It is an exciting moment when you transition from student to working professional. 

Your classroom desk is replaced by an office cubicle. 

Your notebook gets swiped with a desktop.

And instead of answering your teachers, you now have supervisors. 

It can be daunting at first. You don’t have study notes, hand-holding or any safety net anymore.

It is finally time to step up and start ‘adulting’. 

As a fresher on the digital marketing career path, you have your work cut out for you. 

There are now clients, deadlines, social media trends, and constantly evolving technology to deal with. If only there to understand what digital marketing jobs for freshers are all about

Good thing you are here, then. Stay on the page, and you will get a good idea of a day in the life of the following digital marketing executives. 

Careers in digital marketing 

Go where your customers are. That is the basic mantra for all marketing tactics. 

Digital marketing is no exception. When today’s consumers are all found online, it’s only fitting that digital marketing becomes a highly valued industry. 

Businesses can now promote their brands and products through various platforms available in the digital space. They can widen their digital presence through social media, blogs, online ads and emailers. Through data analytics and marketing techniques, they can also create sharper, more effective campaigns to reach their target customers. 

Digital marketing is gaining a lot of attention these days and is fast becoming a much-in-demand profession among students. There is a steep rise in digital marketing jobs for freshers as businesses switch from traditional to online marketing. 

Once you receive your certification, you are on track to go on the digital marketing career path. Here are some of the entry-level job profiles that might interest you.

  1. Social media marketing executive 

If this is your chosen digital marketing career path, you are in charge of the company’s entire social media portfolio. It is your job to handle the regular updates on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram. You have to ensure the content posted fits with the company’s branding, hits the brief and attracts followers who can become potential customers. There are many digital marketing jobs for freshers in this area 

Skills needed:

  • You should be good at strategic planning
  • You need to be active on all the major social media platforms – Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, Snapchat etc.
  • It would help you dramatically if you keep yourself updated with the current trends – memes, ad formats, influencers, topics etc.
  • Creative thinking is essential as it helps to connect with customers
  • Good communication skills
  • It helps to be technologically savvy

A regular day as a social media executive:

9 am – Get to the office and check the previous day’s social media posts to gauge their performance. 

9.30 am – Sit in a meeting with the marketing manager to finalise the social media calendar for the upcoming month.

10.30 am – Begin work on new concepts as decided at the above meeting. 

11.30 am – Research existing content by the company’s competitors, analyse current trending posts and find ways to connect with current social media followers while attracting new customers. 

1.00 pm – Lunch break

2.00 pm – Brainstorm with team members on content ideas to create posts.

3.00 pm – Use Hootsuite, a social media management software, to plan posts and stories across social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

4.30 pm – Keep a check on existing social media posts to monitor audience involvement. Reply to comments posted. 

5.30 pm– End the day by planning the next day’s schedule to begin work on the execution of the new social media calendar. 

Future job goals for social media executives: 

There are several opportunities for social media-based careers in digital marketing. You can be promoted to social media manager or digital community manager and handle a small team of social media executives.

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  1. Paid search executive 

Another interesting digital marketing career path to embark upon is paid search executive. In this line of work, you handle all paid ad campaigns running online across various social media platforms. 

Skills needed:

  • Learn Google Ads – It is by far the dominant search platform. Other search platforms you might want to learn could be e-commerce giants like Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra.
  • You need some expertise in using Microsoft Excel, Powerpoint and other similar softwares
  • You must have strong communication skills
  • Good creative and copywriting abilities are also necessary 
  • Keen analytical thinking is important
  • Technical skills are required to monitor and analyse ad reports 

A regular day as a paid search executive:

9 am – Start the day by checking ad reports to analyse the drops and increase in clicks and conversion rates for the existing paid ad campaigns. 

10 am – Meets with colleagues and team members to discuss the various numbers and graphs to figure out a plan forward.

11.30 am – Schedule a meeting with the marketing manager to review the campaigns. Ensure they are on track to achieve the lead generation for the month.

1.00 pm – Lunch break

2.30 pm – Get into number-crunching mode as you review budgets, charts, percentages and other critical records. 

4.00 pm – Meet with the marketing manager again to suggest corrective steps to improve the impact of the paid ad campaigns.

5.30 pm – Send out emails to team members and supervisors before ending the day.

Future job goals for paid search executives:

After a year or two as an executive, you can alter the course of your digital marketing career path and apply to be a PPC manager.

Does Google Ads seem difficult? Why not learn it & other digital marketing topics the right way.

  1. SEO Analyst 

One of the hottest careers in digital marketing is the SEO analyst. As part of the SEO team, you will be responsible for optimising all SEO efforts to increase online traffic. 

Skills needed:

  • Learn tools such as Google Analytics 4, Google Search Console, SEO Quake, Ubersuggest etc.
  • Master Technical SEO. Most of the time, your on-page and off-page SEO scores would look good, but due to errors in tech, you could lose a lot of precious traffic and ranking. Finding the root cause of any traffic cause is crucial to give direction to your SEO efforts.
  • You should be capable of working with large data sets
  • Good communication skills are required 
  • You need efficient research abilities to work with data across many platforms 
  • Good analytical skills also help 

A regular day as an SEO analyst 

9 am – Start the day by checking website traffic records to analyse the quantity and quality of visitors. 

10 am – Meet with the marketing manager to discuss the numbers and if any new efforts are needed to increase clicks. 

11.30 am – Tweak the company’s website to make it appear more frequently on Google’s top searches.

12.30 pm – Work on editing the website’s HTML, CSS files and JavaScript before breaking for lunch.

1.00 pm – Lunch break

2.30 pm – Present the data reports for all digital campaigns to the team.

4.00 pm – Collaborate with writers and social media managers to create keyword-rich content. 

5.30 pm – End the day by researching the web to see if there are any new search engine algorithms or changes in ranking. 

Future job goals for SEO analysts:

You can take your digital marketing career path from SEO analyst to SEO manager in a few years. You can also open your own search agency to take on SEO projects. 

Proschool’s PGCM program for careers in digital marketing 

Proschool understands the need for a high calibre of digital marketing professionals today. They offer an intensive post-graduate certificate course that covers key topics, advanced concepts and technical skills to help students become experts.

 The syllabus teaches students the latest digital technology and online platform tools. The faculty employs active learning methods and innovative study tools to ensure a proper understanding of the industry. They teach real-world examples and use digital marketing case studies to ensure every student reaches a high level of proficiency. On completion, Proschool also offers recruitment guidance for digital marketing jobs for freshers.

About the course:

  • It is a one-year PGCM course
  • Students learn vital concepts and tools such as SEO, SEM, ORM, Social Media Marketing,  business statistics, data analysis in Excel, etc.
  • Platforms used include LinkTree, Google Analytics and Facebook Ads
  • There are coaching centres in major cities that offer live classes
  • Options to take the course online are also available. 
  • The AIMA-backed PGCM course is approved by the AICTE 
  • You will also receive an NSDC certification
  • You could also opt to do an MBA in the 2nd year of the course, or simply join your desired company.

Want to know more about this course?

In conclusion 

If you plan to take the digital marketing career path, excellent choice! This is a lucrative and productive industry that is growing steadily every year. It is an incredible time for students to pursue careers in digital marketing. There are plenty of opportunities in store for you once you receive your certification. 

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