Top 5 CFA Coaching Institutes in Delhi

While CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst) is hands-down one of the best career options for those in the finance sector, passing those series of tests is not easy. It tests your analytical skills and expertise in quantitative methods, which is hard to gain without years of experience or proper training and mentorship.

The CFA Institute does provide direct course materials that you can study and then sit for exams, but they are more theoretical than instructional, and understanding newer concepts won’t be easy at all.

On the other hand, there are institutes that can prepare you for the CFA exams so that you can pass the tests with proper guidance and preparation, increasing your chances of passing on the first attempt itself.

Before giving you the list of best CFA Institutes in Delhi, let’s see the factors you need to consider in a CFA institute.

Factors To Consider While Choosing CFA Coaching Institutes In Delhi

Past Record Of The Coaching Institutes

Track records of Coaching institutes are one of the best sources to know if they are the right ones for you. Reputed coaching institutes will have a brochure or a page on their website that will have a list of all the students that cleared the CFA exam on the first attempt.

Study the records and see the passing rate of the last 5 years, and you’ll easily be able to understand if the coaching institute is worth it or not.

Faculty And Qualification

No matter how much a training community may boast about its success rate, it is important to know what kind of staff is instructing there, as well as what certifications and skills they possess.

To be able to easily convey challenging ideas from the paper and come up with inventive ways to communicate ideas, the workforce should have excellent relational skills. Additionally, find out what kinds of universities the employees attended and if they are also lecturers or educators at local schools.

Personal Touch (Mentorship)

Understudies may encounter a variety of problems, not all of which will be academic in nature. It occasionally has a connection to feeling down, gaining weight, and test anxiety. They may become discouraged by incidents of harassment and problems outside of the classroom.

These factors are important because they occasionally influence a student to make terrible decisions. It’s important to regularly evaluate students’ behavior. Okay, so they get good grades, but is there something an assistant is hiding or is reluctant to share with others? Students can always access a top-notch coaching center to help them with their problems.

Instructing Methodologies

Look for foundations with a particular teaching approach. Institutions that emphasize the improved application of clarity in the core subjects. The foundations’ primary areas of focus should be on the strategies for solving the test while keeping in mind the time factor, as this will result in receiving the best CFA coaching.

In these exams, intelligent, methodical, and accurate planning assumes a decisive role that cannot be achieved without both self-study and training. It is wise to choose a foundation that truly shows individual consideration for each student regardless of their status in the legitimacy at any given time.

Why Is It Important To Choose The Right Institute?

You cannot just take admission into any institute and crack the exam. Getting into the wrong institute may result in a huge waste of time and wrong or weak preparation as well. 

The right institute will clear your doubts, give proper mentorship and study material, give you some inside tips and help you prepare better with practice tests as well. All this will help you clear the exam in the first attempt and prepare you with the necessary skills as well. This is why it is important to choose the right institute for CFA in Delhi.

Now, let’s check out which are the best institutes for CFA in Delhi.

The Best CFA Coaching Classes In Delhi 

1. IMS Proschool

IMS Proschool has been providing coaching in financial courses since 2007. They have partnered with NSE Academy and National Skill Development Corporation to provide joint certifications for multiple courses.

Apart from being the leading provider of CFA training, they are also the official tuition partner of CIMA and approved Learning partner of ACCA. Overall, IMS Proschool has got it all, from years of experience to credible sources backing them up and a great teaching structure as well.


Proschool’s faculty is made up of CFA charter holders with experience in the finance industry. Sameer Gunjal and Suresh Verma, who together have a combined teaching experience of 25+ years, are two of the dedicated faculty members at Delhi.

Levels Offered

IMS ProSchool offers preparation for CFA Level I and Level II with the full coverage of the syllabus.

Time Consumed

The institute offers 450+ hours of training for completing the syllabus through lectures with additional hours of practice.

Plus Points

The course is taught by CFA charter holders only. Proschool helps students structure & plan their study in order to increase their efficiency. They start with an introductory module which helps students clear basics of Finance. This makes understanding the subject modules much easier. This in turn also helps Proschool in achieving a high pass percentage, which you can clearly see in the student testimonials on their website.

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2. Bhupesh Anand Classes

Associated with Academy Of Professional Studies PVT. LTD, the Bhupesh Anand Classes was founded back in 1992. They offer teaching services in three types, classroom, online and recorded video lectures as well. They also have their own app which makes it easy for students to get video backups of the lectures, free study material and chat support as well.


