Top 5 CFA Classes In Delhi

In 1963, only 300 candidates took the CFA exams.

2023 saw 23,352 students sitting for the same exams worldwide.

Let’s face it; the CFA course’s popularity is growing in large strides and for many good reasons. It is one of the world’s best finance certifications. Many of the top financial companies, banks and investment firms are known to hire CFA holders. If you want to be in investment banking, a CFA stamp on your resume can play an instrumental role.

Given the massive career benefits, the CFA exams are tough to crack. In 2023, 39 per cent of the students passed Level 1. If you want to be on that distinguished list of CFA-certified holders, you need to prepare and plan for your exams accordingly. Some of the best CFA classes in Delhi have a proven track record, with a high percentage of students successfully passing the exams.

These coaching centres are known to offer a holistic learning environment and hire professional industry experts to guide and help students.

So if clearing the CFA course is on your to-do list, any one of the best CFA classes in Delhi can help you achieve your dream.

Best 5 CFA Classes In Delhi:

  1. IMS Proschool

One of India’s leading coaching institutes also offers the best CFA classes in Delhi. IMS Proschool is known for its incredibly successful CFA program. The course is taught by experienced CFA professionals who have proficient financial expertise and industry knowledge. The professors use new-age and effective teaching methods to help students grasp technical and theoretical concepts. There are coaching centres across various cities in India, including Delhi, but students can also learn through online sessions. Besides CFA subjects, the course covers job-relevant skills such as resume-building and interview etiquette. Proschool also has a placement program to help CFA-certified students find jobs within the finance industry.

Location: Pitampura & Connaught Place, New Delhi

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  1. Finguru

A coaching institute that has trained over 5,000 students, Finguru is one of the best CFA classes in Delhi. They offer online and offline classes where they focus on simplifying concepts and financial theory. The teachers are CFA holders who understand the subject matter well. All topics from the curriculum are taught comprehensively and classroom-based sessions are set up only on weekends so working professionals can also attend. The institute claims to have a success rate of over 80 per cent and offers coaching for all three CFA levels.

Location: Barakhamba Lane and Lodhi Road, New Delhi

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  1. Bhupesh Anand Classes 

This institute was set up by Bhupesh Anand in 1992, an experienced finance teacher. Today, it is one of the best CFA classes in Delhi. The school is reputed to offer the latest study notes and resources containing all the relevant CFA material. They also provide backup videos of all the classes so students don’t miss out on anything. However, Bhupesh Anand Classes only offers coaching for CFA level 1, so you might have to look elsewhere for coaching for the next two levels.

Location: Patel Nagar, New Delhi

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  1. Imarticus 

As an edu-tech organisation that offers many professional courses, Imarticus has one of the best CFA classes in Delhi. They have an intensive training program for students, which has resulted in an 80 per cent passing rate. The teachers are trained professionals who teach core concepts and fundamental skills. The institute offers online and offline classes for students and working professionals in multiple cities, including New Delhi.

Location: Connaught Place, New Delhi

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  1. Quintedge

QuintEdge is one of the best CFA classes in Delhi for students who lack a financial background. The institute teaches basic finance theory and fundamental concepts, ensuring that any student can take the CFA exam. The school has a pass rate of 88 per cent, with 2000 students completing various professional courses. There are 40 sessions taught by the expert faculty, including doubt-clearing sessions and revision techniques.

Location: Connaught Place, New Delhi

What to look for in a coaching institute

It’s easy to find one of the best CFA classes in Delhi if you do the research. Good coaching centres offer a better quality of education and a higher standard of faculty members. Here is a checklist of important features to look for in a coaching institute.

  1. Reputation
  • The school is well known for innovative teaching methods, quality of resources and expert faculty members.
  • There is a high success rate.
  • Many successful professionals from the industry have studied the CFA course here at this school.
  1. Faculty 
  • The professors are experienced professionals from the industry.
  • They use innovative and engaging learning strategies, industry projects and out-of-the-box thinking to teach students.
  • The staff offers personalised attention and mentorship.
  1. Placement rates 
  • The best CFA classes in Delhi boast of high recruitment rates in the industry.
  • They will have a placement portal that offers the latest job openings.
  • The institute will help students sharpen their interview and resume-writing skills.
  1. Real-world applications and projects 

  • The best CFA classes in Delhi will teach real-life skills using case studies and capstone projects.
  • Students get a practical approach to learning.
  • The focus is more on real-world application and less on textbook theory.
  1. Teaching methods

  • The best CFA classes in Delhi use stimulating and innovative techniques and methods.
  • Students are taught how to simplify and understand complex concepts.
  • There is a strong focus on skill development and the latest industry knowledge.

Benefits of doing the CFA certification 

  • It is a globally recognised qualification that enhances your career and makes you a viable candidate for many top financial companies, including the Big 4.
  • You receive an in-depth, detailed education about the finance and investment banking industry.
  • You can do the course while working as a professional.
  • Your earning potential will increase with a CFA charter.
  • You are qualified to work in many roles, such as portfolio manager, investment banker, fund manager, equity analyst, financial advisor and risk analyst.
  • The CFA also improves your chances of rising to a higher position within the company.


What are the fees for the best CFA classes in Delhi?

The fees vary depending on whether you take an online course or sit in a classroom centre. The charges for each CFA Level are also different. However, on average, the fees range from Rs 25,000 to Rs 40,000 per level.

Is CFA Level 2 the toughest among all three levels?

Students who have taken all three CFA exams have noticed that the degree of difficulty goes up with each level. While Level 2 is tougher than Level 1, some find Level 3 the toughest, others think it is Level 2. However, all three can be cleared with appropriate preparation and coaching. If you sign up with one of the best CFA classes in Delhi, you will be able to cope with the challenges that come with each exam.

Am I eligible to enrol in the best CFA classes in Delhi?

To apply for the CFA course, you need to hold a degree from a recognised university and hold a valid passport. If you are in the final year of your degree, you can join the coaching class and take your exams after you graduate. If you have four years of experience in the investment banking industry, you can enrol for the CFA course.

Does the CFA Institute offer coaching? 

No. The CFA Institute does not offer any coaching classes. You are free to study all three levels on your own. It can be tricky and difficult when you have doubts or can’t understand some concepts. Any of the best CFA classes in Delhi will give you quality coaching to ensure you ace your exams.

How long does it take to get ready for the CFA exams?

The CFA Institute has made a recommendation of 300 hours of study time per level. This can take you anywhere from 4 to 6 months to get ready for the exams. You need to use your time well, make a schedule and leave time for revision. If you enrol with one of the best CFA classes in Delhi, you will receive tips and learning techniques from the top professionals in the business.

Which companies in India are hiring CFA professionals?

Many leading financial corporations, investment firms and banks have been known to look for CFA-certified candidates during recruitment. Some companies that hire charter holders are:

  • HSBC
  • Crisil
  • Credit Suisse
  • JP Morgan
  • PwC
  • KPMG


You don’’ have to be a rocket scientist to know that the finance industry is exceptionally cutthroat and competitive. If you want to be in the investment banking field, you need the skills, qualifications and expertise to get noticed by potential employers. A CFA certification can be a great advantage, as it elevates you over your peers. If you study for the CFA exam with one of the best CFA classes in Delhi, you will receive thorough training in each CFA subject while preparing you for jobs within the industry.


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