5 best CFP Classes in Mumbai | Top CFP coaching classes in Mumbai

Where should a hard-working individual park his money?

Stocks? Mutual funds? Government schemes? Mattress under the bed? 

The world of investments can be confusing and complex. People need skilled investment advisors to help them make the right choices and enhance their personal portfolios. This is why we have the certified financial planner course. As one of the best designations in the industry, it creates a high standard of advisors widely sought after due to their training and capabilities. The certification is revered among banks, financial companies and individual investors. The CFP course gives you a well-rounded, holistic education in investment advisory services, so you are prepared to take on the markets and earn a healthy return for your clients. 

In a city like Mumbai, the financial capital of India, there is a high demand for qualified CFP professionals. There is a lot of money to be made if you have the knowledge and acumen. To get to this point, you first need to apply for the certification, study hard and pass with flying colors. While it is possible to do this yourself, the odds of clearing the exams on the first try are higher if you register with one of the top CFP classes in Mumbai. You receive the tools and resources to absorb the material better and become a competent financial planner faster. 

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Top 5 Institutes that offer CFP courses in Mumbai

  1. IMS Proschool 

Proschool was launched in 2010 by the parent company IMS, an educational institution for entrance exam preparation. In Mumbai, IMS Proschool has centers in Andheri as well as Thane. They use creative teaching methods and intensive resources, including online webinars related to CFP. 

3 Reasons to start your CFP journey with IMS Proschool

  • Proschool’s passing percentage is higher than the industry average. 65% of students who appear for CFP exams from IMS Proschool ace them in the first attempt
  • At Prsochool, students aren’t just taught the syllabus of CFP. each batch is assigned a mentor who makes sure that students aren’t facing any difficulties during registrations, exam bookings etc. and are thoroughly able to understand the concepts. Students can approach the mentors anytime they want.
  • The faculty at Proschool are all practicing CFPs which means they have practical experience in handling clients. They would not just teach you about the subjects, they would also give you an insight into how you can start your journey as a CFP and where it can take you in your career.
  1.  International college of financial planning 

Established in 2002, the ICoFP is a well-known university that offers several courses in financial services. The institute has been set up by Bajaj Capital Ltd and is in partnership with the UGC-approved university for its master’s program. They offer the CFP curriculum as a standalone course, and it is also integrated with the two-year master’s course. The college has campuses in major cities such as Delhi, Mumbai and Mysore. They offer weekend classroom sessions in Delhi and Mumbai for the CFP course, along with online classes conducted by the same teachers. 

  1. . Ambition learning solutions 

The institution was founded in 2007 by the parent company, Sykes & Ray Equities (SRE), a premium financial services company that deals with financial planning services and portfolio management. ALS institute is committed to offering students financial education and corporate training with their range of professional courses across various locations in India. The CFP course is available in two formats — active classroom or distance learning.

  1.  Financial planning academy 

This academy was founded in 2000 by the Edupro Group in collaboration with Sykes and Ray Equities. Since then, it has provided professional training for students who want to join the BSFI sector. The CFP course is taught across their various centres in Mumbai and other cities. You can opt for online lessons or attend their classroom sessions in person. 

  1.  ICICIdirect centre for financial learning 

The ICFL is the educational arm of ICICI Securities Ltd that was set up in 2011 to offer training programs to finance professionals. The institution has courses in investment services and professional certification and development. They have learning centres across India, and students are given the option of studying in a classroom or through virtual learning. 

How to choose the right institution?

Before applying for the CFP course, pick a learning centre that meets all your requirements. Here below, is a checklist of points to consider so that you make the right choice. 

1. Has an excellent reputation among peers and alumni

You can follow up with previous students or read the reviews online to see if the school has a high standing within the educational community. Also, check official rankings and investigate partnerships and affiliations to ensure the stature of the institution. 

2. Offers easy approachability and access 

Is it tough to approach faculty members or school representatives? 

Does the website offer different modes of contact? 

Will your doubts and queries be easily cleared?

Look for an institution that is known to be highly approachable and open-minded. This is important because students need a secure and safe environment where the staff is accessible and supportive.

3. Strong teaching faculty with experienced and learned members

Not all colleges will offer the same standard of teachers. Before paying the fees, look into the teachers’ backgrounds to ensure they have the capabilities to teach CFP classes. You need an institution that hires CFP-certified professionals with considerable industry experience. 

4. Enjoys a high success rate

You can measure an institution worth by the success of its ex-students. Did the candidates successfully clear the exams? Have the alumni worked with high-ranking investment companies? Look for testimonials on the website to gauge how the students are faring after the course. 

5. Goes beyond ‘classroom’ learning

A good institute won’t encourage rote learning or only stick to textbooks. They will engage the students, simplify complex concepts and enhance their academic experience. Look for schools that offer active learning methodologies and real-world applications of the syllabus. Some of them provide placement opportunities as well. 

Benefits of doing the CFP course 

Deep knowledge and understanding of financial markets

As you are well trained in the intricacies of the investment industry, you can create customised portfolio plans for your clients to suit their needs.

Preferred certification by major companies

Whether you’re seeking a job with a leading MNC, bank or investment advisory firm, your resume will stand out thanks to the CFP stamp. 

Your earning opportunities will increase

A CFP-qualified professional can command a respectable salary in time and with experience. Freshers start between Rs 2 to 3 lakhs a year, and within a few years, this number can move up to Rs 5 – 10 lakhs. Senior planners can earn over Rs 20 lakhs per annum. If you become a consultant or set up your own firm, you stand to make higher amounts. 

Ensures client loyalty

Research has shown that clients who work with CFP holders are more likely to be satisfied with the service and continue the working relationship. Certified financial planners are known for their code of ethics and professionalism. 


There are quite a few CFP classes in Mumbai that offer coaching for the exams. Not all of them will be right for you. A good institute will have the right balance of features that ensure you get the comprehensive education you need. So do the research, ask the right questions and then apply for your certified financial planner course. Soon enough, you’ll be ready to enter the investment industry with all guns blazing.
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