Why We Think Digital Marketing is a ‘Cool’ Career to Pursue in Today’s Time – Top 7 Reasons

Almost a decade ago, hardly any students wished to become digital marketers. However, the trend has significantly changed in recent years. Today, digital marketing has become a buzzword, and every business leverages digital marketers to bring success to their organisation. 

The role of digital marketing in enhancing the growth of a business has become immense, and so is the demand for digital marketers. 

Statista suggests that businesses spent over $521.02 Billion in 2021 on digital advertising. Considering those numbers, you can determine how big the digital industry is at present. Furthermore, seeing the digital transformation of businesses globally, these numbers will undoubtedly increase in the coming years. 

So let us move ahead and explore more about a career in digital marketing and the benefits of a digital marketing course. 

What is the Scope and Future of Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing has proven its worth by enabling thousands of businesses to grow expeditiously through its strategies worldwide. It allows businesses to allocate marketing resources to the right people through the proper channels. 

Companies such as American Express, Mint, The Wirecutter, Airbnb, Yelp, Mastercard, and many more have disrupted the market by leveraging digital marketing campaigns.  

The necessity for digital marketing suddenly upscaled when the global Covid-19 pandemic hit the world. The pandemic showcased the need and potential of digital marketing in growing a business. Ever since, the demand for digital marketers has been at an all-time high. 

Moreover, as more and more businesses turn digital, the demand for digital marketers is expected to rise at a substantial rate. So pursuing a digital marketing career will undoubtedly benefit in the coming era.

Why Consider a Career in Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is a fast-growing industry with plenty of career opportunities. Let us glance at the top 7 reasons to pursue a career in digital marketing along with the benefits of a digital marketing course: 

  1. You Have the Leverage Over Others Because of the Huge Demand-Supply Gap

There has been a surging demand for digital marketers after the Covid-19 pandemic. Ever since, more companies are now focusing on digitally transforming their businesses. However, as enterprises rapidly start moving their business to digital platforms, the demand-supply gap for digital marketers has become wide. 

Hence, it is an excellent time for people who wish to pursue a digital marketing course to avail of this opportunity and build a lucrative career as a digital marketer.  

  1. You are Sought After Because Businesses Spend a Considerable Amount on Digital Marketing Today

Nowadays, let is be a small or a large enterprise, are putting more attention on their digital marketing campaigns. Unlike before, most companies now spend over 10-20% of their annual revenue on marketing budgets. 

This signifies how many opportunities are there for skilled digital marketing professionals currently. So being a certified digital marketer will help you easily get into big-level corporations.  

  1. You have a Higher Chance of Becoming an Entrepreneur.

A significant benefit of a digital marketing career is developing excellent entrepreneurship skills in this field. As digital marketing is related to making the brands grow and establish in the market, you develop an exceptional understanding of how brands work and what goes into making them successful. 

So over a period of time, you can also become an entrepreneur and create a profitable business for yourself.   

  1. Your Skills Get Consistently Upgraded

If you love to learn and consistently upgrade your skills, this is the field for you. Digital marketing is a dynamic field in which new technologies keep coming every few months. 

It means that you have a chance to learn and develop newer skills over time. As a digital marketer, you have no chance of getting bored, and there is always something new to learn. 

  1. You have Multiple Options for Your Career 

Digital marketing is a vast field. There are multiple job roles that you can secure in this field, from content marketing to SEO experts and more. Therefore, don’t be afraid to pursue a digital marketing course, as there would be many career options after the course. 

  1. You have Better Job Security due to The Surged Digital Marketing Demand

Job security is one of the essential parameters that most people look out for in a job. When working in digital marketing, you can eliminate the worry about your job security. 

Millions of businesses are running across the globe, meaning they all need marketing professionals to take their businesses to the next level. Hence, the need for digital marketers is so extensive that whatever skills you may have, a job will always be ready for you.  

  1. You Have the Option to Work in Diverse and Flexible Environments   

One of the best things about digital marketing is it offers you to work in flexible environments. You are no longer stuck to a single job, brand, or city. 

As the entire work of a digital marketer is done on a laptop, you can choose to work from home, office, and even the remotest places on earth provided there is a network connection.

Prerequisites for Opting for a Course in Digital Marketing?

Fortunately, digital marketing is a field that is entirely based on your skills and hard work. Therefore, there are no academic necessities to become a digital marketer. 

Whether a graduate or no-graduate, this field is ready to welcome you if you have the right skills for the job. However, pursuing a digital marketing course will power you up with the required skills and land you a job in no time. 

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What are the Skills You Will Develop as a Digital Marketer?

Though there are countless skills that you will develop as a digital marketer, here are a few common skills that you will surely learn on this career path:

  • Writing Skills

Foremostly, if you pursue the path of content writer in digital marketing, you will develop excellent writing skills. Writing blogs, website content, copywriting, and much more would be your everyday tasks, which will enhance your writing skills. 

  • Data Analytical Skills

Data is supreme in any business you do today. Having the knowledge to read data and derive valuable insights from it is the job responsibility of a data analyst. Hence, as a digital marketer, you can become a master of data analysis and score high-paying jobs for you. 

  • Communication Skills

Digital marketers often have excellent communication skills. It is so because part of a digital marketer’s job is to deal with clients all over the globe. Therefore, regularly communicating with multiple clients sharpens the communication skills of a digital marketer.   

  • Entrepreneurship Skills

The best part of being a digital marketer is understanding how to develop a business from scratch to ultimate. This enables you to build the right entrepreneurship skills and start your business venture after a time. 

What are the Career Options for a Digital Marketer?


A career in digital marketing is secure and highly lucrative. Here are some of the career options you can avail after pursuing a digital marketing course: 

  • Digital Marketing Manager

The job role of a digital marketer is to manage the digital marketing campaigns for different brands and build strategies that can benefit their business. 

  • Search Engine Optimization Expert 

SEO experts analyze web traffic, research keywords, develop a social media and content strategy, and plan and organize campaigns to improve the website’s rankings.

  • Content Marketing Manager

Content is immensely powerful in making a brand. Hence, a content marketing manager manages and curates relevant content that drives traffic, enhances sales, and eventually builds a brand.

  • UX/Graphic Designer

Graphic designers usually create graphics for your website that depict ideas to inspire and inform audiences about the brand and its business value. 

  • SEM Expert

The role of a Search Engine Marketing expert is to generate leads for the brand by analyzing the search engine requirements. They are responsible for managing the budget for advertisements, generating reports, and many more tasks related to the search engine.  

  • Social Media Marketing Expert

Social media are the best platforms to advertise and sell your business. Hence, the social media marketing manager manages all the marketing campaigns running on different social media platforms. 

  • Content Writer

A content writer creates content for websites, blogs, and marketing campaigns that bring traffic to the brand’s website. 

There are over 36000+ jobs available in digital marketing in India as of now on LinkedIn from some of the top companies like Accenture, Spotify, Myntra, etc. 

Ready to Become a Digital Marketer?

A career in digital marketing is surely rewarding and promising. Therefore, if you wish to develop a good skill set, you must avail yourself of the benefits of a digital marketing course to get the best job opportunity. IMS ProSchool offers an excellent course in digital marketing with all the needed market skills. Learn more about it and book your seat today!