The Value of ACCA After CA

Behind every successful business is an efficient accountant. In times of economic crisis, unpredictable markets and uncertain financial challenges, you need a capable and dependable professional to ensure all financial needs of the company are met. 

In India, the chartered accountant designation has been highly revered as the benchmark for accountancy for years. But with globalisation and cross-country business deals, there is a need for a more internationally acclaimed certification. The ACCA credential perfectly complements your CA qualification. When you have both courses under your belt, they make you a powerhouse in the accounting business. You get many advantages to your career when you do the ACCA after CA. To know more about them, keep reading. 

10 reasons why an ACCA after CA is a very good idea 

  1. Become a well-rounded accountant 

While the CA course offers a well-rounded, comprehensive curriculum for Indian accounting, ACCA fills in any gaps in your education. It makes you a globally recognised, future-ready accountant. Even if you work in India as a CA, an ACCA certification gives your career an edge, especially if you are looking at applying to the Big 4 firms or other reputed multi-national companies that have offices in India. When you get an ACCA after CA, you gain an invaluable global perspective that will strengthen your career.

  1. Increases your chances of migration 

The CA qualification is highly prestigious in India. But what happens if you decide to migrate? If you want to be an accountant in the UK or Australia, your CA destination won’t be applicable. The ACCA certification is valued in over 180 countries, including the USA, Canada, Hong Kong, UAE, Switzerland, UK and Australia. In fact, salaries in these countries are very lucrative. You could annually earn Rs 40 to Rs 50 lakhs as a senior CA professional, but abroad, you could make almost a crore in Indian currency (after converting). So if you have set your sights on an international destination for your future, a certification in ACCA after CA could be your ticket to making your dream come true. 

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  1. You receive nine exemptions 

As a chartered accountant, you don’t have to work as hard for the ACCA exams as you did for the CA finals. You are exempt from nine papers. You only have to sit for four exams at the professional level. So you get your qualification quickly and painlessly. It is easily one of the best advantages of doing the ACCA after CA

  1. Increases your earning potential

When you have two prestigious certifications on your resume, you are a force to reckon with in the accounting industry. This gets reflected in your pay cheque. While your salary depends on the company you work for and your experience levels, it is fair to say that having a certification in ACCA after CA will help you negotiate a better deal during your job interview. 

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  1. IFRS is available within the ACCA curriculum 

The International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) is a globally accepted accounting system used by major organisations across the world. The ACCA course offers a diploma in IFRS, so you are eligible to work in a number of international companies across many countries, including India. 

  1. Learn valuable skills

The ACCA course is more than just a set of textbooks that teach you accounting. It is a holistic accounting education that prepares you with various skills to thrive in the business world. If you take ACCA after CA, you enhance your communication abilities, improve your analytical thinking, develop a global perspective and become a well-rounded professional. 

  1. Mutual recognition agreement between ACCA and CA

Did you know the two accounting boards have signed a mutual recognition agreement (MRA)? This means if you take the ACCA after CA, you are an Indian chartered accountant who is recognised internationally. All you have to do is take the four ACCA exams, clear the course and you are on your way to working anywhere in the world. 

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  1. Become a part of the ACCA global community

Here is one of the big reasons why you should study for ACCA after CA. You get access to a lot of resources. All ACCA members can log on to the ACCA job portal, where they can find job postings before the rest of the world does. The ACCA community is huge. Lots of certified professionals look to hire more ACCA-qualified candidates as they know they are guaranteed quality. Besides, you are also able to learn about the latest developments and networking opportunities as they happen.

  1. Job opportunities 

When you are certified in ACCA after CA, your career is exposed to many fresh possibilities. ACCA holders are hired in several fields such as management accounting, financial accounting, taxation, advisory services and many more. 

About Proschool’s ACCA Course 

If you are looking to complete the ACCA after CA, Proschool has the facilities to ensure you get your certification with minimal fuss and time spent. It is one of India’s leading coaching institutes and a certified ACCA learning partner. Proschool offers the Global Professional Accountant (GPA) program that increases your chances of passing the ACCA course. There is a strong focus on quality learning with some of the industry’s most experienced professionals. The faculty consists of accounting experts who can proficiently teach at the ACCA professional level using active learning methods. Students are taught using real-world case studies and practical applications of core concepts. You also get a bonus skill, as the course includes a financial modelling certification. There are many more advantages to the GPA program such as:

  • Proschool is committed to ensuring high pass rates in the ACCA course. 
  • There are classes available at centres in the major cities in India.
  • You can even apply for the well-designed online sessions. 
  • Additional resources such as mock tests, practice papers, learning videos and study books are available. 
  • You will also receive NSE and NSDC certifications. 
  • The effective placement program ensures you get recruited after the completion of the course.


How long will it take me to finish the ACCA course after CA?

On average, it should take around a year to complete the ACCA Professional Level. If you are not a chartered accountant, it will take approximately three years to clear the ACCA program. 

Is ACCA tougher than CA?

The ACCA exams are challenging and require an adequate amount of preparation. However, if you have successfully completed the CA finals, then you will be able to handle the ACCA exams without too much stress. Most CAs can pass the ACCA course quite easily. 

Can I do ACCA with CA?

It is inadvisable to do both courses together as they both have a demanding workload. It is preferable to enrol for ACCA after CA as you receive nine exemptions from the ACCA course. 

In Conclusion 

When you apply for an ACCA after CA, you open up a new world of possibilities for your career. The ACCA certification gives your chartered accountancy a boost. It helps you develop practical skills that complement your CA degree. In this day and age of high competition, doing an ACCA after CA will make you a global accountant, as the ACCA is an internationally renowned and universally valued qualification.