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What is Digital Marketing?

Till recently, marketing was either about newspapers/TV ads or hoardings/events. But technological revolution in the last few years like mobile phones, social-media, emails, Google-Search Engine, YouTube videos, online shopping sites etc., have replaced the conventional marketing platforms. Today, this medium is growing at a rate twice that of conventional media and gaining market share.

Digital Marketing is all about putting the marketing campaigns on the digital media in various forms including online videos, search engine marketing, display ads, paid social ads and social media posts in order to connect with potential customers. Today, digital marketing is an important ingredient for businesses and their brand awareness. This is the reason why there is huge demand for digital marketing experts in the market.

Why is Digital Marketing Growing ?

Reach: Over 46 million Indians are using the internet. There is no other way to reach so many of them at one place.

Customization: Digital mediums provide insights on the characteristics of your audience such as preferences, age, gender, spending pattern, etc., which enables you to customize your campaigns and target the right audience.

Affordable: Since Digital media can target specific customers, they tend to be cost efficient compared to TV ad or print campaigns.

Measurable: It is easier to measure performance of digital marketing activities, since all data sets can be captured real-time to gauge the effectiveness of your strategies.

Greater engagement: Digital marketing encourages your prospective clients to engage with your brand through various activities such as visiting your website, reading about your products and services, rating them, furnishing feedback, etc.

Why a Digital Marketing Course?

A digital marketing course helps you to equip yourself with the required skills to master the art of online marketing. Let us see why you should do a digital marketing course.

Diverse Job Profiles

Once you become a digital marketing expert you can explore a wide range of career options. Businesses in different sectors are looking for such experts and thus you can find plenty of prospects. Also the job profile is diverse and you can choose the one which best suits your inclinations.

High package

Companies are looking for the right talent in the field of digital marketing and are offering lucrative packages to the deserving candidates.

Digital Marketing Certifications are Industry Standards Now

In the modern industry, digital marketing certifications have become standards and companies are parenting up with educational institutions to design Certifications and courses in the field to bring up the best talent in the field.

Career Growth

With growing experience in this dynamic field, candidates can get the desired career growth within a relatively shorter period of time.


Here is some basic outline of the topic which would be covered in a digital marketing course.

Internet Marketing Foundation

This section will cover the fundamentals of internet marketing and provide basic information about it.


  • Technical terms
  • Successful website

Search Engine mechanism

  • History
  • Google search Algorithm
  • Google Updates


This topic deals with the various aspects of Search Engine Optimisation in Digital Marketing. You will learn about types of SEO and their techniques.

On Site SEO

  • Choose target keywords phrases
  • Relevance
  • Quality and  other SEO considerations

Off Site SEO

  • Popularity metrics
  • Link building

Content Marketing

  • Beginners guide to content marketing
  • Blogging for beginners
  • Understanding influencer marketing

Paid Search Marketing

In this section you will learn about techniques to drive traffic to your business through paid advertising.

  • Paid search advertising – Explained
  • Anatomy of text ads
  • Effective Ad copy
  • The Math and vocabulary of PPC
  • Buying Ad space
  • Keyword Research
  • Analyzing Keyword Data
  • Google Adwords – Account structure

Landing page Optimization

  • Types of Landing pages
  • Elements of  landing page
  • Conversion rate optimization

Display Advertising

Here you will be taught about the intricacies of display advertising and the techniques used to get the best out of it.

  • Introduction
  • Understanding Display network
  • Targeting the right audience
  • Banner Ad design
  • Remarketing
  • Optimizing Banner Ads
  • Consistent Messaging

Email Marketing

It contains the topics related to enhancing customer engagement through email subscriptions.

  • Introduction: Email list capture
  • Email content
  • Measuring success
  • Avoiding Spam filters
  • Customer relationship management

Social Media

It covers the topics on how one can market a business and increase brand awareness and generate leads through social media.

  • Introduction: Social media myths
  • Social Media plan
  • Defining the objective
  • Social media content
  • Distributing and Promoting
  • Measuring success
  • Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Youtube, LinkedIn

Reputation management

  • Monitoring Brands
  • Responding to negative content
  • Creating positive content


This section covers the introduction to the analytics and the tools used to evaluate campaigns.

Introduction: How analytics works

  • Key Metrics
  • Key Performance indicators
  • Making better decisions with Analytics
  • Attribution

Digital Tools to Evaluate campaigns

  • -Demystifying digital campaigns
  • Identify right success metrics for a campaign
  • Free tools to identify campaign metrics: Google analytics


Mobile Apps & Affiliate

In this section you will study about Mobile Apps & ASO and also get a detailed introduction to affiliate marketing.

Mobile Apps & ASO

  • App store optimization
  • Why is ASO important?
  • Step by step guide to achieve ASO


  • Introduction to Affiliate Marketing
  • Demystifying the world of affiliate marketing

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You can appear for the following AdWords Certification after the completion of the training program

  1. Fundamental exam
  2. Search exam
  3. Display exam

You can appear for the followings Analytics Certifications after the completion of the training program

  1. Google Analytics for beginners
  2. Advanced google analytics

You can appear for the exams under “Facebook advertising core competencies

To learn digital marketing all you need is passion to learn. Digital marketing professionals are from various fields such as arts, commerce, IT, Marketing, etc.

Students need to have knowledge of basic browsing skills, MS word & must have used digital marketing mediums such as Facebook, email, YouTube as customers.

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