong. Whether you move jobs, companies or countries, your qualification will always stay intact. 

Proschool’s Data Science & Business Analytics Courses

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Course details:

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In Conclusion

SAS base programming is the wave of the future. As companies around the world are opting for it, the demand for qualified professionals is rising. A SAS base certification can help you gain the expertise and skills you need to forge your path in the industry. 

It also helps to have a data science qualification or a PGCM in business analytics to help achieve total mastery over your domain. As advancements are made and technology continues to progress further, you will get to be on the cutting edge of your profession. 

Whether you are an absolute fresher or an experienced data analyst, a SAS certification can do wonders for your career. 

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