Back in the 1990s, Myspace and Orkut were some of the original social media trendsetters. They played host to millions of teenagers and young adults who wanted a space to express themselves. 20 years later, both sites have shut down, but the social media craze has blown up all over the world. Today, the world runs on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and LinkedIn. And we are not talking about individuals any more. Small start-ups, schools, government organisations, NGOs and multi-national corporations… all have a social media presence. They have to if they want their businesses to thrive. After all, it’s where all the customers are hanging out. However, it’s also where your competitors are. You need to create attention-grabbing content if you want to win your followers’ loyalty and convert clicks to sales.

Every day, 3.5 billion people come online to access their social media accounts. A large chunk of that number can be coaxed into following any of your handles. In this day and age of cutting-edge competition, innovation is the key to going viral. Many experienced digital marketing professionals employ a variety of social media tricks to entice customers. If you want to be the topic of conversation and for your company to create waves online, keep reading. Here are some effective social media marketing tips and tricks to get your creative juices flowing. 

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Social Media Tips & Tricks For Trending Posts 

There is a lot of scope to think outside the box on social media. You don’t have to follow conventional advertising methods anymore. In fact, the less your content looks like an ad, the more it will be appreciated. 

So without further ado, let’s take a look at some tried and tested social media marketing tips to make your content truly pop.

Social media tip #1: Content is king

Do you want to sell your product? Then first, sell your content. That is one of the most important social media marketing tips. Companies are no longer resorting to boring ads with large brand logos. Now it’s interactive ideas and mind-blowing concepts that get people talking. No one is reinventing the wheel here. You just need a clever idea that sparks a trend and gets the like button pressed on repeat. It can be as simple as Apple’s ‘Shot on iPhone’ campaign on Instagram. They convinced consumers and social media followers to upload images and videos taken on an iPhone. People sent in some incredible photos that showcased their talent and also revealed the high quality of the iPhone’s camera facilities. On the last count, there are over 26 million photos attached to #shotoniphone. Apple has the vision to make a deep connection between the product and the consumer without any promotional or paid ads. This is one of the social media tips that are so simple yet effective. 

Social media tip #2: Find a way to connect with your audience

Your company needs to create digital marketing campaigns across multiple channels. More importantly, you need to have a strong presence on those specific platforms where your target audience is. For instance, Nike does digital marketing across various social media platforms, with over 300 social media profiles. However, the company is aware that most of its customers are on Twitter and Instagram. They have a special focus on these two apps, ensuring that the bulk of their attention is here. This makes it easier for them to directly interact with their core audience. They also promote themselves as a healthy lifestyle brand, using passionate slogans and motivating images to bond with their exercise-loving followers. In fact, the Nike brand is a great case study for social media tips and tricks.

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Social media tip #3: Go viral 

Numbers don’t lie. A digital marketing campaign’s success can be measured in the number of clicks, retweets, follows and forwards generated. One of the most fundamental social media tips is to launch your idea with a bang across multiple online channels. Ensure all the important influencers and high-profile followers have access to your content. The use of teasers, emotional content, creative storytelling and impactful visuals all play a role in ensuring your content hits the bullseye. What also appeals to followers is the interactive aspect of a campaign. When they can participate and upload their version of the big idea. It is the reason the 2014 ALS Ice Bucket Challenge went viral like crazy. Celebrities, social media stars and regular social media followers all jumped on the bandwagon to pour ice-cold water on themselves to raise money for the ALS association. The end result? Over $115 million was earned in donations within two months. That is the power of a good viral campaign. 

Social media tip #4: Don’t be afraid to link with others

The internet is a labyrinth of connections that people make with each other. You need to tie your company with other influencers, famous bloggers and relevant brands. When you do this, you increase viewership as you get access to a fresh population of followers. 

Dove and Getty images joined forces in 2019 to create Project #ShowUs. The idea was to create a large bank of women’s pictures by women photographers that were untouched by filters or photoshop. The intention was to show a diverse group of people who weren’t being represented in the media. This collaboration between the companies helped to create a viral sensation that continues to grow to this day. It’s a great example of one of the most efficient social media tips

Social media tip #5: Stay relevant 

This may sound like one of the most obvious social media marketing tips ever, but it’s a crucial one. Your social media success hinges on your company’s ability to stay ahead of the times. There is always a new trend on social media. Every so often, a heartwarming cause finds its way across multiple channels. When there is a huge event happening in the world, social media is the first to react. Think of the #BlackLivesMatter movement or Nestle’s #EducateTheGirlChild campaign. Your content should reflect the state of the world at the moment, whatever the case may be. You can even use a famous meme like one of the judges from Shark Tank to promote your product, as long as the reference isn’t dated. Staying on trend is one of the best social media tips

Social media tip #6: Gimmicks work, but in small doses 

Sometimes, your campaign needs a little push with a gimmick or teaser. These ideas only work in the short term, before people lose their patience. They are very effective for limited edition products to make an impact. A good instance would be Coca-Cola’s #shareacoke campaign where they release bottles with people’s names on them for a short while. Another creative gimmick was when the firm PwC created a Snapchat account for the briefcase carrying the ballots for the Oscars ceremony. Both campaigns didn’t last long but were excellent examples of how creating a well-designed gimmick can be one of the best social media marketing tips

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In Conclusion 

If you want to make social media your future in digital marketing, then this post is meant for you. The six social media tips above can help you successfully run a digital campaign online and make a name for yourself in this industry. With a PGCM certification attached to your resume, you can get started straight away by working for some of India’s most digitally savvy brands. 

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