After Facebook started giving businesses the option to pay and boost the post or page, Facebook marketing has become the preferred way to promote the brands. Some ads fail, and some perform exceptionally well. So, have you ever wondered the reason behind the same? Well, if a Facebook ad is a part of your marketing strategy, are you sure that your ads are flawless, and it cannot get better? No one can be confident about it, because there is always a scope to do better. Isn’t it?

Writing the title, developing the content and creating the creatives, seems like a pretty easy list to start the ad. However, some common mistakes can happen on Facebook Advertising. And every mistake makes us spend some extra money and lose out on potential sales.

So, let’s start with the list of don’ts that you should follow while creating your next Facebook ad

Don’t Be Deceptive

Do not set your ad as bait for the viewers. Do not lie to your viewers. These are the most important on the list of don’ts. This is because once the trust is lost, you will have no idea how long it will take to build back. Deceptive ads will not just make your customers angry; you can also get banned on Facebook.

 Don’t Ignore Mobile Users

Well, if you have not checked the insights of your page, then you should do it now (You can check that under the “Page Views” section). You will be surprised to see the mobile viewers of your page are more than approx. three times of viewers who viewed your page on desktop. So, while creating an ad for your business, make sure that you enable the mobile option for your ad placements. Not just that, your landing page should be responsive as well.

Don’t Put Your Campaign On Auto-Pilot

It is essential that you monitor your ad campaigns. Always keep track of its performance and make changes accordingly to achieve better results. However, it is not advisable to do so very often because every time you make a change in the ad, it stops till the time it is under review. And after it resumes, it takes time for it to pick up the pace again.

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Don’t Overdose it with Text

First of all, Facebook has a rule of 20%. That means an image ad is rejected if it is covering more than 20% of the space with text. And even if you manage to get it approved in a smart way, the ad will not perform well. Reason being, viewers do not want to put much effort into reading that. They have come on Facebook for entertainment and not analyse your elaborate ad. So, keep it clean, easy, straightforward, simple and creative.

If that’s the list of don’ts, what you should be really doing. Here is the list for that as well. Take a look!

Know your target audience

Before you work on an ad, it is vital that you research who your target audience is and what would they like. Only, then you will be able to create an effective ad. Suppose, you made an ad that would appeal the millennials, but your target audience is the retired people. What do you think? Will the ad work? Knowing and understanding your target audience is of the utmost importance.

Include a clear call-to-action (CTA) 

Clear and concise CTA tells the viewers at one glance about your product, and that helps to make faster decisions. As it is, you have just 25 characters to write your headline and 90 for the description, so why to waste those precious characters and beat around the bush.

Set the right budget

If the campaign is not so great, it is very easy to spend too much on it. However, make sure that you strike the balance of setting the limit to only the amount you can afford and gives you the reach you expect. It may so happen that you have a high budget to start a lead generation ad, but don’t have the bandwidth to cater more than 20 leads a day. Finding the right balance is key.


Last but not least, ALWAYS take a good look at your campaign before making it live because whatever happens on social media stays on social media forever. And you don’t want your audience to be commenting about the error in your ad rather than enquiring about your product/service. A mistake on the ad also affects your credibility. So, do proofread thoroughly before making your campaign live.

We hope this article helps you in delivering better Facebook Ads in the future. In case you are interested to learn in-depth Facebook Ads, head over to IMS Proschool’s Digital Marketing Course.