5 reasons you should pursue ACCA after 12th commerce

Freshers being employed by the Big 4 and other MNCs and drawing a sum of six to eight LPA?

Sounds incredible? Well, no kidding!

The growing market for financial services globally, and the attractive pay it offers to ACCA-qualified candidates, is singularly responsible for more number of Commerce students aspiring to acquire the ACCA qualification.

Apart from getting a chance to secure themselves financially and professionally at a relatively young age, aspirants also get the opportunity to succeed anywhere in the world.

5 Key Reasons Why You Should Do ACCA After 12th

  • Worldwide Recognition

ACCA is recognized in 183 countries across the world. This means you can pursue your career practically in any corner of the globe, in the country and continent of your choice. As an ACCA-qualified candidate, you are eligible to work at various posts/designations in reputed multinational firms. 

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  • Greater Returns

The job prospects after completing the ACCA course are way better and higher than most other professional courses, with the opportunity to work and live in almost any country in the world. It justifies the investment made in course fees.

  • Professional Network Support

ACCA’s network is impressively vast. Over 8,500 authorized employers are part of the association, and they offer high-paying jobs to ACCA professionals.

However, that is only half the story. As an ACCA-qualified candidate, you benefit from strong support from an active, worldwide network of like-minded professionals.

You get access to several valuable resources that can enhance your knowledge and sharpen your skills. Learning takes place through scheduled events, peer-to-peer community talks, and localized programs/projects designed to support and encourage your practice. 

  • Sense of Pride and Prestige

Qualifying for and gaining membership to ACCA is a notable achievement indeed. It is a coveted professional certification with worldwide acceptance and recognition. As such, ACCA candidates command respect and admiration not only in the professional arena but in society as well. 

So are you ready to embark on a journey to achieve this Prestigious Accounting Certification?

  • Enhanced Employability through Exposure to International Accounting Standards

After qualifying the ACCA you get the knowledge of International accounting laws and standards that are required by the firms on a global level.

MNCs look to onboard candidates that have the knowledge of international accounting laws and standards, which is precisely what you get when you clear ACCA.

ACCA qualified candidates are highly preferred in accounting roles, forensic accounting, business valuation, tax and treasury management and many more.

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ACCA after 12th : Additional Benefits for Aspirants

Academic Benefits 

  • Exemption Benefits

One of the best things about ACCA is the exemptions you can get for the papers.

The idea is, if you possess certain prior academic qualifications, you may not have to appear for all of the exams in the ACCA Qualification. You will commence your studies and pay your ACCA exam fees at the right level that is commensurate with your knowledge and skills. In other words, exemptions accelerate your ACCA membership. 

  • Exam Flexibility

Since ACCA exams are held 4 times a year, you get sufficient time to prepare as per your convenience, thereby increasing your chances of getting through. Moreover, the passing percentage of ACCA averages around 60%, which is undoubtedly higher as compared to CA.

  • Pursuing Parallelly with Graduation

As a 12th pass out candidate, it is possible for you to study for the ACCA course and your commerce degree simultaneously.

During their graduation, most commerce students will be thinking about what to study next. Not you. You can start handing out your resumes to financial companies straight away. You can even be the first to get hired in your batch. By the time your peers catch up with you, you are already an experienced professional with an ACCA certification and an industry professional with a nice monthly pay.

  • Syllabus Overlap

The first 9 subjects of the ACCA course will be fairly similar to your college syllabus. So very often the topics will overlap and you don’t have to study twice as hard to finish both courses. If you complete your accountancy papers first, then the B.com papers will only need revision as preparation. So turns out, you don’t have to do that much extra studying.

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Career-focused Benefits

  • Prestigious international qualification equivalent to CA

The CA has been the crowning glory of academic and professional achievement for commerce students for several decades. It is an iconic, prestigious qualification desired by many but deserved only by a select few. The ACCA certification is an equally significant qualification with the added advantage that it is internationally acclaimed.    

  • Opportunity to gain multiple valuable qualifications

When pursuing ACCA, you acquire multiple qualifications instead of just one. As a student, when you clear your first 3 ACCA examinations, you’ll get an Accounting and Business Diploma. Then, after clearing the next nine exams, you’ll be awarded an Advanced Accounting and Business Diploma. 

After clearing all the ACCA levels, you’ll become an affiliate, and after successfully completing the 3-year practical experience, you’ll become an official ACCA member. 

  • You can land a lucrative job 

After completing ACCA, you can land a lucrative job with an amazing salary package; no need to pursue Master’s (unlike regular B.Com./BBA).

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  • Superior as well as affordable compared to B.Com. + MBA

The classic pattern of doing B.Com. followed by an MBA is not only tedious but expensive as well. Doing ACCA after 12th parallely with your B.Com. is way cost-effective. 

  • Uniform global value 

The ACCA qualification carries the same weightage everywhere in the world. Whether it’s Australia or Argentina,  Malaysia or Mexico, it has uniform value and acceptance. Contrast this with some PG programs that have a varying value in different geographic regions, which makes it difficult for career aspirants.

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