Here we see various YouTube case studies wherein brands have used the video-sharing platform to promote their products and services for maximum reach.

YouTube case studies: How brands are marketing through videos?

Until recently, YouTube was just known as a platform to share and view all kinds of videos. YouTube is the most popular video library with videos posted and viewed by users worldwide. Whether you’re looking for specific online tutorials, or wish to catch trailer of an upcoming movie, you know where to look at!

More than just movie trailers and online tutorials, YouTube has also become one of the most vital online marketing channels. Brands are now creating their YouTube accounts to accelerate outreach to potential customers and better online promotions.   

Here’s 5 of the very best YouTube marketing case studies, which demonstrate innovative ideas of using the video-sharing platform for brand promotion.


A social media mammoth, GE is very well-known for their strategy of constantly adopting cutting edge social media channels to directly connect with their customers.

One of the most popular YouTube case studies of GE sees GE requesting content by users and showcases them across its social media pages. The brand uses videos and images revolving around every aspect of its business as an online marketing technique.

If you’ve ever been there, you’ll find GE’s YouTube channel featuring content that provides transparency, information, and innovation – all at once. Catch their commercials, expert interviews, or learn about their future and current technology. You’ll be amazed to see the way they’ve maintained their YouTube account.  

Eric The Car Guy

Yes! You heard that right! Eric The Car Guy is one of the most trending sensations of YouTube. And, why not? Eric The Car Guy is therefore considered to be among most engaging YouTube case studies. 

Like GE, he might not have millions of dollars or professional video-making capabilities. But Eric owns a wonderful website where you can find car parts and DIY help. His YouTube channel features some 100-odd how-to videos for automobile-based repairs.

Eric The Car Guy also does video-based Q&A sessions like an online discussion forum. Given all these tactics, Eric is able to garner impressive reach on YouTube for his brand.

youtube case studies

The above video alone has over 3 million views, making it clear that he knows how to connect with people who’re seeking information online. You can see that the videos are neither fancy nor exaggerated, but simple yet much informative. That’s what automobile fans are looking for!

Caterpillar Equipments

Colloquially known as just “Cat” Caterpillar Equipments is among very few leading names in the heavy equipment industry. Cat helps its customers with highly durable and reliable equipments. They are the best distribution and after-sales services provider across a handsome range of capital goods.

Caterpillar has a very unusual but unforgettable way of showcasing its products on the social media platforms. You’ll find a hefty Jenga game, huge sand castle constructs, or tug-of-war competition, and so on.

It also features equipment safety tips and other useful information as far as equipment handling and usage is concerned. All in all, Caterpillar Equipments have a well-maintained YouTube channel with explanatory videos.

Photorec Tony

“How-to” and DIY videos are most common but very engaging irrespective of any industry. Both kinds of videos work big-time when you wish to connect with your audience at a whole new level. And Photorec Tony takes a cue from the same strategy of brand promotion.

As the name suggests, Photorec Tony is all about photography. The guy – Tony consistently posts videos that showcase tips, equipment reviews and other appealing content revolving around photography.

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The above video has managed to grab more than 200k views – making it one of the most watched DIY content. Wherein, it is not about elaborate photography techniques but an explanation on comparing two different cameras.

Cupcake Jemma

Your love for cakes and pastries is sure to reach a new destination with Cupcake Jemma. The official YouTube channel for Crumbs & Doilies, a London-based bakery store, Cupcake Jemma offers a wonderful line-up of how-to videos.

youtube case studies

They feature content especially quick and easy baking tips, cake decoration tips, and other goodies. Their other attractive videos include candid behind-the-scenes at the bakery — which have garnered even more attention.

Cupcake Jemma videos are cutely shot, attractive, and very interesting. Moreover, as most of them are hardly 10-minute long, who would afford to skip learning baking in such a short time?

As you see, it’s rewarding to let your audience know how you’re doing what you’re doing. Try it!

AWeber Email Marketing

AWeber is a well-known service provider as far as email marketing software tools are concerned. Their YouTube case studies is remarkable too. They offer exceptional products and services for businesses to run, manage, and analyze their email marketing campaigns.

If you glance through their YouTube channel, you’ll find tons of helpful videos and online tutorials for email marketing. Apart from “how-to” videos, AWeber also provide email marketing strategies, case studies, tips and tricks, and industry-based news as well.

Whether you’re a beginner, or a pro at email marketing, you’re sure to benefit from AWeber YouTube videos. Check them out now!

What did you learn?

From the above instances of YouTube case studies we see that, it is important to keep supplying good information to your customers. Irrespective of what product or service you’re marketing, keep your customers satisfied with ample and appealing information.

You may go from company history/ profile, product information, and industry information; to how-to videos, Q&A forums, and behind-the-scenes content as well.