How Much Do You Earn After Pursuing MBA in Digital Marketing in India, North America, and Europe?

Salaries of MBA Digital Marketers in India, North America, and Europe

Digital marketing is a fast-growing industry. Today every business, whether small or large, leverages digital marketing trends to promote their business and make it visible to a higher audience. 

It is a fantastic way to connect a business with its ideal customers, delivering quick and fruitful results. Hence, the demand for digital marketing services and digital marketers is at an all-time high in the global market. 

This blog will provide insights into the digital marketing industry and how an MBA in digital marketing is a good way to commence your digital marketing career. Let us begin!


More and more enterprises today are transforming their business into digital mediums due to higher audience reach and better growth opportunities. This is happening across the globe at a very rapid pace. 

It was estimated that globally $1.5 trillion was spent in 2021 by businesses to transform digitally. As of 2023, the digital transformation spend will reach $6.8 trillion.  

That said, it is clear that the digital marketing sector is continuously growing and creating opportunities for thousands of individuals to build their careers in this field. Now let us break down the market geographically to understand the demand for digital marketing in different regions. 


Being one of the most digitally competitive countries, the USA is at the forefront of digital transformation and innovation. The highest number of companies spending on digital marketing comes from the USA. 

In 2021, the ad spending of companies in the USA went up 35.4%. Therefore, the USA is the best market to get established in digital marketing and start off your career. 


Europe is the second biggest market for digital marketing in the world. It comprises multiple countries with significant amounts of money to be invested in the market. 

In 2021, the digital advertising spending of European enterprises amounted to 92 billion euros. The market saw a 30 percent increase over the previous year.


India is one of the key global market players at the time. It has the highest and  youngest working population in the world. The market is highly dynamic and open to thousands of opportunities on a worldwide scale. 

India generated digital advertising revenue of over 246 billion Indian rupees in 2021 and is expected to surpass the 403 billion range in 2024. 

Seeing the trends for all these global markets, the need for more and more digital marketers is ready to erupt at a colossal scale. 

What is an MBA in Digital Marketing?


Moving to our topic, let us understand what is MBA in digital marketing. 

MBA in digital marketing is a modern course designed to focus on modern marketing skills for the digital industry. The course teaches and trains students with several skills needed to form successful digital marketing strategies. The course enhances the knowledge of students about digital platforms and their work. 

Pursuing MBA in digital marketing will provide you with digital marketing jobs in which you have to formulate several digital marketing strategies to effectively target a specific group of customers. 

The subjects in MBA Digital Marketing include:

Term I

  • Data Analysis
  • Business Statistics
  • Data Visualization
  • Business Communication
  • Marketing Management

Term II

  • Web Design & SEO
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Digital Communication
  • Web Analytics & Performance Marketing
  • Trends In Digital Marketing

Term III

  • Management Functions & Ogranizational Behaviour
  • Operations Management
  • Human Resource Management
  • Financial Management
  • Economics & Social Enviornment
  • Research Methodology

Term IV

  • Business Law & Corporate Governance
  • International Business
  • Entrepreneurial Management
  • Enterprise Systems
  • Managerial Economics
  • Project Work

Where to Get the Best Course for MBA in Digital Marketing?

There are several online and offline schools where you can get certified for your digital marketing career. Amongst many options, IMS Proschool is one of the finest options that has a well-designed course in digital marketing. 

All the subjects are designed to enhance students’ knowledge with real-life tools. Additionally, experienced teachers from MICA, IIM & IIT are available on the platform to offer you the best insights into the industry’s working for different job profiles. 

IMS Proschool offers PGCM (Post Graduation Certificate in Management) in Digital Marketing course in association with AIMA. It is an AICTE Approved 1 year course. Post completion of the course, there are 3 pathways for you.

  1. Enrol for an MBA equivalent PGDM
  2. Start your career in Digital Marketing
  3. Get a job in Digital Marketing, and complete your PGDM in the next 5 years

Why Pursue an MBA in Digital Marketing?


MBA in digital marketing courses can be hugely profitable for the career of individuals wishing to enter the digital marketing industry. Let us look at some common pointers why to enroll yourself in this course:

  1. Digital Marketing is a Hugely Evolving Industry

As mentioned above, digital marketing is all set to grow at a tremendous pace. The world is rapidly moving towards being digital. Once this happens, a higher need for digital marketing services will arise. This will give digital marketers opportunities to get more work and increase salaries. 

