Business Analytics – two words that are shaping businesses all around the world like never before. Data-driven market analysis is what businesses are pursuing these days to stay ahead of the competition. As businesses are flooded with data, the demand for people with the right set of skills to analyze those data are also increasing. 

So if you’re in search of a professional course, a business analytics course from a reputed organization can open a number of career opportunities for you. What sort of opportunities, you ask? Read along as we shed light on top 5 career paths that open up after doing a business analytics course. 

What is a Business Analytics Course?

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Business analytics courses help us learn key skills required to analyze big data. With a prudent business analytics course, you can acquire statistical skills, programming knowledge and command over various software and tools. 

In a growing economical environment in India, business analysts are becoming the real deal for companies with high growth numbers. As a result, even an entry-level job can fetch a 7-digit annual salary. With a business analytics certification in your CV, you can kick start your career in data analytics. 

What are the Benefits of Pursuing a Business Analytics Course?

Life of a business analyst can be both challenging and rewarding at the same time. However, if you intend to make a living out of predicting business trends, a business analyst course can help you face those challenges. Listed below are benefits of a professional business analytics course: 

  • Data-Driven Decision Making: Data is a resource that enables critical thinking and fact-based future trend predictions. With a professional course in business analytics, you’ll get the requisite knowledge on data analysis and interpretation. You’ll learn the trick to pick vital insights from big data. 
  • Quantitative Analysis: Business analytics certification program enables you to analyze numerical values for future performance evaluation. With proper analytical training, you’ll master the skills of in-depth research and statistical modeling to increase efficiency in business operations.
  • Predictive Modeling: Predictive modeling includes probability statistics and data mining to determine market trends and growth prospects. Data analytics courses help you get well versed with predictive modeling.   
  • Clear Business Insights: Business analysis is incomplete without knowing the insights of a business. When you enroll for a business analytics course, you’ll be learning all aspects of various different business models. 
  • Accustomed with Powerful Tools: Data analytics can not be achieved without usage of tools like MS Excel, Power Bi, and Tableau. A competent business analytics program gives you in-depth knowledge on these tools, using which you can interpret big data in little time. 

Where to Pursue a Business Analytics Course?

IMS Proschool brings you the most convenient platform to get a certificate on business analytics. Now you can get yourself certified as a business analyst from the comfort of your home. Our NSDC-approved course will not only improve your knowledge but will also help you bag an entry-level job. 

What else can you expect from IMS Proschool’s courses? 

Listed are the benefits of enrolling in  IMS Proschool business analytics course:

  • 75+ hours of faculty-led live training sessions
  • Knowledge in advanced MS Excel, Power Bi and other powerful tools
  • Exposure to data-based active learning methodology
  • Access to curated analytics job openings post course completion
  • Understanding of SQL programming language

Not only that but you’ll also get an opportunity to certify your knowledge from NSE Academy, a wholly-owned subsidiary of National Stock Exchange(NSE). As you complete your 3-month business analytics course from IMS Proschool, you’ll be able to register for the online exam to get the NSE Academy certificate. 

Top 5 Career Opportunities After Pursuing a Business Analytics Course

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Business analytics courses open up a number of job opportunities. Following are top 5 career options you can choose from: 

#1 Business Analyst

Business analysts are essential to any and every business. Job roles and responsibilities of business analysts include: 

  • Outlining problems and solutions
  • Budgeting and growth forecasting
  • Defining business requirements 
  • Variance analysis 

As India is experiencing rapid growth in business development, the demand for potent business analysts is also on the rise. As a business analyst, you’ll earn handsome salaries as well. A fresher bags packages of around 3-3.5lpa while an experienced business analyst can earn up to 20lpa. The average salary of business analysts stands at 8lpa. 

#2 Data Analyst

Data analysts are core to a business that deals with big data. They are the gatekeepers and checkers of organic data collected through various source points. Job roles and responsibilities of business analysts include:

  • Developing database and data collection sources
  • Analyzing data and providing report
  • Filtering of data
  • Locating new processes for acquiring data

Data analytics industry in India is expected to create 11 million job openings by 2026. IT, BFSI and retail sectors will be the frontrunners in creating data analyst jobs. Salary range of data analysts is also quite lucrative. Someone with 3-4 years of experience in the field can earn 8-10lpa depending on skills. 

#3 Financial Analyst

Financial analysts help companies find efficient ways of profitability. They study market trends and macroeconomic conditions to guide businesses take well-informed financial decisions. Following are the job roles and responsibilities of financial analysts: 

  • Analyzing financial data
  • Profit/loss analysis
  • Financial planning and portfolio management
  • Finding out investment opportunities

Financial analyst is one of the most in-demand positions that can offer huge growth opportunities for individuals with the right skill sets. It is estimated that around 5 lakh job openings will be created within the next few years.  It is also a high paying role as freshers can earn up to 6lpa while the experts can bag up to 25lpa packages in India. 

#4 Data Scientist

After doing a course in business analytics, data scientist is the most prestigious and rewarding post you can grab. A data scientist combines coding skills with statistical analysis to come to a conclusion. Job roles and responsibilities of data scientists include: 

  • Mining of valuable data
  • Using AI & ML tools to analyze big data
  • Preprocessing of unstructured data
  • Cleansing and verifying the integrity of big data

The Hindu conducted a survey recently where they found out 97,000 data scientist posts are vacant in India due to lack of skilled professionals. So, there is a huge scope of data science in India if one can master the art. The average salary of a data scientist is 10lpa while it can reach up to 30lpa depending on skills. 

#5 Marketing Analyst

Marketing analysts support marketing efforts of businesses to better aim at their target audience. They work towards optimizing marketing strategies through campaigns and ads. Job roles and responsibilities of marketing analyst include: 

  • Understanding trends in current market conditions
  • Creating marketing campaigns and reviewing the results
  • Researching for best platforms to run campaigns
  • Gathering data from customer feedbacks

Every product needs marketing to stand out from competitors. Thus, marketing analysts always stay in demand. Getting started as a marketing analyst is relatively easy after doing a business analyst program. As a fresher you can fetch 3-4lpa package that increases with experience. Average salary of a marketing analyst is 7.5lpa in India. 

These are the top 5 career options you can choose after a business analytics course. There are also a few other positions like HR analyst, data architect, and market research analyst where you can apply too. Now let’s discuss the ideal platform to pursue a business analytics course. 


The business analytics industry in India is still in its infancy stage. Not many people are aware of the job opportunities and neither many have the required skills to crack the jobs. That makes it even more compelling to pursue business analytics course. 

And if you’re going to enroll into a course, IMS Proschool is your best bet. Our business analytics program provides you with vital insights and enables you to take data-backed decisions. So enroll now and give yourself a better future altogether.