What Salaries Can You Expect In India As a CFA?

Are you an emerging CFA aspirant, pondering if you should go for the course?


Excitedly preparing for the job interviews with butterflies in your stomach?


A relative whose cousin just landed a great job after a CFA course and they seem satisfied with their package? 

If the answer to any of the above is YES, then you are at the right place!

We agree you must be eager to know about CFA salaries in India. Having an insight into a professional sector is pretty important before you step into that sector. It’s practical to have an understanding about “the package” the industry offers to CFA. 

However, getting prompt and accurate information about CFA salaries is not everyone’s cup of tea, and the task seems complicated to the majority of CFA aspirants. That’s why we are about to include all the information pieces related to the salaries of CFA in the article. 

So, we suggest our readers go through the article sincerely to explore all the facts related to CFA salaries in India

Scopes For CFA Individuals In India 

CFA is one of the most honorable courses in India, and the course comes with exciting and phenomenal career opportunities. As a CFA professional, you can choose to pursue a plethora of career options and get an impressive career path ahead. 

If you’re a beginner, you need an introduction to the career choices you have in the field of CFA. This segment will help you know about the best career opportunities for yourself as a CFA professional. 

  • Aspiring to become an investment banker is possibly the most convenient choice for a CFA professional. Thousands of CFA students complete their course modules and become professional investment bankers. If you’re planning to secure your career after pursuing the CFA course, becoming an investment banker is the best possible option for you. 
  • Flourishing in your career as a portfolio manager is also a challenging opportunity that comes to you after completing the CFA course. Working as a portfolio manager is intriguing and rewarding at the same time. 
  • Taking your career path forward as a risk manager is another outstanding choice after you complete your CFA course. The responsibility of the risk manager is to investigate the risk factors associated with certain investments and asset dilutions. 
  • You can give your career a brilliant start as a private banker after pursuing the CFA course. As a private banker, you can learn about plenty of things and gather experience excellently. Eventually, that will help you grow immensely in your career. 
  • The role of a market research analyst is to analyze the ongoing market trends, and the role is pretty engaging for individuals who recently completed their CFA courses. Besides splendid learning opportunities, this role provides CFA professionals with lucrative and competitive remuneration structures. 

So, these are the most popular career opportunities for CFA professionals, and you’re free to choose any one of these opportunities to make your career prominent and fruitful. 

Salary Structures For CFA Professionals in India 

Coming to CFA salaries in India, the CFA sector in the country seems quite promising for working individuals as the remunerations of CFA jobs are considerably higher than the remunerations of other industries and sectors. 

You need to note that there’s no specified salary structure for CFA professionals. The salary of a certified CFA professional depends on his experience, expertise, and skill sets. Also, the salary structure is dependent upon the level of CFA he has cleared. So, there’s no way to present a specific salary structure for a CFA professional. 

However, we are going to provide the average CFA salaries in India to help our readers in the best possible ways. Once you clear level 1 of the CFA course, you can ensure an annual package of 3-4.5 lakhs. 

Clearing level 2 of the CFA course enables you to secure an annual package of approximately 6 lakhs. If you sustain yourself to level 3 of the CFA course, you can earn up to 10 lakhs annually, which is a jaw-dropping amount indeed. 

The Top Employers Who Employ CFA Professionals In India 

As you’ve already checked out the potential career opportunities for CFA professionals, it’s time to know about the employers who offer mind-boggling job opportunities to them. Well, there are plenty of organizations and CFA companies that come up with interesting job opportunities for both freshers and experienced CFA professionals. Let’s have a close look at the list of the companies- 

  • JP Morgan Chase and Co. (JPMC)
  • United Bank of Scotland (UBS)
  • Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS)
  • HSBC
  • Wells Fargo
  • Citi Group
  • Morgan Stanley
  • HDFC, Kotak Mahindra, ICICI
  • Barclays
  • Bloomberg
  • Carlyle Group
  • Blackstone
  • Goldman Sachs
  • Fidelity
  • Deloitte, EY, KPMG, PWC
  • Standard Chartered
  • Jefferies
  • Bluecrest Capital
  • General Atlantic
  • Deutsche Bank
  • Bank of America
  • Merrill Lynch
  • BNP Paribas
  • Bajaj Finance
  • Nomura

As you see, the aforementioned list includes the names of some big companies and organizations that hire CFA professionals. Once you manage to get a job opportunity in one of the listed companies, your career path will advance swiftly, and you will manage to attain the exposure and experience that will help pace up the growth of your career. 

Roles Offered To Employees By the Top CFA Employers In India 

As you’ve gone through this article so far, you are already aware of the whopping CFA salaries in India. By the side, you should also know about the job roles offered to employees by recruiters. By knowing that, you will be able to pick the job role that suits you the most. So, let’s check the job roles- 

  • Taking the chance of becoming a credit analyst is one of the best options for a CFA professional. As a credit analyst, you will be able to challenge yourself in better ways, and that will help you grow in your career eventually. 
  • If you’re up for taking up responsibility, working as a corporate finance analyst will be the best possible choice for you. Especially if you’re planning to work in the corporate sector, this role is the best choice for you without any doubt. 
  • Elevating your professional excellence as an investment professional is also a cool choice for you if you have recently completed our CFA course. 
  • Becoming an equity research analyst is also a phenomenal choice for you, and this position will help you amplify your growth opportunities to the fullest. 
  • Apart from the roles listed already, you can also aim to become a business analyst, as this is one of the most rewarding roles in the CFA industry. 
  • If you work as a portfolio manager, you unlock the possibility of earning the maximum possible amounts in the CFA sector. 

When it comes to CFA salaries, the listed options are the highest-paying job roles in the CFA sector. If you’re ambitious about unlocking all the doors to the utmost progress in this sector, you must take up one of the roles listed above. 

Final Words 

Millions of CFA aspirants are looking forward to getting their dream jobs in the CFA sector, and they’re ambitious about getting paid well too. We have tried our level best to compile all the details related to CFA salaries in India in this article, and we are pretty confident that this article will help you plan your career in the CFA sector in a better way. 

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