Chartered Financial Analyst or CFA is a quintessential financial program that every growth-minded finance professional should do. Offered by the CFA Institute based in the United States, CFA is the pinnacle of financial programs which is accepted worldwide. As a CFA charterholder, you’ll have the opportunity to compete for prestigious openings in the finance sector and have the skills to excel at it. 

However, CFA offers much more than the ability to find a good career path. CFA feeds the inner entrepreneur in you with knowledge and real-world experience. So if you’re willing to build up your own business from scratch, consider doing the CFA program to level up your financial game. 

In today’s article, we’ll be discussing how the CFA charter helps you develop the right skill set to run a business and how IMS Proschool provides a good platform to do CFA charter in India. But before that, let’s explain the benefits of completing the CFA charter.

How CFA Learnings Helps You Run a Business


Everyone can start a business, but not everyone can successfully run a business long term. Any business, irrespective of size, demands a lot of knowledge and effort. While giving the effort is in your hand, having the knowledge and expertise is not. For that, the CFA program can aid you in your quest. 

How, you ask? Let’s explain: 

  1. The first step of starting a business is conducting market research. You need to find out the right opportunity before turning it into a successful business. With CFA, you’ll get the learning of conducting market research. 
  2. The next step is funding. You need to prepare a budget for your business. Without financial knowledge, it will be difficult to figure out how much funding you need. Quantitative methods taught in CFA lets you figure out the right budget for your business.
  3. CFA teaches you to be ethical and professional. With these two traits, you’ll take customer satisfaction to a whole new level. 
  4. Proper management of assets is another aspect of running a successful business. As CFA teaches you different ways of managing assets, you’ll put your profits from business to good use. 
  5. If you want to make it big, you’ll need venture capitalists and angel investors to help you out. And when those guys see you have passed the gruesome exams of CFA, they will show faith in you. CFA will add credibility to your proposal. The same goes for your clients if you want to open a service-based business. 

Curriculum Covered in CFA

CFA covers a series of curriculum topics, each one focused on covering different aspects of financial education. Let’s discuss the topics in brief before moving on to the effects of the teachings in running a business. 

  • Ethical and Professional Standard: It introduces to professionalism and ethical behaviours needed in any aspect of our life
  • Quantitative Methods: It covers probability theory, statistics, and decision making with the help of numbers
  • Economics: This topic teaches supply and demand in the macroeconomic market
  • Financial Reporting and Analysis: It teaches how to breakdown financial reports and collects the vital information from a company’s financial reporting
  • Corporate Finance: Here, you’ll learn everything about corporate governance and stakeholder management
  • Portfolio Management: It gives you the knowledge of wealth management and wealth creation planning
  • Equity Investment: Here, you’ll study about securities market and how to pick the right stocks
  • Fixed Income: This topic aid you in fixed income instruments and the procedure to mitigate risk with these investment tools
  • Derivatives: It gives you the requisite knowledge of the derivatives market and how to deal with it
  • Alternate Investment: In this topic, you’ll learn about other investment options such as real estate, private equity and more. 

Why Become a CFA Charterholder 

If you’re eyeing to have a fulfilling career in finance, odds are you might be looking to upgrade your knowledge. For that purpose, CFA brings you a golden opportunity that could help you acquire a deep understanding of financial matters. Here are five reasons why you should consider doing CFA.

#1 Global Recognition

The benefits of having a CFA certification is not limited by geopolitical boundaries. No matter where you end up in the world, chances are the CFA charter will speak volumes about your credentials. It is recognised by financial regulators and firms in more than 50 countries. 

#2 Knowledge at Bargain

While doing an MBA degree from a leading institute will cost you tens of lakhs of Rupees, the CFA program will cost you in thousands. It’s quite a bargain when you consider the things you get from doing a CFA charter. Also, unlike MBA, you can take preparation for CFA exams while working full-time. 

#3 Multitude of Career Paths

While investment banking is the career path taken by most CFA charterholders, there are several options for you to explore after receiving the CFA charter. From research analyst to relationship manager, from risk manager to independent financial advisor, CFA opens up several career paths for you to choose from. 

#4 Networking Opportunities

After completion of CFA, you’ll have access to CFA societies present in a number of countries. These associations of CFA charterholders will enhance your career prospect with news and resources. You will also have the opportunity to network with affluent CFA charterholders all around the world. 

As you can understand by now, with the CFA charter, you can reap several benefits. In India, IMS Proschool presents the shot of getting a CFA charter at an affordable rate. Proschool provides 150+ hours of training by CFA’s for each level. Not only that, but it also offers doubt-solving sessions before exams. Being an NSDC-approved institute in skill development, IMS Proschool provides both classroom and online programs. 

What Makes CFA Program Stay Always in Demand

Considered as the gold standard of financial education, CFA always stays relevant in the ever-evolving business world. Unless you’re someone with years of experience in financial services, a CFA charter can change the course of your professional journey. 

Following are some reasons why more than 30,000 investment firms worldwide prefer to hire CFA charterholders: 

  • Only one in five people attempting can actually pass all three levels of CFA. Thus CFA acts as a primary screening of candidates.
  • It takes around 1000+ hours of meticulous study to finish CFA. Only hardworking individuals can possess the CFA charter.
  • Finishing the final level of CFA requires 3 years of professional experience in a relevant field. 

With all these requirements to complete the CFA charter, only the worthy candidates can actually end up being CFA charterholders. And thus, financial firms all over the world blindly trust the CFA program to pick the best from the rest. 


We anticipate that our explanation has bettered your understanding of the CFA program and its effects in enabling business owners to scale up their businesses quickly. Indians, until recently, lacked the proper knowledge & infrastructure to achieve CFA charter. But not anymore, as IMS Proschool brings you the best of CFA at an affordable price. So if you aspire to become a CFA charterholder, register now with IMS Proschool and give your dreams a set of wings.