The founder CA. Bhupesh Anand is a member of ICAI, ICSI & Associate member of ICMAI. He has done his diploma in IFRS (ACCA (London)) and has over 25 years of teaching experience.

Apart from him, all the other staff hold high qualifications in the field. They even have career counseling available.

Levels Offered

Bhupesh Anand Classes only covers Level I of the CFA course with deep coverage of the syllabus. However, students will have to change the institute to prepare for Level II and Level III as the institute is not offering coaching for that level yet.

Time Consumed

The CFA course duration is roughly 150 hours here.

Plus Points

Bhupesh Anand Classes personalized app makes it easy for students to maintain contact with the faculty and clear doubts even outside the institute. Their recorded lectures are great as well. They have claimed to have taught over 5,00,000 students online. 

3. FinGuru

FinGuru is a financial services training institute that provides coaching for only CFA. Established in 2008, so far, they claim to have trained over 5000+ candidates. With FinGuru, you’ll get maximum training time and personalized support.


Sushant Suri, the instructor, holds a CFA charter and a degree in economics from Warwick Business School and SRCC in the UK. He has experience of 15+ years of teaching CFA students. The other professors are all CFA charter holders who are knowledgeable about the subjects they teach.

Levels Offered

FinGuru offers coaching in all three levels of the CFA® exam with extensive coverage of the syllabus.

Time Consumed

The institute provides 300 hours per CFA level, and this breaks down to 2-3 hours per day for students. Out of 300, lecturing includes 100 hours and 200 hours of paper solving and quizzes.

Plus Points

The Institute claimed to have an average success rate of more than 80%. In addition to the assertion made by the Institute, the reviews and ratings we analyzed demonstrate Finguru’s success. 

They also have a strict classroom limit of 50 students for one batch. Each student gets 1:1 mentoring, recorded video lectures for revisions, an online question database, and lecture slides as well.

4. Financial Corridor

A self-designed curriculum based on the original CFA curriculum is offered by the Financial Corridor in New Delhi. They offer specialized training workshops that teach students various necessary and basic skills required for the CFA exam. Additionally, this institution is affordable as well.


Keshav Kumar, a CFA charter holder with more than ten years of training experience, is the institute’s head trainer. Other faculty members are all CFA charter holders as well.

Levels Offered

They offer preparation for all three levels of the CFA examination.

Time Consumed

The institute promises to complete the full syllabus for each level within 150 hours.

Plus Points

This institute provides coaching for only CFA exams. Their training workshops are one of the main reasons that make this institute popular among the students. While they haven’t claimed a rate of success for themselves, their online reviews speak for themselves.

5. iPlan Education

For ten years, iPlan Education has been educating CFA candidates. It is on our list due to its high success rate and recognition as an institution that has received eight awards from six different organizations. Along with Delhi, the coaching organization also has branches in Mumbai and Hyderabad.


The instructors at iPlan Education all hold CFA charters and have an average of more than 6 years of teaching experience. Pravin Khetan, the principal instructor, has more than ten years of experience.

Levels Offered

iPlan Education offers preparation for Level I and II only.

Time Consumed

The classroom hours for level I are 280 and for level II is 320. This course is a bit more time-consuming than others.

Plus Points

One of the best features of this institute is that they provide Pass Protection. This means that if you fail in either of the levels, you get to sit for those same classes again for free. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the average fees for CFA Coaching in Delhi?

The average fee ranges from  25,000 – 40,000. 

Which is the best CFA coaching institute in Delhi?

IMS ProSchool is the best CFA coaching institute in Delhi in terms of providing both technical and textual knowledge. They also offer classroom coaching.

What is the Admission Process for CFA Coaching in Delhi?

The admission process for each institute is different. But the main thing to remember is that you should apply at least 8 to 9 months before the exam is scheduled so that you can prepare well.

Do the institutes for CFA tuition in Delhi offer online classes?

Yes, there are some institutes like IMS ProSchool that provide online classes to their students. There are also self-paced courses that come with pre-recorded sessions.


Becoming a CFA charter holder does open a lot of doors for your career to take a leap, but the road is not an easy one. Getting into the right institution is important so that you not only clear the exam but also learn a lot of essential skills and gain knowledge about real-world finance.

Use the factors mentioned above and choose the best institute for your CFA preparation. Remember, you should go for an institute like IMS ProSchool, which has years of experience and a faculty of CFA charter holders.

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