You might have seen various other resume writing tips to improve your CV writing skills. Here are top 6 lies you shouldn’t ever mention while writing your resume.

A well-written resume is every recruiter’s dream. Job applicants also leave no stone unturned when it comes to crafting their resume. The right structure, proper headlines, keyword inclusion etc. are all taken care of very well by a keen applicant. However, in a move to stand out from the crowd, many applicants make tall claims and exaggerate in their resumes. Not just this, many also resort to writing blatant lies on their resume. This is an absolute no-no.

Resume Writing Tips: 6 Lies you must Avoid mentioning in your CV

You need to understand that resume is a chronological representation of facts presented in a formal and attractive manner. Falsification of facts will hamper your reputation and ruin your chances of getting the desired job.

6 lies you strictly need to avoid in your resume are:

(1) Inaccurate Educational qualifications

In this age of cut-throat competition, higher education gives an edge to your resume. However, you must mention the educational qualification which you have already completed and have received the certification. If you have appeared for the examination and awaiting results, you must mention the same clearly. There are many instances where you have enrolled for a specific course and not completed it. But these resume writing tips can be helpful if you wish to write an outstanding CV.

In such cases, avoid mentioning it as a completed degree or certification, as it gives a wrong information to the recruiter. You must only state that you are currently pursuing the course and indicate the semesters that you have completed.

(2) Incorrect Certifications

There is a Certified Financial Analyst and there is someone who is a very good at financial analysis. Even if a candidate is an expert in financial analysis and have years of experience doing it, he cannot call himself a CFA.  Similarly, if a candidate has been involved in financial planning for quite a few years, he isn’t qualified as a Certified Financial Planner. These days there are many free courses that can be pursued online. No matter how good the course is, if it doesn’t involve certification, it doesn’t have credibility in your resume.

(3) Including technical skills that you don’t possess

Every recruiter looks for a candidate who possesses certain skill sets corresponding to the job. For example, for a Financial Analyst role, a company may look for a candidate possessing financial modelling skills, ability to write research reports, analytical abilities and proficiency in advanced excel. If you just have an idea about these skills but no practical experience, it is better to avoid mentioning it. These days, the recruitment tests also include a practical assessment, so if you lie about your technical skills, you may get caught in the assessment.

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(4) Mentioning responsibilities that you didn’t handle

It is best to create a resume that highlights your accomplishment, but resume writing tips doesn’t mean something simply for the sake of it can land you in trouble. For example, if you were part of a team on a particular project, do not say that you led the team. Similarly if you led a team of 3 people do not state that you led a team of 10. Your team handling abilities will be put to test and you may not be able to show your skills.

(5) False designations

This is an area, where people falsify information the most. If you have been an associate but filled in for a Senior Manager, you cannot mention the latter as your designation. You may have relevant experience in handling various profiles at your previous or current jobs, but the one that was officially conferred to you. Mentioning a wrong designation will mislead your recruiters and can tarnish your reputation in the long run.

(6) Exaggeration about internships

Internships from reputed organisations surely makes recruiters sit up and take notice. However, in many cases the word internship could be a misnomer. Candidates sometimes pass of a two-three day workshop or a one-time project as an internship.

Another common practise is showing false experience letters with huge claims must be strictly avoided. Usually, an internship duration is a couple of weeks or months long. When talking about your internship, you should mention enough skills picked up during the period and mention in details the role you played.

(6) Integrity matters the most during job search

The job search process is a daunting one and above resume writing tips are here to help you out. However, in a move to just craft an impressive resume, you must not lose your integrity. Most of the companies these days have in house or third party candidate verification departments.

These departments authenticate the information provided by you in your resume. Many companies follow a policy that if any information is found to be false, a candidate can be immediately terminated. This will not only impact the reputation of the candidate but also ruin chances of him finding a respectable job in the same industry.

So, it is in your best interests to maintain absolute honesty and integrity and follow above resume writing tips to write a promising resume.