Businesses are finding it challenging to connect with other businesses to promote their products and services. But not anymore now! Facebook B2B marketing is here to help businesses reach out to other businesses. In the online world, Facebook is being perceived as one of the newest and smartest tools for B2B Marketing.

9 Best Techniques for Facebook B2B Marketing

Of late, many businesses have started making their presence felt across social media, especially, Facebook. Right from creating official pages to managing ads, and posting surveys, businesses are implementing various strategies to collaborate with other businesses.

In this article, we bring to you simple yet best techniques for Facebook B2B marketing to build connections with your potential business clients.

  1. Share domain-relevant updates

To start off, it is important to keep up with current trends within your domain. Try and share latest breaking news and trending topics more often on your business page. Let your business customers know that your upbeat with everything that is happening around you.

Your official business page should be a key directory for your fans and followers to be well-informed. Hence, make sure you keep posting domain-relevant insights frequently.

  1. Include Videos in your page

When you’re publishing or embedding videos on your website or blog page, also do share it on your Facebook page. Whether it is a news update or a “How To” tutorial, make a point to get it published on Facebook so that it reaches your potential customer base. However, make sure it is relevant to your industry.

Sharing content in the form of videos or online tutorials can help you garner more audience. The number of followers would definitely double when you have videos on your official Facebook page.

You can also have a separate “Videos” tab on Facebook that would let your audience to access the content quickly.

  1. Incentives for “Likes”

Investing in attracting as many likes for your business page is another great way of Facebook B2B marketing. As the no. of likes are equivalent to email subscriber lists, give your audience a reason to like your page in the first place.

Providing your audience with incentives for sharing their email address with you can help increase the email acquisition rate. For instance, taking a cue from ClearRisk, their official page lures users with free eBook subscription for every “like” on the page.

facebook b2b marketing

By doing so, the page would be able to generate leads by capturing users’ email addresses.

  1. Setting target audience

When you want to market your products and services to other businesses, it is important for the right audience to view your posts. For that, you need to consider paid advertising along with demographic targeting. These options are self-service advertising features from Facebook.

facebook b2b marketing

As you see, you can select your posts to be visible to Public, Restricted Audience, or News Feed Targeting.

facebook b2b marketing

So when you’re just about to post, make sure you set the target audience as per your industry. Click on News Feed Targeting to set your target audience.

  1. “Humanize” your company

It is due to social media that the marketing approach is getting more casual and authentic. Hence, it would be beneficial to take advantage of social media platforms like Facebook to reach out to your potential clients. Through Facebook B2B marketing, show the human side of your company and personalize your organization.

Use videos and images that do not feature photoshopped models or made-up people. Instead, go for real-time content for it to get easily relatable with your followers. You may also post well-written articles for educating people rather than exaggerating your corporate signage.

  1. Create Facebook events

Facebook events not only bring together like-minded people in your community but also help in promotion of your brand. Hence, create Facebook events more often to grow your brand on social media. Spread the word by inviting your friends, sharing events across posts, and promoting them via Facebook ads.

Whether your Facebook B2B marketing approach aims at educating audience, networking, or product promotion; create it as a Facebook event. You may also try the same with online events like live streaming, podcasts, or webinars.

  1. Use Facebook Ads

Advertising is very essential for B2B companies, especially, small companies. For one, you’ll succeed in reaching small business owners who are looking for specific products and services.

Investing in advertising of your Facebook posts can give your brand a much needed boost up. Followed by audience targeting options, you can further ensure your posts reach potential customers. You may even advertise on Instagram via Facebook Ads Manager.

facebook b2b marketing

For instance, Electronic Merchant Systems aimed to reach more people with the help of advertisements.

Make the  most out of your ads by trying and testing different ad content. Use various combinations of images, calls to action, and taglines; to create attractive ads.

Tip: Run combination of ads for specific target audience to figure out which one suits the best for your B2B business.

  1. Engage with questions

Encourage engagement with your followers by asking interesting questions — whether or not related to your domain. When posted regularly, such questions are bound to compel them to post answers.

facebook b2b marketing

For instance, the Institute for Integrative Nutrition (a health coach training program), posted their audience questions on what they were reading. While they deliberately used an image of health-related books, the question is open-ended enough to have various answers.  

  1. Keep sharing!

Treat your audience with engaging posts more often. One of the best ways of Facebook B2B marketing is to share and let your audience know your backstory. Interesting nostalgic posts in the form of #ThrowbackThursday and #FlashbackFriday hooks up viewers to your page.

Such posts are not only informative about your company history but also informative enough.

If you’re one of those struggling B2B companies, make sure you use above techniques to foster your company on Facebook. One of the most viable option for social media marketing, Facebook B2B marketing ensures your reachability to current as well as future customers.

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