How Artificial Intelligence Will Transform Our Future?

If you wish to know whether Artificial Intelligence will replace humans in future? Then this will make an interesting reading for you.


We are sure you are familiar with the concept of smart homes, self-driving cars, or a smartphone that has a face recognition feature.

We have always been fascinated by science fiction dreams and imaginations. Intelligent machines, robots, artificial intelligence, neural networks/software’s or different devices have been the result of these fascinations, and now we are living in an era where all these science fiction things are turning into a reality.

Today, this artificial intelligence has metamorphosed from science fiction dream to a vital part of our everyday lives. Before we start, let’s understand what is artificial intelligence exactly?

Decoding Artificial Intelligence – What is it?

It is an advanced branch of computer science that includes the creation of intelligent machines that behaves and works like human beings.

We are aware of voice assistant systems such as Siri, Alexa or Google; that is built around the artificial intelligence applications. Few artificial intelligence examples are: Tesla cars analyze the surroundings and intelligently drive themselves. Artificial intelligent algorithms monitor our browsing habits and serve us products.

If you start thinking about how artificial intelligence applications will drive our lives; our future is going to become more epic. Big data and machine learning are complimenting the growth of artificial intelligence. These two helping hands are making machines smarter in understanding patterns, grasping trends and coming up with predictions. Online shopping carts, Google assistants are the best examples of Machine Learning apps.

When we talk about artificial intelligence applications and our future; robots tops the list.

In any critical situation or hazardous job, such as bomb diffusion or entering into a toxic environment; robots can save thousands of lives. As technology improves; we can make leverage on these robotic machines to handle critical and life-threatening tasks. In short, smarter robots for all kind of risky jobs.

We are already using Google assistant or Siri; probably even while you’re reading this story. However, as technology improves, robots can be used for different purposes in the hospitality industry, personal assistant jobs, care centres, etc.

Applications of Artificial Intelligence technology

Automobile industry

Tesla, Google cars, Uber are already into self-driving vehicles; we have seen the first step towards an automated transport facility. As technology grows, we can expect more brands into this field of automation. We can expect transportation like driverless buses, trains, metros or smart vehicles.

Healthcare industry

Artificial intelligence applications will gradually become a boon for the medical field. Diagnosis, critical and delicate operations, understanding the patterns of bacteria’s and finding quick remedy or antinodes could be handled very capably by tactfully deploying artificial intelligence machines. To know more click the link


Another major field is the atmosphere and climate change. With the help of pattern analysis, climate analysis and predictions; artificial intelligence machines or robots can help us get more accurate climate change pattern analysis as well as access to weather or climate predictions. In India, where agriculture is a prime field; we will get more benefits by accurate climate analysis and forecasts.

When we say something about artificial intelligence; there are some myths and controversies as well.

No jobs? Think twice…

People say that artificial intelligence machines will kill jobs. Yes, it is true that artificial intelligence is automating a lot of tasks. However, it is also leading to the creation of new job roles and tasks. After all, we are the one who will control these machines and give them commands. Artificial intelligence may change our skill sets or work pattern, but it won’t kill the jobs.

Can artificial intelligence machines really control humans?

Again, one more popular myth is that we all will become superhuman with over hyping technology. It will take a lot of time to see flying cars in reality or robots at everybody’s home. Few researchers said the negative side of the rising use of robots if not handled carefully, may destroy everything. It looks impressive and thrilling story but far away from actual reality. We control tiger, right? Is it because we are stronger or is it because we are smarter than a tiger? Off course, humans are the most intelligent beings on our planet. It is a misconception that machines will control humans.

When we talk about artificial intelligence applications and India; NITI Aayog has specifically prioritized five sectors for artificial intelligence investments and developments: Education, Health, Agriculture, Smart Cities and Smart Transportation. So, there is a massive demand for artificial intelligence, machine learning, and data analysis.

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