9 Must-Have Next-Level Skills for Relationship Managers


A smart, extroverted individual who is good with money, has a pleasing personality and high emotional intelligence.

Does this sound like a matrimony ad or a recruitment listing?

If you guessed the latter, then full marks to you. The role of a relationship manager in a commercial bank requires a well-rounded, multi-skilled professional. It is a perfect marriage between exceptional presentation skills and brilliant financial expertise.

The banking industry relies on smart, savvy and knowledgeable people. You need to think quickly on your feet, but you also require in-depth knowledge to back your words.

Relationship managers are the face of the bank. They are like a human touch screen for customers to access details and services. Hardcore financial data is simplified and explained in layman’s terms. When a customer needs help, advice or any issues addressed, he has a relationship manager in his corner.

If this job sounds exciting to you, we don’t blame you. It is a very popular profession and also in great demand. In a world where technology and automation are rapidly taking over, a relationship manager helps banks connect and communicate with their customers on a personal level.

If you want this job, you need to have what it takes to succeed in this business.

Below is the full set of relationship manager skills possessed by most top professionals.

Top 9 skills for relationship managers

  1. In-depth industry knowledge 

Behind every banking client making the correct financial decision, is a reliable, knowledgeable relationship manager offering sound advice. It is your job to know the commercial bank’s every financial product, service and investment opportunity. You also must be aware of current market trends and potential economic developments. There are government regulations and policies you have to keep in mind when working with your customers. Your financial prowess and expertise are one of the most vital relationship manager skills.

  1. Good communication and presentation skills

Since a large part of the job involves talking to customers, it is only fitting that relationship managers have incredible communicative abilities. They are articulate and fluent, using professional language in a casual, conversational manner.

Good communication helps customers relate better to their relationship managers. It is also imperative that you balance this skill with proper presentation. Your appearance, gestures, postures and facial expressions can add a lot of value to the content of your communication. The more professional and refined you appear, the higher the chances of winning the client’s favour. That’s why communication is one of the most important skills for relationship managers.

  1. High-calibre salesmanship 

Back in college, were you the student who got all the friends to watch the movie of your choice? Or were you able to convince a professor to give less homework?

Then you may be blessed with a silver tongue and are a perfect candidate for the role of relationship manager. When on the job, you have put your salesmanship to work. Banks want a professional who is friendly, approachable and persuasive. Relationship managers can engage clients in easy conversation, build a strong relationship and sell banking products. This is a significant relationship manager skill as it can help you achieve your targets.

  1. Strong listening skills

What is the one thing that separates an average relationship manager from a great one? The ability to listen to the clients. Many times, professionals get caught up in their sales pitch and they don’t leave room in the conversation for their clients to voice their concerns or express themselves. A close relationship built on trust is only possible when you hear what the client has to say, address his issues and ensure the banking needs are met. So, learn to become a good listener as it is one of the major relationship manager skills.

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  1. Superior mathematic skills 

You don’t need Einstein’s level of mathematical knowledge, but proficiency in maths is an important skill for relationship managers. You must be able to understand the data and calculations used in financial management. When handling your client’s money or helping them find the best financial products, you need to rely on your math skills to reach accurate projections and numbers.

  1. Knowledge of CRM tools

As banking incorporates technological advancements, relationship managers have digital instruments that help them on the job. CRM tools can help you manage your customers’ finances more efficiently. There are different tools available — analytical, operative and collaborative. You have to understand the difference and choose the tools accordingly to enhance your customer’s banking experience. This is one of the must-have technical skills for relationship managers.

  1. Research prowess

Financial research is one of the most crucial relationship manager skills. You need to stay updated on what your competitor banks are doing. You must understand the various market trends and economic developments. You also have to conduct research when investigating new opportunities and products for your clients.

  1. Strategic planning

Relationship managers must be strategic planners who help their customers with personalised services and set financial objectives. They work together to create a plan that will get the required results. This is one of the most important relationship manager skills that will set you apart from your peers.

  1. Analytical thinking

Why do relationship managers need strong analytical skills? When creating strategic plans, they have to analyse and investigate the various challenges, problems and requirements the client may face. A sharp analytical mind can decipher obstacles, create customised plans and leave some room for potential changes.

Industry trends and challenges: Technology in relationship management

Relationship management was created to humanise banking corporations. Clients were able to interact with professionals and get a more wholesome banking experience.

However, technology always played a vital role in enhancing customer relationships. For several decades, Customer relationship management tools (CRM) helped banks improve their client interactions and build a loyal customer base. Knowing how to use this technology is a big part of a relationship manager’s skill set.

Today, relationship manager skills have received an upgrade. Artificial intelligence and machine learning are creating a new generation of CRM tools. They are reshaping the future of customer management through intelligent and intuitive systems. Now, CRM is able to manage large volumes of customer information. It can offer personalised solutions, automate tasks, identify trends and increase customer satisfaction rates.

  • Banks have integrated social media platforms with CRM tools to create a new level of efficiency in relationship management.
  • CRM cloud-based systems enable customers to access their data anywhere and at any time.
  • CRM systems have adapted to have better security measures to safeguard the customer’s privacy.
  • CRM has also created mobile versions that enable clients to access banking details on the go.

Impact of AI-based CRM methods

Customer satisfaction  23% increase 
Response times 50% increase
Sales productivity  30% increase
Customer retention rates 27% increase

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  • How to crack the interview for a relationship manager?

Don’t go for your interview without researching the bank’s background and financial data. Make sure you understand their vision, their client base and their products. Since you are trying to join a sales position, it helps if you can dazzle them with the ability to sell yourself. Speak clearly, dress formally and behave professionally. When asked a question, answer confidently and clearly.

  • How can I enhance my skills as a relationship manager?

Relationship managers require certain skills and talents to do their jobs. You can try to develop these abilities on your own by practising or researching. You can also learn these invaluable skills when you study with a coaching institution like Proschool. Here, your technical and soft skills are sharpened, making you a professional expert in the field.

  • What is the salary of a relationship manager in HDFC Bank?

An HDFC relationship manager earns an average salary of Rs 7 lakhs a year.

Most annual salaries at this bank range from Rs 2 lakhs to Rs 12 lakhs.

  • What is the career path of a relationship manager?

The progression of a relationship manager’s career is as follows:

    • senior relationship manager
    • Relationship director
    • Head of the customer service department
    • Specialisation fields such as wealth management or corporate banking
  • What is the duty of a relationship manager?

A relationship manager is responsible for handling clients by ensuring all banking needs are met and concerns are addressed. Managers offer personalised services that ensure customer loyalty and retention.

  • Is relationship manager an HR role?

No. A relationship manager handles external clients while a human resources manager handles employees within the company.

  • Is relationship manager a sales job?

One of the relationship manager skills is to have good salesmanship. The professional is required to sell financial products and services to a client. So in a way, yes, you can consider relationship management to be a sales job.


Banks and financial institutions prefer to recruit candidates who possess the entire range of a relationship manager’s skills. Your proficiency and expertise are needed to ensure customer satisfaction and that you meet all your targets. To develop your skills and become a competent relationship manager, you need a good finance course to help you. Once you get certified, you can launch your career and work with a reputed bank.