The increase in the importance & popularity of digital platforms is responsible for the rise in the popularity of influencers, and developing effective influential strategies has become an indispensable part of social media marketing. Influencers have become an integral part of every industry, and brands are using them for marketing their products or services. 


If you’re an individual who wants to try your hands at becoming an influencer, you’re in the right place. In this blog, we’re going to talk about everything you need to know to become an influencer and the best course you can pursue to become a popular influencer in your domain. 


Let’s start. 

Who is an Influencer, and What Do They Do?

An influencer is an individual who has a knack for a particular industry and has the power to lure the target audience into making certain buying decisions because of the knowledge, position, and relationship they have with the audience. 


Social media has gained importance rapidly in the last few years as over 3.4 billion people have actively started using various social media platforms. These people have also started following influencers religiously to help them make various important decisions majorly related to making purchases.

These social media influencers have a reputation and are well-known for the knowledge they hone on a specific subject. The influencers stay active and update their audience by regularly posting on their feed. Besides the target audience, brands love collaborating with social media influencers to help market their brand or promote a product or service. 

How to Become an Influencer? The Best Course to Help UP Your Influencer Game

If you want to kick start your career as an influencer, the Social Media Marketing course offered by IMS Proschool will be the best option for you. This certified course allows students to get in-depth knowledge about managing the community and creating effective strategies. 


IMS Proschool’s Social Media Marketing course ensures 100% placement support, and the industry experts ensure you learn from the best mentors. 


The syllabus of this course includes: 


Introduction To Social Media Marketing

  • What is Social Media & its importance
  • User Behavior On Social Media
  • How Do Brands Benefit From SMM
  • How Your Audience Uses Social Media
  • Social Media – Channels & Types


Creating & Implementing SMM Strategy

  • Elements of A Social Media Strategy
  • Important KPIs to track
  • Brand Voice On Social Media
  • User Generated Content
  • How To Implement Your Strategy


Managing Brand Reputation

  • What Is Online Reputation Management
  • ORM Strategies
  • How To Start ORM
  • What To Do In A Social Media Crisis?
  • ORM Case Studies


Shareable Content On Social Media

  • What Is Shareable Content?
  • Characteristics of Shareable Content
  • Understand The Psychology Of Users
  • Understand The Personas Of Sharers
  • How To Create Shareable Content


Deep Dive Into Social Media Platforms

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • YouTube


Pursuing this course will ensure that you learn everything about social media marketing & get the best knowledge to start & build a solid career as an influencer. 

How to Build a Strong Career as an Influencer

Following are the steps you can follow to build a strong career as an influencer: 

Pick a Niche You’re Passionate About

Once you’re done understanding the theoretical aspects of becoming an influencer, it is time for you to start your influencer journey. As a first step to becoming an influencer, you need to select a niche in which you wish to create the content. 


The niche should be of your interest, and you should have ample knowledge of the subject so that you can create accurate content consistently. 


To become an influencer, your job will be to research the subject and post relevant content, so choosing a niche you’re passionate about is essential. This is also important to ensure you enjoy creating the content. 

Transform Your Social Media Profile

After you’ve chosen a niche for yourself, it’s time to select the social media platforms where you’d like to create a name for yourself. You should only focus on up to 3 social media platforms because influencers usually gain popularity on 1-2 social media channels. If you try to create an audience on all the platforms, you’ll end up doing a lot of work. 


After selecting the social media platforms, you’ll need to create new professional profiles on them or optimize the ones that already exist. To optimize your existing profiles, you should: 


Switch from Personal to a Business Account 

Every social media platform has different account options. If you had a personal account earlier, you should switch to a business account to become an influencer and make the most of some exclusive features of the channels. You can switch to a business account by going to the channel’s profile settings. 


Pick a Good Profile Picture & Create a Crisp Bio 

Whenever someone taps on your profile, your bio & profile picture are the two things they look at for the first time. Thus, it is highly important to create an engaging & catchy bio alongside adding a nice cover photo to represent who you are and reflect your personality. You should ensure that your profile picture’s quality is good and that the viewer can see your face clearly. Your bio should also be able to tell a story to help the reader get attracted to you.


Understand Your Followers

It is vital to get an understanding of the target audience so that you can create content they connect with & feel a strong connection with you. Make sure that you understand your audience to give them exactly what they’re looking for. 


Doing so will also help you build a loyal and long-term follower base. To get help with the analysis, you can analyze the insights offered by social media platforms and understand the genders, interests, current locations, and wants of your current followers. 

Create Relevant Content l

Once you’ve understood your audience well, it is time to ensure that you post useful content that is relevant to your audience. You’ll only be able to engage with your followers if they find your recommendations and opinions accurate. A good influencer is one whose audience listens to them and gets influenced by everything they do or say. 


Your content strategy needs to be strong, and you should post various forms of content to keep your audience occupied. While some influencers follow a specific niche, others create a mix of 2-3 niches for their followers. It will be up to you to decide what you want to do, but whatever you do, make sure you’re consistent with it. 


Your niche should also be able to include sponsored posts and brand collaborations that’ll come your way in the future. All in all, your niche should be specific, but it shouldn’t be too narrow. Every decision you make should keep in mind your own long-term goals as an influencer. 

Maintain Consistency

Another essential aspect you must keep in mind is to be consistent & regular with your posts. Most social media platforms use algorithms that track the consistency of influencers and help boost the engagement of those who post regularly. While your posts should be relevant, they should also be posted at regular intervals. 


It would help if you had a stable schedule and frequency of posting to ensure increased visibility. How often you should post will also depend on the different social media platforms. For example, you can post once or twice a week on Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram, while you’ll need a higher frequency of posting to become a renowned influencer on Twitter. 


Every social media platform also has certain times & days of the week when influencers get maximum engagement on their content. You can also research and find out about these days and times to get the best engagement. 

Engagement is the Key

Another vital aspect that sets apart good social media influencers from average influencers is how well they engage with their followers. To be able to connect with your audience, you need to engage with them through comments, stories, message replies, etc. You can also like your audience’s comments and reply to them to engage with them and show appreciation. 


You can also start an interesting conversation with your followers to grab their attention and make personal connections through a quick interaction. 

Declare that You’re Open to Collaborate

Last but not least, it is important to let brands know that you’ve become an influencer and that you’re open to collaborations. You can state this in your bio or provide your contact details so that brands can reach out to you. You can also reach out to the brands yourself to see if they’d be interested in collaborating with you. Another way to get noticed by a brand is to tag them in your posts whenever you talk about them. It is essential to build a network in your niche to excel as a social media influencer. 


In this blog, we have discussed who an influencer is, what influencers do, tips to help you build a strong career, and the best course you can take to become an influencer. After you complete your course, start following these tips to slowly & consistently grow as an influencer in your field. Don’t forget that it takes time to yield the best results; you shouldn’t expect to become a renowned influencer overnight. 

If you’re interested in the field and want to start a course to become an influencer yourself, you should check out the social media marketing course offered by IMS Proschool to help you shine with bright colors.