7 Sexiest entry-level jobs in Finance in 2022 and how to get one!

“Congratulations. You are hired!”

How awesome is it to hear these words? Every graduate dreams of the day they receive their offer letter. It’s the culmination of all your hard work and effort. It is proof of your highly competent abilities and skills. It’s also a great way to stop family aunties and nosy relatives from demanding you do something substantial with your life.

The finance sector is a much-revered field that holds the approval of generations of Indians, for many good reasons. It is a field that is doing immensely well across the board. Global financial corporations are rapidly expanding onto our shores. The industry is booming as newer job positions are opening up. There are many opportunities up for grabs, so much potential to explore. If you have the right combination of skills, expertise and business savvy, the possibilities are endless. It is time to make the first move in your career. But where to start?

If you are a commerce graduate, have an MBA in finance or completed your BBA in 2022, this blog post is for you. We have curated some of the hottest entry-level jobs in finance for your consideration. We even have a hot tip for you to beat out your direct competition. 

A hot tip for your career in finance: Financial modelling

A financial modelling course is your ticket to adding a valuable skillset to your resume. It enhances your profile and makes you the preferred choice for several positions. This qualification is in high demand by many top-tier finance companies. 

Financial modelling is a valuable tool that uses spreadsheet software such as MS Excel to collect, examine and process the financial information of a company. You can use this method to evaluable the firm’s performance and make predictions. This tool can help make major business decisions. For example, investment professionals can use the FM method to determine the cost-effectiveness of a new venture, evaluate the potential risks and predict the profitable outcome. 

When you do the course, you learn how to use the 3 statement model — to craft a balance sheet, an income statement and a cash flow statement. Financial organisations such as investment advisory services, wealth management companies, banks, and even the big 4 are well aware of the value of this software-based skill. 

Features of the financial modelling system

  • Calculating the valuation of a company
  • Identifying and minimizing financial risks
  • Creating structured budgets for various departments
  • Analyzing projects and any overlooked areas that can boost profitability
  • Reviewing the performance of the company by comparing profits with the budgets
  • Offers an overview or a better understanding the business

7 coveted entry-level finance jobs

You may be the next top financial whiz in the future. Today, however, you will have to start at the bottom. When applying for low-level jobs, it might help you to note that a few job positions are in demand right now. They will also eventually lead to high-paying jobs and upper management roles. Here are some of the best jobs for freshers or finance internships in 2022.

#1 Investment banking associate

The fast-paced world of investment management can be very overwhelming. Your job as an associate is to help experienced investment professionals with specific tasks. You will be required to research viable investment opportunities, analyse market trends or help with mergers and acquisitions.

Salary package: Newbies collect a starting salary between Rs 2 to 7 lakhs a year

Qualifications required: certificate in investment banking, MBA in finance, CFA program 

How financial modelling can help you: models are used for mergers and acquisitions as well as for IPO. Research and analysis of financial data also use financial modelling. 

#2 Tax advisors 

You will be required to help your supervisor prepare tax returns and ensure all government-mandated regulations are in order. You will also have to prepare statements and reports.

Salary package: Freshers can earn an income of Rs 2 to 3 lakhs per annum.

Qualification required: ACCA, CFA, CIMA, M.com or B.com

How financial modelling can help you: You can use the software to prepare a company’s tax statements and reports in a methodological manner. 

#3 Equity research associate 

This is a highly demanding yet fulfilling job that plays a pivotal role in how a company makes decisions. You are responsible for collecting the research, organising it systematically, and creating a financial analysis based on the data.

Salary package: Trainee analysts are hired at Rs 2.5 lakhs a year

Qualification required: Commerce or finance degrees, CFA certification

How financial modelling can help you: You will be creating several models that will help you organise and examine the information you collect. You will also closely look into the financial markets and discover insights based on your findings. 

#4 Junior financial analyst 

The job involves looking over financial data with a sharp, critical eye to recommend investment opportunities or lucrative business ventures. As a junior analyst, you will need to collect and organise the data for your supervisor. 

Salary package: Financial analyst jobs have a starting salary between Rs 2 to 3 lakhs a year

Qualification required: Commerce or MBA degree, CFA certification

How financial modelling helps: As it is your job to register and organise data, you should know financial modelling as well as spreadsheet maintenance. 

#5 Junior credit analyst

As a credit analyst, you will evaluate financial records to determine the credit rating of a company or individual. You will be responsible for assessing the risk factors and analysing a company’s potential to pay back loans. 

Salary package: You can take home a starting salary between Rs 2 to 3 lakhs a year

Certification required: Finance or commerce degree, ACCA or CIMA certification

How financial modelling can help you: You can examine the corporation statements and business history using the tools of the software.

#6 Junior financial accountant 

As an entry-level accountant, your job will include preparing financial statements and balance sheets. You will also help raise invoices and record all financial transactions.

Salary package: Private bank jobs offer an annual salary of around Rs 2 to 3 lakhs

Qualifications needed: Commerce degree with ACCA certification 

How financial modelling can help you: Your job will include making balance sheets, income statements and cash flow statements using financial modelling methods.

#7 Entry-level banking jobs

You can start with a finance internship or as a bank teller when you join a bank. Your responsibilities will include dealing with day-to-day customer transactions like money transfers, withdrawals and deposits. 

Salary package: Bank tellers can earn between Rs 2 to 3 lakhs a year

Qualifications needed: Bachelor’s degree

How financial modelling can help you: bank tellers who are proficient in financial modelling can rise to corporate finance and other departments within the bank

The bottom line

So are you planning to apply for investment banking jobs or private bank jobs? As a financial analyst or an accountant? Whatever the case, you might need a  little boost to kickstart your career. An FM course is the way to go. A number of firms and organisations use spreadsheet software to organise, manage and examine their data. The models offer enormous applications that suit the specific needs of every company. An FM certification gets your resume noticed and is the key to getting one of the hottest finance jobs.

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