  1. Enormous Demand for Professionals

The demand for digital marketing professionals is already erupting in the market. You will never find a digital marketing agency struggling to get work. There is a plethora of work available in the market that the demand for digital marketers can only enhance and not shrink for many upcoming years. 

  1. Easy Learning Curve

One of the reasons why a large number of people get interested in digital marketing is because of its easy learning curve. Though the industry is too large and complex, the tools used in most processes are simple to learn. This aids digital marketers in leveraging more tools and their creativity to build profitable campaigns for businesses effortlessly. 

  1. High Job Prospects

The digital marketing industry is highly dynamic and offers numerous job prospects in its multiple fields. The amount of business the digital marketing industry gets is so extensive that digital marketers never run out of work and get good job opportunities throughout their careers. 

  1. Diverse Job Fields

Digital marketing is a diverse field with job opportunities in multiple niches. Here are some areas in which digital marketers can get a job after pursuing an MBA in digital marketing:

  • Social Media Marketing
  • Mobile Marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Email Marketing
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Marketing Analytics
  1. Offer Room for Creativity

Another prevalent reason for most individuals to join this industry is that digital marketing is a creative industry. Unlike other jobs where you have to do repetitive tasks, there is huge room for creativity here. 

Every time, you need to come up with new ideas and strategies to grow your client business. This demands using your mind at all levels. Hence, many people like working in this industry. 

  1. Strong Networking Opportunities 

Digital marketing is a big industry connecting some of the world’s top businesses to yourself. This allows you to meet with the right people and showcase your talent to get more lucrative jobs worldwide. A 3-4 year career in digital marketing can establish a significant networking circle for yourself. 

What are the Most Demanded Digital Marketing Skills?


To have a successful career in digital marketing, it is crucial to develop a skill set that can set you apart from others and help you get the most attractive job options. 

Here are a few most demanded skills you need in digital marketing:

  1. Business Knowledge

Foremostly, a digital marketer must understand the intricacies of a business. Individuals who better understand their client business can develop the right campaigns for their businesses. 

Therefore, comprehending how a business runs and what is its need at different points in time is a great skill to learn for marketers.  

  1. Marketing Analytics

Digital marketing is all about data and how you analyze it. Digital marketing offers several tools to analyze and report on marketing data accumulated through various digital channels of your brand. 

Hence, learning these tools and generating key insights from the data will help you build a strong digital marketing career. 

  1. Social Media Marketing 

Social media is spreading like wildfire in the current age. The number of social media users is constantly increasing. Hence, obtaining the skills to manage different brands’ social media channels can immensely benefit your career. 

  1. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing has become a billion-dollar industry in itself. Affiliate marketing can be understood as a scheme developed to promote businesses through partner programs and third-party applications. 

The individuals serving in this industry earn significant money through commissions and salaries. 

  1. Performance Marketing

It is a riskier but extremely profitable field of digital marketing in which the brands pay only after obtaining the desired results. The strategies built in this field must be so good that they must increase the performance numbers of your campaign. Individuals making a career in this field can earn huge loads of money. 

What is the Scope of an MBA in Digital Marketing?


There is a huge scope for individuals pursuing an MBA in digital marketing. As the digital needs for businesses are evolving, so are the opportunities for digital marketers to build a healthy career in this field. 

Here are some job options to avail of after completion of a digital marketing course:

  • Digital Marketing Executive
  • Social Media Manager
  • Advertising Manager
  • Content Managers & Strategists
  • Brand Manager
  • SEO/SEM Specialists
  • Market Research Analyst
  • PPC Specialist

Which Countries Have the Highest Demand for Digital Marketing Skills?

The demand for digital marketing professionals is soaring, whatever part of the world it may be. Specifically in the USA, the demand is enormous as a substantial number of businesses are shifting towards digital mediums. 

More digital businesses mean a higher need for digital services and hence more opportunities for people in the digital marketing industry. 

Salary Range

These are the average salaries that digital marketers earn in different parts of the world annually:

  • The USA: $58,543 
  • India: $9,468
  • United Kingdom: $43,384 
  • Canada: $40,141
  • Australia: $58,374
  • Ireland: $49,557

The salaries in digital marketing are variable and depend upon the type of job you are doing. However, the number of jobs is countless, and you can make more money with more skills and effort. 

Ready to Build Your Career in Digital Marketing?


A career in digital marketing means always staying updated on current trends, technologies, and business developments. In addition, the skills you learn in your professional digital marketing course help you make the right decisions for business growth. To know more about MBA in digital marketing or other professional digital marketing courses, consult our expert digital marketing team now!