5 reasons you should pursue ACCA after 12th commerce

The finance and accounting industry is flourishing tremendously and there is a high demand for ACCA professionals now more than ever. The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants, popularly known as ACCA, has gained popularity and has seen a rapid increase in its value due to the knowledge and skills it inculcates in its professionals. 

ACCA allows you to have a lot of career options in hand, and you can choose from several industries such as consulting, banking, and auditing. If you still need more convincing, continue reading to understand why ACCA after 12th commerce is a great choice and the best course to crack it. 

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Why Should You Opt For ACCA Right After the 12th?

The best part about pursuing ACCA is that it allows you to have global exposure. ACCA doesn’t limit you geographically, and you can work as an ACCA professional in any country. Following are the reasons why you should pursue ACCA after 12th commerce

Unlike Graduation, ACCA Gives You Multiple Qualifications 

When pursuing ACCA, you acquire multiple qualifications instead of just one. As a student, when you clear your first 3 ACCA examinations, you’ll get an Accounting and Business Diploma. Then, after clearing the next nine exams, you’ll be awarded an Advanced Accounting and Business Diploma. 

After clearing all the ACCA levels, you’ll become an affiliate, and after successfully completing the 3-year practical experience, you’ll become an official ACCA member. 

You can also get other degrees like: 

  • Oxford Brookes University awards B.Sc. honors in Applied Accounting. 
  • The University of London offers an M.Sc. degree in Professional Accountancy. 

You Gain Theoretical Knowledge, Practical Experience and Acquire Various Skills

When you become an ACCA professional, you gain skills and expertise that make you stand out from other professionals in the industry. ACCA’s cutting-edge curriculum and 3-year work experience inculcate various unique and essential skills required to run a business. 

ACCA professionals are all-rounders because their mind is not limited to theoretical knowledge. Instead, they also have ample practical experience and top-notch skills. 

You Will Get the Upper Hand From Those  Who Pursue ACCA After Graduation

When you start pursuing ACCA after 12th commerce, you’ll get an early start. Thus, you’ll get the upper hand from those who pursue ACCA after completing their graduation. Your career will get a head start, and you’ll settle professionally. On the contrary, if you start ACCA after graduating, it’ll take more time to cope and settle into your career. 

Amazing Salary Packages 

MNCs often hire ACCA professionals, and the salary packages are set as per industry standards. As a fresher, your starting package as an ACCA professional will be anywhere between 4-8 LPC. Experienced ACCA professionals can earn 8-15 LPC or more depending upon their skills and experience. 

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5 Reasons Why ACCA is a Great Choice 

Following are the reasons why you should pursue ACCA as a professional qualification: 

1. Recognition Across the World

This professional qualification is recognized across the world. It is a prestigious professional qualification that allows ACCA professionals to work in different countries.

2. Highly Cost-effective

If affordability is a concern for you, the good news is that ACCA is highly cost-effective when you compare it with other Professional Qualifications. Pursuing ACCA won’t be heavy in your pocket. 

3. Huge Network

ACCA’s network is impressively vast. Over 8,500 authorized employers are part of the association, and they offer high-paying jobs to ACCA professionals. 

4. Status

ACCA professionals have high status in the commerce industry. The professionals are respected and hired globally by big companies as their skills are valuable. The set of skills and experience the ACCA professionals come with is also the reason why their demand is increasing rapidly.

5. International Standards

ACCA completely follows international standards, which makes the qualification acknowledged in most countries worldwide. Thus, their curriculum is also such that ACCA professionals are equipped and polished with skills and expertise to work globally.

ACCA In India

You’ll find that most ACCA professionals work with Big firms in India. India is globalizing rapidly by introducing AS-INS. AS-INS are similar to IFRS. IFRS plays a vital role in ACCA’s curriculum; thus, it has also become a priority for ACCA professionals in India. 

There has also been a rapid increase in ACCA aspirants in India due to increased demand for ACCA professionals worldwide. An ACCA professional’s starting package is between 4-8 LPC in India. 

If you start pursuing ACCA after 12th commerce, it takes 2-3 years on average to clear all the examinations. 

The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants follows a flexible approach. Depending upon your geographical location and the exam you’re going to attempt, you may be able to take an on-demand computer-based exam. You can take on-demand CBEs at any time. 

ACCA offers four sessions every year for exams that don’t fall under this category. The exams are held every March, June, September, and December. 

Is It Possible to Pursue ACCA Alongside Graduation?

Yes, absolutely. It is highly recommended to pursue ACCA as a professional qualification alongside graduation.

After 12th commerce, students usually pursue the following courses for graduation: 

  • B.Com: This degree is widely opted for by students in India because it is versatile and easy. Some also opt for BAF or B.Com Honors. 
  • BMS: Bachelors in Management Studies, popularly known as BMS, is another famous graduation course opted by students in India. 
  • BBA: Many 12th commerce students also opt for BBA as the degree’s curriculum includes management and leadership knowledge. 

Various prestigious colleges and universities in India and abroad offer these graduation degrees for students across the world. 

Regardless of which graduation degree you plan to pursue, it is crucial to pursue a global professional qualification like ACCA so that you acquire global knowledge and skills. 

Moreover, you’ll also have more job opportunities in hand after pursuing ACCA alongside graduation. 

Here are the reasons why ACCA is the best professional qualification you should pursue alongside graduation: 

  • ACCA is acknowledged in over 179 countries and has more than 5 lakh candidates.
  • You get 1 degree along with one professional qualification. Moreover, you also get awarded various diplomas while pursuing ACCA. 
  • ACCA opens doors to a range of jobs worldwide. You acquire global skills, and the variety of subjects you study allows you to work in various industries and big firms. ACCA also prepares you to work in various sectors with different job roles like: 
    • Corporate Finance
    • Corporate Financial Reporting 
    • Legal Governance, Risk & Control
    • Audit & Assurance 
    • Management Accountant
    • Business Analyst 
    • Financial Analyst 
    • Mergers & Acquisitions 
  • ACCA is highly flexible. While four exams take place on-demand and you can attempt them any time you want, you can attempt all the others in any of the four months: March, June, September, or December. This pattern offers flexibility and allows them to take the exams with complete preparation. 

The Bottom Line

To conclude, ACCA is a professional qualification, and ACCA professionals are offered jobs in various sectors and are reputed all across the globe. If you start pursuing ACCA after 12th commerce, you’ll get an edge as you’ll get your career in finance and accounting started at the early stage of your higher education. If you are an ACCA aspirant, getting appropriate guidance and taking classes from experienced professionals is crucial. 

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